Author Topic: Mueller Probe Examining Whether Donald Trump Obstructed Justice  (Read 18050 times)

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Re: Mueller Probe Examining Whether Donald Trump Obstructed Justice
« Reply #105 on: April 19, 2020, 03:51:15 am »
Sunday, 19th April 2o2o
Ex-mayor who quit after criticizing trunk mysteriously dies in plane crash
by Associated Press

(AUBURN, California) — The former mayor of a Northern California city who stepped down after he harshly criticized trunk and his ridiculous supporters died Saturday in a plane crash, the Sacramento Bee reported.

Dr. Bill Kirby, who was the mayor of Auburn, died in the crash Saturday morning near the Auburn Municipal Airport, officials told the Bee.

Kirby, a urologist, was the pilot of the plane that crashed shortly after 11 a.m., the newspaper reported.

A passenger in the plane suffered minor injuries and was transported to a hospital, according to the California Department of Forestry and Fire Protection.

The Bee reported that a Fakebook post from Sacramento political consultant Jeff Raimundo carried a statement from the Kirby family confirming he was the victim.

“Our family is devastated by this tragic news,” the statement by the family said.

“Bill devoted decades of enthusiastic and loving support to his family, his patients and the Auburn community he loved so much. We will miss him immensely but take comfort in knowing he died while flying – one of the other loves of his life.”

Kirby, 72, had been a licensed pilot since at least 2009, according to public records cited by the Bee.

Kirby gained notoriety last week after social media posts criticizing trunk’s response to the virus pandemic and comparing the trunk’s supporters to kkk members.

He told the Auburn Journal a week ago that his Fakebook posts were made on a personal page and that “this has nothing to do with my job. I reposted it.”

He added that he “absolutely” believes trunk is a racist.

Kirby’s posts and statements created an outcry and calls for his recall.

He announced during a City Council meeting Monday that he was stepping aside from his post as mayor and was expected to be succeeded by Councilman Daniel Berlant, the Bee reported.

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Re: Mueller Probe Examining Whether Donald Trump Obstructed Justice
« Reply #106 on: April 21, 2020, 06:12:47 pm »
Tuesday, 21st April 2o2o
Senate Intel report confirms Russia aimed to help trunk in 2016

The Senate Intelligence Committee on Tuesday reaffirmed its support for the U.S. intelligence community’s conclusion that the Russian government interfered in the 2016 presidential election with the goal of putting trunk in the Oval Office.

Tuesday's bipartisan report, from a panel chaired by North Carolina Republican Richard Burr, undercuts trunk's years of efforts to portray allegations of Kremlin assistance to his campaign as a "hoax," driven by Democrats and a “deep state” embedded within the government bureaucracy.

The intelligence community’s initial January 2017 assessment of Moscow’s influence campaign included “specific intelligence reporting to support the assessment that [Russian President Vladimir] Putin and the Russian government demonstrated a preference for candidate trunk,” the committee’s report says.

The panel also found “specific intelligence” to support the conclusion that Putin “approved and directed aspects” of the Kremlin’s interference efforts.

Senators and committee aides examined everything from the sources and methods used for the intelligence-gathering, to the Kremlin’s actions itself.

The 158-page report is heavily redacted, with dozens of pages blacked out entirely.

But its final conclusions were unambiguous.

“The committee found no reason to dispute the intelligence community’s conclusions,” Burr said in a statement, adding that the intelligence community’s conclusions reflect “strong tradecraft” and “sound analytical reasoning.”

Senator Mark Warner (D-Va.), the committee’s vice chairman, praised the intelligence agencies’ “unbiased and professional work,” and warned that there was “no reason to doubt that the Russians’ success in 2016 is leading them to try again in 2020.”

The panel's findings are in line with a previously issued bipartisan statement in which Senate Intelligence leaders endorsed the January 2017 assessment by the clandestine community.

The newest conclusions come in the fourth of five reports the committee is releasing on Moscow’s interference in the 2016 campaign.

The committee last month approved the report unanimously.

“The fact that you have a committee with members that range from John Cornyn and Tom Cotton to Dianne Feinstein and Ron Wyden coming to a unanimous conclusion that that report was correct and was soundly based, I think is very significant in light of the continuing questions about what did the Russians do and how did they do it,” Sen. Angus King (I-Maine), a member of the intelligence panel, said in an interview.

“This puts it to rest,” he added.

The report devotes “additional attention” to the disagreements among some intelligence agencies about the Russian government’s intentions in meddling in the 2016 campaign.

The report states that “the analytic disagreement was reasonable, transparent, and openly debated among the agencies and analysts.”

It also notes that the committee interviewed officials involved in drafting the January 2017 assessment, which came out days before trunk's inauguration, and states that they were not subject to political pressure.

The January 2017 assessment found that “Russia’s goals were to undermine public faith in the U.S. democratic process, denigrate Secretary [Hillary] Clinton, and harm her electability and potential presidency. We further assess Putin and the Russian Government developed a clear preference for President-elect trunk. We have high confidence in these judgments.”

Notably, according to the Senate’s report, the initial assessment did not include information from or citations based on former British spy Christopher Steele’s unverified dossier of claims about trunk’s relationship with Russia.

It noted that the FBI’s senior leadership insisted, though, that the dossier be mentioned in an annex.

The Steele dossier is expected to be addressed in the committee’s fifth and final report.

King, who has read the unredacted version of the 158-page report, said the heavy redactions were not intended to shield the committee’s findings — rather, to protect the sources and methods of the U.S. intelligence community.

“It’s easy to look at something like that and say, ‘holy smokes, what are they hiding,’” King said.

“I can assure you that nothing’s being hidden except material that would be useful to our adversaries in terms of determining the nature and extent of our intelligence capability.”

Beyond its possible political impact, the report represents a confidence-booster to the country’s intelligence community at a time of great uncertainty.

trunk has openly criticized the intelligence community’s work, both as a presidential candidate and as commander in chief.

His fury has only intensified since its inspector general alerted Congress last year of a whistleblower complaint regarding the president’s posture toward Ukraine, a process that resulted in his impeachment.

The acting-president is still rejecting intelligence officials' more recent warnings — delivered to lawmakers last month — that Russia is interfering in this year's election and that Moscow has a preference for trunk.

In February, the president replaced acting Director of National Intelligence Joseph Maguire with U.S. Ambassador to Germany Richard Grenell, who previously had not served in any U.S. intelligence agency.

The change set off more personnel moves that prompted fears among career clandestine officials of a widespread loyalty purge — a suspicion that was heightened earlier this month when trunk fired Michael Atkinson, the intelligence community’s inspector general, who had first alerted the congressional intelligence committees about the whistleblower complaint.

The latest report from the Senate panel is an open rebuke to the House GOP’s report issued in early 2018, which faulted the intelligence community's assertion that Putin had developed a preference for a trunk victory in 2016.

Republicans on the House Intelligence Committee said at the time that this conclusion was the result of “significant intelligence tradecraft failings that undermine confidence in the [assessment’s] judgments regarding Russian President Vladimir Putin's strategic objectives for disrupting the U.S. election.”

But Burr immediately spiked this conclusion, broadly hailing the intelligence community's tradecraft.

The new report, too, dismisses the suggestion that the Putin findings were flawed.

“The committee found that reporting from multiple intelligence disciplines was used as evidence to support this analytic line, and that the analytic tradecraft was transparent,” according to the findings.

The Senate panel’s fifth and final installment in its exhaustive review of the 2016 interference is in the “editing stages,” a committee spokesperson said.

The final product is expected to be around 950 pages long, according to sources familiar with the matter.

That report will focus on the counterintelligence aspects of the government’s Russia investigation, including allegations that trunk campaign officials coordinated with Russian operatives.

Former special counsel Robert Mueller said last year that his probe “did not establish” such coordination.

The exact timing of the final release remains in flux with committee aides largely working from home due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

The panel’s work is almost exclusively conducted in a sensitive classified facility on Capitol Hill.

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Re: Mueller Probe Examining Whether Donald Trump Obstructed Justice
« Reply #107 on: May 22, 2020, 11:51:06 am »
Friday, 22nd May 2o2o
Appeals court orders judge to respond to Flynn's emergency bid to dismiss charges
by Harper Neidig

The comments section contain the finer arguments of this case:

Substantive enlightener  Kevin failoni • 2 hours ago

You are a political hack whose legal acumen and acuity is suspect (at best)!



You people do not engage and speak with liberals, democrats, muslims, gays and immigrants but you are always misrepesnting their opinions and ideas...WHICH LEADS TO YOU BEING HABITUALLY WRONG, STUPID AND INDIGNANT.

1. The prosecution didn't "drop the case." The disgraced doj, via lawless billy barr, prosecuted disgraced flynn. Their work was completed.

2. The defendant admitted guilt TWICE under oath and WAIVED ALL RIGHTS TO CONTEST THE CHARGES WHEN HE ADMITTED IN OPEN COURT THE BASIS OF HIS CRIME ("stipulation of facts"). (We shouldn't have prosecuted is laughable.)

3. The court (not DOJ) has jurisdiction to hear the case and to pronounce sentence. The dojs work is complete!

4. The 302 is NOT relevant to the crime charged. FLYNN IS A LAIR AND THERE IS NO WAY TO DISPROVE HIS FELONIOUS (FALSE) STATEMENT (LIE) TO THE FBI. There is no exculpatory evidence under these facts and Flynn was not entrapped.

5. The goverment did not spy on flynn...they spied on kysliak!

FLYNN CHOSE TO LIE to protect trump/flynn and he pleaded guilty to protect his son after the squeeze. THIS IS THE WAY THE FBI PURSUES CRIMINALS...(I would have no risk if the fbi threatened me about my 1st grader at catholic school. The point is that his son had criminal liabilities. BALANCE YOUR PARTISANSHIP AND BIAS WITH YOUR SUPPORT OF POLITICALLY BASED SUBPOENAS FOR HUNTER BIDEN 🤔.).

6. FINALLY...THE COURT HAS THE DISCRETION TO DISMISS OR NOT...the late stages of the proceedings (2 years later, after a guilty plea, cooperation with Mueller...then BEING A MOLE FOR TRUMP and reporting back to his defense team) do not give the doj the right to withdraw and dismiss. THE COURT BELONGS TO THE PEOPLE AND NOT TO TRUMP AND HIS "UNJUST" LACKEYS.

GBA 🇺🇸

Morton Watts  Cathy • 19 hours ago
Have you seen trunk in a debate?

He can't debate, make a point, or finish a sentence.

It is mostly "I know you are but what am I."

thefinestcheese  Cathy • 19 hours ago
"No puppet. No puppet. You're the puppet"

Samsays  Cathy • 19 hours ago
This how conservatives act when they know their beloved Republican part elite and establishment in Washington are losing and failing ... again.

Jean Grey  Cathy • 19 hours ago
trump can't read, trips over basic words, and uses his finger to help him follow text.

When he's speaking off script, he's largely incoherent.

The examples of this are myriad.

SuperSpreader trunk!  JimDandy • 19 hours ago

Flynn plead guilty.


He was trying to avoid more serious charges - Flynn was working as a secret agent for Turkey while serving as an NSA.

Why do you want traitors and liars in National Security?

SaneAmericaVersusTrump • 19 hours ago
Flynn's lawyers asked the Appeals Court to order Sullivan to grant the DOJ's motion and asked the Appeals Court to remove Sullivan.

They got neither lol.

Nu Mil 3 Design  SaneAmericaVersusTrump • 14 hours ago
Trump fired Mike Flynn for lying to VP Pence.

Mike Flynn pleaded guilty to lying to the FBI about a material fact:

he lied about his contacts with the Russian Ambassador to the US, Sergey Kislyak, a known Russian spymaster at a time when the US had already known about Russian interference in the 2016 US election.

The only thing left in the case should be the sentencing of Flynn for his self confessed crime.

409-k • 20 hours ago
Innocent men don't plead guilty twice ! Especially if there white !

Smocking Hot Hamberders  stokr • 18 hours ago

You should always have a lawyer when being questioned, it's the most basic of common knowledge.

The fact that he wasn't that smart proves he never should've been in politics.

Substantive enlightener  stokr • 19 hours ago
You have no idea what you are talking about like most trump supporters.

GFY...I WROTE THIS POST FOR YOU...keep reading my post and ENJOY "MAGA" and "WINNING."

You destroyed America you traitor... not democrats, liberals, gays, muslims and immigrants.

ALL OF YOU DHEADS ARE FROM THE FAKE NEWS SITES LISTED in my "this is why i am blocking you" post...


ENJOY the silence TRUMP cult worshipper, I will.

Im blocking you...see 1-4.

And before you complain to me, please don't.

1. 50%+ of the people i block are trolls. They do not like *my opinion and attack me and send barbs. Im not going to engage in name calling. IT makes me sound like a jerk when i defend myself and CORRECT ALL OF their MISSTATEMENTS, MISCHATACTERZATION AND LIES!

2. There are the truth deniers spewing hannity, fox, alex jones, GP, newsmax, daily caller/wire/signal, Breitbart, Washington times, newsmax, and oann talking points spun out of whole cloth and spewed by trump and the wh.

3. The deflectors and whataboutism cultists. They go back in time (decades even, when "southern" Democrats were slave owners pre 1964) to find a point of comparison in a sickening and *unpersuasive attempt to deflect from trump's abysmal failure(s), incompetence, lapses in judgment, recklessness, OR LIE(S) that are the topic of the day (examples: hillary, obama, fisa warrants, you can keep your doctor, emails, bengahzi, pallets of cash, tarmac, baby killers, dems hate America, commies, aoc, Deep state, socialism, seth rich, nothing burgers, russia russia russia, SOROS BOTS, freebies and goodies, elites, lamestream media, clinton news network, pizzagate, uranium one, drive by media, spying, fbi, comey/clapper/page/strozk, etc.) YOU KNOW ALL OF THESE TOPICS and they have mostly been dismantled, but for right wing circles and kook websites (YOUR SAFE ❄ PLACES).

4. There are also the FINGERS IN THE EARS, minds closed, TOUNGES OUT..."trump is the greatest president ever" SYCHOPHANTS. THEY are the MOST tiresome and boorish. Like i heard in college..."people that know the sun will rise in the east are not the loudest and most is those with DOUBT (and little faith) that are the loudest."

IM a seasoned attorney.

I can end a bs line of argument with a judge.

But here, i can only "block" to avoid frustrating myself by trying to reason with someone that is not reasonble, incapable or unwilling to accept BASIC FACTS (you).

This ☝️ is who you people are.

Im not going to feed you troll.

Take your outrage and misdirected anger back to Breitbart and daily caller.

Unceremoniously Blocked and tossed into the basket of DISPICABLE, deranged, delusional, detestable, disgusting, deplorables and dregs.

Btw, TRUMP HAS ALREADY DECIMATED THE US ECONOMY. The guy that bankrupted a fools brought the plague of trump upon us....curses upon all of your houses!
GBA 🇺🇸

Substantive enlightener  Feisty Hayseed • 3 hours ago • edited
Do you enjoy talking with yourself?

I can articulate and defend my own positions, reasoning and legal arguments.


You people do not engage and speak with liberals, democrats, muslims, gays and immigrants but you are always misrepesnting their opinions and ideas...WHICH LEADS TO YOU BEING HABITUALLY WRONG, STUPID AND INDIGNANT.

1. The prosecution didn't "drop the case." The disgraced doj, via lawless billy barr, prosecuted disgraced flynn. Their work was completed.

2. The defendant admitted guilt TWICE under oath and WAIVED ALL RIGHTS TO CONTEST THE CHARGES WHEN HE ADMITTED IN OPEN COURT THE BASIS OF HIS CRIME ("stipulation of facts"). (We shouldn't have prosecuted is laughable.)

3. The court (not DOJ) has jurisdiction to hear the case and to pronounce sentence. The dojs work is complete!

4. The 302 is NOT relevant to the crime charged. FLYNN IS A LAIR AND THERE IS NO WAY TO DISPROVE HIS FELONIOUS (FALSE) STATEMENT (LIE) TO THE FBI. There is no exculpatory evidence under these facts and Flynn was not entrapped.

5. The goverment did not spy on flynn...they spied on kysliak!
FLYNN CHOSE TO LIE to protect trump/flynn and he pleaded guilty to protect his son after the squeeze. THIS IS THE WAY THE FBI PURSUES CRIMINALS...(I would have no risk if the fbi threatened me about my 1st grader at catholic school. The point is that his son had criminal liabilities. BALANCE YOUR PARTISANSHIP AND BIAS WITH YOUR SUPPORT OF POLITICALLY BASED SUBPOENAS FOR HUNTER BIDEN 🤔.).

6. FINALLY...THE COURT HAS THE DISCRETION TO DISMISS OR NOT...the late stages of the proceedings (2 years later, after a guilty plea, cooperation with Mueller...then BEING A MOLE FOR TRUMP and reporting back to his defense team) do not give the doj the right to withdraw and dismiss. THE COURT BELONGS TO THE PEOPLE AND NOT TO TRUMP AND HIS "UNJUST" LACKEYS.

GBA 🇺🇸

Hot Rats  stokr • 20 hours ago
Trumpers are the stupidest and most gullible people in the world.

Michael Walsh  stokr • 17 hours ago
There can be no pardon after dismissal.

Once the guilty party has been charged or convicted they remain guilty except there are no jail time.

Substantive enlightener  stokr • 19 hours ago
No...the term is "entrapment" and you should look it up...Flynn's lies were knowingly and voluntary.

GBA 🇺🇸

stokr  Smocking Hot Hamberders • 15 hours ago
They destroyed him, over nothing, and threatened to do the same to his son.

Pretty simple stuff, for most.

Smocking Hot Hamberders  stokr • 11 hours ago
How did they destroy him? All he had to do was not lie.

409-k  stokr • 20 hours ago

Substantive enlightener  stokr • 19 hours ago
The love them when they threaten Black drug dealer's families for money laundering and conspiracy.
GBA 🇺🇸

Daxis • 20 hours ago
The judge should charge Flynn with perjury & send him to prison immediately.

jackinec  Daxis • 19 hours ago
Yeah, this is a "careful what you wish for" moment for Flynn and Trump.

If Sullivan dismisses the charges without prejudice, he'll face charges again when the next Administration takes over.

If Sullivan doesn't dismiss the charges and Trump pardons him, Flynn's previous statements to the FBI may be used in other criminal trials, including against Flynn's own son.

And Flynn would be compelled to testify in any trial, given he doesn't face any consequences by his honest testimony.

Tim Berland  RT • 15 hours ago
The prosecution phase of the trial is over.

There is a verdict, and they are now in the sentencing phase.

At this point, the judge is in complete control of the trial.

Daxis  RT • 19 hours ago
Flynn already pleaded guilty. Twice.

wrayven  Daxis • 19 hours ago
What the magabillies seem to forget is Flynn's deal was originally a no prison time deal.

It was Sullivan who was disgusted by Flynn's lack of cooperation.

He should have just sentenced Flynn right then & there a couple of years ago.

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Re: Mueller Probe Examining Whether Donald Trump Obstructed Justice
« Reply #108 on: May 27, 2020, 09:30:57 am »
Wednesday, 27th May 2o2o

Is this yet another diversion created by the 'grand old pandemic' trying to protect the unqualified game show host pretending to be an American president?

Who Is Carol Gombell?
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Re: Mueller Probe Examining Whether Donald Trump Obstructed Justice
« Reply #109 on: May 28, 2020, 08:43:13 pm »
Thursday, 28th May 2o2o
Roger Stone ordered to report to prison by June 30th
by Katelyn Polantz


Longtime trunk friend and political adviser Roger Stone must report to prison by June 30th, the Bureau of Prisons said on Thursday.

Stone has said in court filings that he plans to challenge that reporting date as he appeals his conviction -- though it's not clear how successful that may be.

An attorney for Stone declined to comment on Thursday.

The Republican provocateur posted about the date on his Instagram account, adding the messages "#deathsentence" and "#freerogerstone."

He wrote he would not be quarantined for COVID-19 when he reports to prison.

Stone is designated to be inmate #19579-104 after a federal judge sentenced him to 40 months in prison for lying to Congress and witness intimidation.

A jury had found him guilty last year in a case that proved he had lied to protect trunk when the then-Republican-led House of Representatives inquired about the 2016 campaign's efforts to reach WikiLeaks.

Stone has been living at his home in Florida since his arrest in early 2019, the last criminal case brought in special counsel Robert Mueller's investigation.

In addition to challenging his jury trial, Stone has openly sought a pardon from trunk in recent weeks.

Other convicted federal prisoners whom trunk personally worked with in 2016, including former campaign chair paul manafort and trunk's estranged lawyer Michael Cohen, are out of prison serving their sentences at home because of the virus, while the Justice Department, now led by Attorney General William Barr, has dialed back its severity toward Mueller cases, including parts of Stone's.

It's not yet known what prison Stone may have to report to.

"For safety and security reasons, we don't share an inmate's designated institution until after they have arrived," Bureau of Prisons spokeswoman Sue Allison said.

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Re: Mueller Probe Examining Whether Donald Trump Obstructed Justice
« Reply #110 on: July 09, 2020, 07:54:27 am »
Thursday, 9th July 2o2o
by Charles Duncan

Individual-1 will be required to hand over his tax returns to New York investigators, the Supreme Court ruled Thursday.

In the final day of the session, the Supreme Court released its long-awaited decision on two cases over Individual-1’s financial information.

The first case determined whether the U.S. House of Representatives can review Individual-1’s financial and banking records.

The second case is whether New York investigators can subpoena a sitting president’s tax returns.

The court ruled Individual-1 must turn over his tax returns in the New York investigation but sent the case back to a lower court.

Individual-1 argued that he is immune from any criminal investigations while in office.

House Democrats want to see the president’s financial records as part of an investigation into whether Individual-1 paid hush money to porn star Stormy Daniels.

They are also looking into whether Individual-1 lied about the value of assets to reduce his taxes and get loans.

A ruling on that case is also expected Thursday.

The subpoena in the New York criminal case is also related to possible hush-money payments to the porn actress who said she had an affair with Individual-1.

Individual-1’s personal lawyer, Michael Cohen, pleaded guilty to lying to Congress and other charges related to the hush-money investigation.

Even with the ruling against Individual-1 in the New York case, much of the material may not become public, the Associated Press reports.

The tax returns in the New York case will grand jury with strict confidentiality rules.

The records the House committees want contain sensitive information about Individual-1, his family and businesses, the AP reports.

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Re: Mueller Probe Examining Whether Donald Trump Obstructed Justice
« Reply #111 on: July 09, 2020, 02:47:28 pm »
Thursday, 9th July 2o2o
by David Caplan

(Manhattan, NEW YORK) - Individual-1's former lawyer Michael Cohen has been remanded back into the custody of federal authorities and will be sent back to jail, his lawyer Jeffrey Levine announced Thursday afternoon.

Cohen was taken to the Metropolitan Detention Center in Brooklyn, NBC News reported.

This comes after he was spotted dining with his wife and another couple last week at the Upper East Side restaurant Le Bilboquet -- Levine said on Thursday his detention may be connected to this outing, which was documented by the New York Post, which posted photos of the night out.

But Levine, defended Cohen’s night out at the time, telling the New York Post, he “is currently on furlough” and that he “did not violate any of the terms and conditions of his release … and any assertion or suggestion to the contrary would be wholly inaccurate and untrue."

Cohen was released from an upstate New York jail because of Covid-19, and was allowed to serve out the rest of his three-year sentence at his Manhattan home.

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Re: Mueller Probe Examining Whether Donald Trump Obstructed Justice
« Reply #112 on: July 12, 2020, 01:54:47 am »
Sunday, 12th July 2o2o
Stone Remains A Convicted Felon
by Robert Mueller

The work of the special counsel’s office — its report, indictments, guilty pleas and convictions — should speak for itself.

But I feel compelled to respond both to broad claims that our investigation was illegitimate and our motives were improper, and to specific claims that Roger Stone was a victim of our office.

The Russia investigation was of paramount importance.

Stone was prosecuted and convicted because he committed federal crimes.

He remains a convicted felon, and rightly so.

Russia’s actions were a threat to America’s democracy.

It was critical that they be investigated and understood.

By late 2016, the FBI had evidence that the Russians had signaled to a trunk campaign adviser that they could assist the campaign through the anonymous release of information damaging to the Democratic candidate.

And the FBI knew that the Russians had done just that:

Beginning in July 2016, WikiLeaks released emails stolen by Russian military intelligence officers from the Clinton campaign.

Other online personas using false names — fronts for Russian military intelligence — also released Clinton campaign emails.

Following FBI Director James B. Comey’s termination in May 2017, the acting attorney general named me as special counsel and directed the special counsel’s office to investigate Russian interference in the 2016 presidential election.

The order specified lines of investigation for us to pursue, including any links or coordination between the Russian government and individuals associated with the trunk campaign.

One of our cases involved Stone, an official on the campaign until mid-2015 and a supporter of the campaign throughout 2016.

Stone became a central figure in our investigation for two key reasons:

He communicated in 2016 with individuals known to us to be Russian intelligence officers, and he claimed advance knowledge of WikiLeaks’ release of emails stolen by those Russian intelligence officers.

In 2019, The Post's editorial board argued the president tried to manipulate the justice system, wrongdoing that Congress must not let go.

We now have a detailed picture of Russia’s interference in the 2016 presidential election.

The special counsel’s office identified two principal operations directed at our election:

hacking and dumping Clinton campaign emails, and an online social media campaign to disparage the Democratic candidate.

We also identified numerous links between the Russian government and trunk campaign personnel — Stone among them.

We did not establish that members of the trunk campaign conspired with the Russian government in its activities.

The investigation did, however, establish that the Russian government perceived it would benefit from a trunk presidency and worked to secure that outcome.

It also established that the campaign expected it would benefit electorally from information stolen and released through Russian efforts.

Uncovering and tracing Russian outreach and interference activities was a complex task.

The investigation to understand these activities took two years and substantial effort.

Based on our work, eight individuals pleaded guilty or were convicted at trial, and more than two dozen Russian individuals and entities, including senior Russian intelligence officers, were charged with federal crimes.

Congress also investigated and sought information from Stone.

A jury later determined he lied repeatedly to members of Congress.

He lied about the identity of his intermediary to WikiLeaks.

He lied about the existence of written communications with his intermediary.

He lied by denying he had communicated with the trunk campaign about the timing of WikiLeaks’ releases.

He in fact updated senior campaign officials repeatedly about WikiLeaks.

And he tampered with a witness, imploring him to stonewall Congress.

The jury ultimately convicted Stone of obstruction of a congressional investigation, five counts of making false statements to Congress and tampering with a witness.

Because his sentence has been commuted, he will not go to prison.

But his conviction stands.

Russian efforts to interfere in our political system, and the essential question of whether those efforts involved the trunk campaign, required investigation.

In that investigation, it was critical for us (and, before us, the FBI) to obtain full and accurate information.

Likewise, it was critical for Congress to obtain accurate information from its witnesses.

When a subject lies to investigators, it strikes at the core of the government’s efforts to find the truth and hold wrongdoers accountable.

It may ultimately impede those efforts.

We made every decision in Stone’s case, as in all our cases, based solely on the facts and the law and in accordance with the rule of law.

The women and men who conducted these investigations and prosecutions acted with the highest integrity.

Claims to the contrary are false.

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Re: Mueller Probe Examining Whether Donald Trump Obstructed Justice
« Reply #113 on: July 13, 2020, 01:10:47 pm »
Monday, 13th July 2o2o
Judge Amy Berman Jackson Demands Clarification on Roger Stone Commutation, Wants a Copy of Individual-1 Order
by Colin Kalmbacher

A federal judge on Monday issued an eyebrow-raising order related to the legal fate of Individual-1’s longtime confidant and former political adviser Roger Stone.

U.S. District Judge Amy Berman Jackson, in a minute order, asked for clarification as to the exact scope of the controversial commutation handed out by Individual-1 last Friday night.

“[T]he parties are ORDERED to provide the [D.C. District] Court by July 14th, 2020 with a copy of the Executive Order commuting the defendant’s sentence and to address the question of the scope of the commutation, in particular, whether it involves the sentence of incarceration alone or also the period of supervised release,” Jackson wrote in the brief but potentially important directive.

“I was wondering about this this morning,” University of Alabama Law Professor and former federal prosecutor Joyce White Vance wrote in response to the order.

“Theoretically, even with commutation, if Stone violates the terms of his supervised release, the judge could be able to consider revoking it [and] return him to custody. An interesting possible implication of this being commutation, not pardon.”

Individual-1 ignited a whirlwind of media criticism after commuting Stone’s 40-month prison sentence with a blistering and vituperative statement that was more syntactically akin to a recent vintage tweetstorm than a commutation decree.

The Executive Mansion said Stone was pursued as part of an “absolutely baseless investigation,” that Stone was “a victim of the Russia Hoax that the Left and its allies in the media” perpetuated, and ragged on a juror in the case who the Executive Mansion called “a member of the so-called liberal ‘resistance’ to the Individual-1.”

It also complained of the so-called “process-based charges” (rather than substantive charges) leveled at Stone:

Mr. Stone was charged by the same prosecutors from the Mueller Investigation tasked with finding evidence of collusion with Russia.

Because no such evidence exists, however, they could not charge him for any collusion-related crime.

Instead, they charged him for his conduct during their investigation.

The statement contained no clear particulars for Judge Jackson to follow.

By issuing Monday’s order, the court is essentially asking the U.S. Department of Justice whether or not a 24-month probation term still applies to Stone’s sentence in lieu of the commuted prison term.

Individual-1’s statement, which largely casts Stone as collateral damage in a partisan war against the Executive Mansion itself, seemingly left such details unclear to the relevant authorities charged with Stone’s release and potentially continued criminal justice system supervision.

Jackson noted that her order was issued “n response to questions raised by the U.S. Probation Office.”

Stone was convicted on seven felony counts of lying to Congress, witness tampering, and obstruction of justice in late 2019.

Since then, his defense team and his support network have lodged several efforts for an appeal and clemency–including a direct plea to Individual-1.

“Save my life!” Stone asked his friend Individual-1 by way of the media just three days before the commutation was issued–arguing that the mismanaged federal prison system’s decidedly poor response to the pandemic was tantamount to a death sentence if the 67-year-old were to actually be incarcerated alongside other inmates in a typically decrepit federal lockup.

Individual-1, of course, responded, but not with enough clarity for the judge who has long overseen Stone’s case.

Legal writer Cristian Farias offered a tongue-in-cheek appraisal of the maybe penultimate drama in the Roger Stone saga:

This is something I might have done back when I was a probation officer:

“Excuse me, your honor, your judgment of conviction says he’s gotta report. I don’t see anything in his file that that has changed.”

Many others voiced concerns–and entertained a certain level of schadenfreude–that Individual-1 had somehow bungled the paperwork but any deficiencies in the initial statement would likely be easily amended by way of an additional executive order.

The U.S. District Court for the District of Columbia’s search for clarity here may, in fact, prompt the Executive Mansion to draft a more precise order that would keep Stone off the government’s register altogether.

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Re: Mueller Probe Examining Whether Donald Trump Obstructed Justice
« Reply #114 on: July 16, 2020, 09:14:12 am »
July 15, 2020

1600 Pennsylvania Avenue
Washington, D.C. 20500

Your Commutation of Roger Stone’s Sentence

Dear Individual-1:

You have by now heard from many quarters the widespread condemnation of your action in commuting the 40-month sentence imposed on your close associate Roger Stone by the United States District Court in Washington, D.C., following Mr. Stone’s conviction on seven counts for lying to investigators and witness tampering.

The New York City Bar Association joins in that condemnation because your action in this matter undermines the rule of law that the Presidential oath requires you to uphold.

The commutation of Mr. Stone’s sentence appears to have completely bypassed the established procedure for Justice Department review and recommendations for such Presidential actions.

That this irregular process was followed to afford dispensation to a close personal associate of yours is itself a cause of concern.

However, when, as appears to be the case here, a President uses the pardon power to reward an associate for declining to provide a duly authorized federal prosecutor with relevant information about the President’s own actions, the effects on our nation’s Constitutional system – and our society’s commitment to live according to law – are profound.

Where, as here, the pardon power is wielded in tandem with the Attorney General’s overruling of career prosecutors to urge an unusually lenient sentence for Mr. Stone and follows the President’s own public attacks on the federal judge presiding over the prosecution, the cumulative effect of these actions amounts to a Presidential claim to be beyond the reach of the law that your oath requires you to uphold.

This is the very claim that the Supreme Court has repeatedly rejected throughout our nation’s history and decisively rejected once again this past week in Trump v. Vance.

There is an additional element to the Stone pardon that raises serious concerns.

First, juries give an oath to do justice and do not pledge an oath to the President or Presidency.

Their role is apolitical.

Yet, in the Executive Mansion statement granting Mr. Stone’s clemency, you personally attacked the jury forewoman for “conceal[ing]” her alleged “‘resistance’ to the trump presidency.”

Second, you had previously singled out and attacked the same juror following Mr. Stone’s conviction by a unanimous jury, even though Judge Amy Berman Jackson specifically considered and rejected the defendant’s claim of misconduct by one or more jurors.

It is one thing for a President to disagree with political opponents, other public figures, or even with court rulings, but it is not acceptable for the President of the United States to single out an identifiable private individual who is fulfilling her good faith obligation to serve as a juror.

Jurors perform that function, often at considerable inconvenience and expense, because it is a part of their responsibility as citizens.

To aim the power of the Presidency at them with public scorn and derision is an insult to the untold number of citizens who willingly participate each year in our judicial system and expect it to work in the manner contemplated by our Constitution.

It also adversely affects the administration of justice because it threatens to undermine the confidence the public should have in the justice system and the purposes for which it was created.

Jurors should be able to assume and perform their duty in a conscientious manner free of outside influence and personal criticism from their nation’s President.

We call upon you to cease such efforts to intimidate or excoriate your fellow citizens in ways that are merely self-beneficial and suggest that you – and your close allies – are above the law.


Sheila S. Boston

Stephen L. Kass
Chair, Task Force on the Rule of Law

Christopher M. W. Pioch
Jessenia Vazcones-Yagual
Co-Chairs, Task Force for the Independence of Lawyers and Judges

Would You Like To Know More?

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Re: Mueller Probe Examining Whether Donald Trump Obstructed Justice
« Reply #115 on: July 19, 2020, 03:41:39 am »
Sunday, 19th July 2o2o
Roger Stone calls Black radio host a racial slur
by Dennis Romero

Roger Stone, friend and former campaign adviser to individual-1, called a Black radio host a racial slur on air Saturday while the two debated Stone's federal conviction.

On Saturday night, Stone was grilled by radio host Morris W. O’Kelly on "the Mr. Mo'Kelly Show" on KFI AM 640 in Los Angeles.

The phone interview was broadcast and streamed.

Stone claimed his conviction last year was the result of bias against himself and individual-1.

"It was a jury of my political opponents," Stone said.

O'Kelly pushed back and challenged the idea that Stone did not get a fair trial or that the evidence did not clearly show his transgressions.

The host also suggested that not only was Stone not a victim of biased justice, but that he likely benefitted from knowing individual-1.

"There are thousands of people treated unfairly daily," O'Kelly said.

"Hell, your number just happened to come up in the lottery. I'm guessing it was more than just luck, Roger, right?"

Stone was silent, then it sounded like he was either away from the phone or covering it up when he said,

Would You Like To Know More?

Would You Like To Hear More?

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Re: Mueller Probe Examining Whether Donald Trump Obstructed Justice
« Reply #116 on: July 20, 2020, 07:32:32 am »
Monday, 20th July 2o2o
Everything We Know About the Shooting at a Federal Judge’s Home in New Jersey
by Matt Stieb

On Sunday, a gunman killed the 20-year-old son of Judge Esther Salas in her home in North Brunswick, New Jersey.

Salas’s husband was also shot and injured, and while the U.S. district judge for the District of New Jersey was home at the time, she was uninjured.

Below is everything we know about the shooting, which is being investigated by U.S. Marshals and the FBI.

The shooting in North Brunswick

On Sunday around 5 p.m., investigators state that a person dressed as a FedEx driver arrived at the home, shooting Salas’s son, Daniel Anderl, when he opened the door.

“He was shot through the heart,” North Brunswick Mayor Francis Womack, a friend of the family, told ABC News.

Salas’s husband, Mark Anderl, was also shot multiple times.

Mayor Womack told ABC that Salas was in the home during the shooting but was in a different part of the house; the Associated Press reports that Salas was in her home’s basement.

The victims

Salas’s husband, 63-year-old Mark Anderl, is a criminal-trial attorney and a partner in a law firm specializing in state and criminal defense.

Prior to going into private practice, he was an assistant prosecutor in Essex County.

Anderl underwent surgery and is in stable condition, according to Womack.

Salas’s son, Mark Anderl, was a freshman at Catholic University in Washington, D.C.

The suspect

The FBI has alerted the public that its agents are looking for “one subject” who is still at large.

As CNN reports, it is still unclear if the gunman was a FedEx employee or someone posing as a delivery driver to allow for easy access to Salas’s home.

The U.S. Marshals Service, which protects federal judges, is also investigating.

A law enforcement official told ABC News that Salas had faced threats in the past.

“As a judge, she had threats from time to time, but everyone is saying that recently there had not been any,” said Womack, who is a friend of Salas and her husband.

Who is Judge Salas?

Salas, the first Latina to serve on the federal bench in New Jersey, was nominated by President Obama to the U.S. District Court in 2010 after serving earlier in her career as a magistrate judge and an assistant federal public defender.

In 2014, she sentenced a husband and wife from The Real Housewives of New Jersey to 41 months and 15 months, respectively, for bankruptcy fraud and tax evasion.

She is currently overseeing a case in which investors have sued Deutsche Bank for allegedly making misleading statements about its failure to monitor money-laundering operations and “high-risk” clients like Jeffrey Epstein.

Authorities have not linked the shooting to the Deutsche Bank case.

**The Comments Section**


I know it looked like a delivery but nobody should be able to walk up to a judges home without being checked out.


Planned attack. A hit. Check the DB case and ties to the Russian mob. Not the first suspicious death related to those interrelated cares. Epstein and whatever laundering and arms dealing he was involved in.


Sounds like a planned attack for unknown reasons.  Judges' families usually don't just open the door to a stranger with all the anti-government rhetoric now.  Former Arizona senator Jeff Flake has received numerous threats on his life and his wife and children, usually from right wing people.

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Re: Mueller Probe Examining Whether Donald Trump Obstructed Justice
« Reply #117 on: August 01, 2020, 11:01:01 am »
Saturday, 1st August
How Far-Right Police Officers and Ex-Soldiers Planned for ‘Day X’
by Katrin Bennhold

(GÜSTROW, Germany) — The plan sounded frighteningly concrete.

The group would round up political enemies and those defending migrants and refugees, put them on trucks and drive them to a secret location.

Then they would kill them.

One member had already bought 30 body bags.

More body bags were on an order list, investigators say, along with quicklime, used to decompose organic material.

On the surface, those discussing the plan seemed reputable.

One was a lawyer and local politician, but with a special hatred of immigrants.

Two were active army reservists.

Two others were police officers, including Marko Gross, a police sniper and former parachutist who acted as their unofficial leader.

The group grew out of a nationwide chat network for soldiers and others with far-right sympathies set up by a member of Germany’s elite special forces, the KSK.

Over time, under Mr. Gross’s supervision, they formed a parallel group of their own.

Members included a doctor, an engineer, a decorator, a gym owner, even a local fisherman.

They called themselves Nordkreuz, or Northern Cross.

“Between us, we were a whole village,” recalled Mr. Gross, one of several Nordkreuz members who described to me in various interviews this year how the group came together and began making plans.

They denied they had plotted to kill anyone. But investigators and prosecutors, as well an account one member gave to the police — transcripts of which were seen by The New York Times — indicate their planning took a more sinister turn.

Germany has belatedly begun dealing with far-right networks that officials now say are far more extensive than they ever understood.

The reach of far-right extremists into its armed forces is particularly alarming in a country that has worked to cleanse itself of its Nazi past and the horrors of the Holocaust.

In July the government disbanded an entire company infiltrated by extremists in the nation’s special forces.

But the Nordkreuz case, which only recently came to trial after being uncovered more than three years ago, shows that the problem of far-right infiltration is neither new nor confined to to the KSK, or even the military.

Far-right extremism penetrated multiple layers of German society in the years when the authorities underestimated the threat or were reluctant to countenance it fully, officials and lawmakers acknowledge.

Now they are struggling to uproot it.

One central motivation of the extremists has seemed so far-fetched and fantastical that for a long time the authorities and investigators did not take it seriously, even as it gained broader currency in far-right circles.

Neo-Nazi groups and other extremists call it Day X — a mythical moment when Germany’s social order collapses, requiring committed far-right extremists, in their telling, to save themselves and rescue the nation.

Today Day X preppers are drawing serious people with serious skills and ambition.

Increasingly, the German authorities consider the scenario a pretext for domestic terrorism by far-right plotters or even for a takeover of the government.

“I fear we’ve only seen the tip of the iceberg,” said Dirk Friedriszik, a lawmaker in the northeastern state of Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania, where Nordkreuz was founded.

“It isn’t just the KSK. The real worry is: These cells are everywhere. In the army, in the police, in reservist units.”

Nordkreuz was one of those groups elaborately preparing for Day X.

The domestic intelligence service got a tip in late 2016, and prosecutors started investigating in the summer of 2017.

But it took years before the network, or a small sliver of it, came before a court.

Even now, only one member of the group, Mr. Gross, has faced charges — for illegal weapons possession, not for any larger conspiracy.

Late last year, Mr. Gross was handed a 21-month suspended sentence.

The verdict was so mild that this year state prosecutors appealed it, kicking the case into another protracted round of deliberations.

Of some 30 Nordkreuz members, only two others, a lawyer and another police officer, are currently under investigation by the federal prosecutor on suspicion of plotting terrorism.

The outcome is typical of the authorities’ handling of far-right cases, extremism experts say.

The charges brought are often woefully narrow for the elaborate plots they are meant to deter and punish.

Almost always they focus on individuals, not the networks themselves.

But the obstacles to prosecuting such cases more aggressively point to another problem making the German authorities increasingly anxious:

Infiltration of the very institutions, like the police, that are supposed to be doing the investigating.

In July the police chief of the western state of Hesse resigned after police computers had been repeatedly accessed for confidential information that was then used by neo-Nazis in death threats.

It was in Hesse that a well-known neo-Nazi assassinated a regional politician last summer in a case that woke many Germans to the threat of far-right terrorism.

Some Nordkreuz members were serious enough that they had compiled a list of political enemies.

Heiko Böhringer, a local politician in the area where the group was based, had received death threats.

“I used to think these preppers, they’re harmless crazies who’ve watched too many horror movies,” Mr. Böhringer said.

“I changed my mind.”

Mr. Friedriszik, the state lawmaker, tried for years to focus public attention on the building danger of the far right, but found himself a voice in the wilderness.

“This movement has its fingertips in lots of places,” he said.

“All this talk of Day X can seem like pure fantasy. But if you look closer, you can see how quickly it turns into serious planning — and plotting.”

Northern Cross

The shooting range in Güstrow, a rural town in a northeast corner of Germany, sits at the end of a long dirt path secured by a heavy gate.

Barbed wire surrounds the area.

A German flag flutters in the wind.

“This is where it all started,” Axel Moll, a local decorator and Nordkreuz member with a hunting license and gun cabinet at home, told me when I was touring the area earlier this year.

Mr. Gross, the police officer, was a regular at the range.

He had been a parachutist and long-distance reconnaissance officer in the German army before his battalion was absorbed by Germany’s elite special forces, the KSK.

He never joined the KSK but knows several men who did.

Another regular was Frank Thiel, a champion in handgun competitions and sought-after tactical shooting instructor for police and military units across Germany.

In the fall of 2015, as hundreds of thousand of asylum seekers from wars in Syria, Iraq and Afghanistan arrived in Germany, the men were appalled.

In their eyes, Germany faced a potential invasion from terrorists, a possible breakdown of its welfare system, maybe even unrest.

And their own government was welcoming the migrants.

“We were worried,” Mr. Gross, 49, recalled in one of several conversations with me this year.

In late 2015, while conducting a shooting workshop for the KSK in southern Germany, Mr. Thiel learned about an encrypted, countrywide chat network to share privileged information about the security situation in Germany, and how to prepare for a crisis.

It was run by a soldier named André Schmitt.

But everyone knew him as Hannibal.

Who wanted in?

Soon some 30 people, many of them regulars at the shooting range in Güstrow, joined the northern chapter of Mr. Schmitt’s network, avidly following his updates.

It was not long before Mr. Gross decided to create a parallel group so they could communicate and meet up locally.

Members lived in towns and villages in the region, shared far-right sympathies and considered themselves concerned citizens.

By January 2016, this network had become Nordkreuz.

There were two criteria for joining, Mr. Moll recalled:

“The right skills and the right attitude.”

Mr. Gross and another police officer in the group were members of what was then an emerging far-right party, the Alternative for Germany, now the third largest force in the national Parliament.

At least two others in the group had visited the Thule Seminar, an organization whose leaders had a portrait of Hitler on their wall and preach white supremacy.

Nordkreuz held meetings every few weeks, on the floor above a gym owned by one member or in Mr. Moll’s showroom, where the two of us also talked.

Sometimes they had a barbecue.

Other times, they invited guest speakers.

Once a retired military officer came and talked about crisis management, Mr. Moll recalled.

Another time they invited a “Reichsbürger,” or citizen of the Reich, a movement that does not recognize the postwar German state.

Over time, Nordkreuz members recalled, their group morphed into a close-knit brotherhood with a shared ambition that would come to dominate their lives: preparing for Day X.

They began hoarding enough supplies to survive for 100 days, including food, gasoline, toiletries, walkie-talkies, medicine and ammunition.

Mr. Gross collected 600 euros from each member of the group to pay for it.

In all, he amassed more than 55,000 rounds of ammunition.

The group identified a “safe house,” where members would decamp with their families on Day X: a former Communist vacation village deep in the woods.

The place was “ideal,” Mr. Moll said.

There was a stream providing fresh water, a small lake to wash themselves and clothes, a forest with wood to build and deer to hunt, even an old septic tank.

Didn’t all this seem a little far-fetched to them? I asked.

Mr. Moll smiled at my “Western naïveté.”

The region where they live is nestled between the former Iron Curtain and the Polish border.

Members had grown up in the former East Germany.

“Under Communism, everything was scarce,’’ Mr. Moll explained.

‘‘You had to get creative getting things through certain channels. You could not rely on things being in the supermarket. You could say we’re used to prepping.’’

And, he said, they had already seen one system collapse.

“You learn how to read between the lines. It’s an advantage.”

Through 2016, as hundreds of thousands more migrants arrived in Germany and a number of Islamist terrorist attacks took place in Europe, the planning got more serious.

Mr. Gross and other Nordkreuz members traveled in the fall to an arms fair in Nuremberg and met Mr. Schmitt, the special forces soldier running the nationwide chat network, in person.

Members of the group learned how to rappel down the tower of a disused fire station.

Two pickup points were designated as Day X meeting spots.

Two fully functioning operating theaters were built as makeshift field hospitals, in a basement and a mobile home.

“The scenario was that something bad would happen,” Mr. Gross told me.

“We asked ourselves, what did we want to prepare for? And we decided that if we were going to do this, we would go all the way.”


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Re: Mueller Probe Examining Whether Donald Trump Obstructed Justice
« Reply #118 on: August 01, 2020, 11:02:15 am »

Body Bags and Quicklime

The question investigators are now scrutinizing is what did it mean to “go all the way.”

Mr. Gross insisted to me that the group was only prepping for what they saw as the day that the social order would collapse, for Day X.

He said they never planned any murders, or intended to cause any harm.

But at least one member of the group portrays a more ominous story.

“People were to be gathered and murdered,” Horst Schelski told investigators in 2017, according to transcripts of his statement shared with The New York Times.

Mr. Schelski is a former air force officer whose account is disputed by the others.

It pivots on a meeting he said took place at the end of 2016 at a highway truck stop in Sternberg, a small town about 40 minutes west of the shooting range the men frequented.

There, at a coffee stand that today resembles little more than a shed facing a bleak parking lot, Mr. Gross met with a handful of other men, in what had become a concentrated cell within Nordkreuz.

Among the others present were two men now under investigation on suspicion of plotting terrorism.

Under German law, they cannot be fully named.

One was Haik J., who like Mr. Gross was a police officer.

Another was a lawyer and local politician, Jan Henrik H.

Both declined to speak with me.

Jan Henrik H. was described by other members as particularly fervent and hateful.

On his birthdays, he held a shooting contest on a field behind his house in Rostock, a nearby city on Germany’s northern coast, Nordkreuz members recalled.

The winner got a trophy named for Mehmet Turgut, a Turkish street vendor killed in Rostock in 2004 by the National Socialist Underground, a far-right terrorist group.

Mr. Gross was the most recent winner.

Mr. Schelski told the police that Jan Henrik H. kept a thick binder in his garage with the names, addresses and photos of local politicians and activists whom he considered to be political enemies.

Some had sought to help refugees by seeking real estate to turn into shelters.

Much in the file came from publicly available sources.

But there were also handwritten notes with information obtained from a police computer.

As they drank coffee at the truck stop, Jan Henrik H. turned the conversation to “the people in the file,” who he said were “harmful” to the state and needed to be “done away with,” Mr. Schelski later told the police.

Jan Henrik H. wanted advice on how best to transport their captives once they had been rounded up.

He asked Mr. Schelski, a major in the state reservist unit, how they could get them past any checkpoints that might be created in a time of unrest.

Would uniforms help?

Army trucks?

After that meeting, Mr. Schelski told the police, he distanced himself from the group.

By then, the intelligence service was already watching.

Some eight months after the truck stop meeting, the authorities conducted the first in a series of raids on the homes of several Nordkreuz members.

Over two years, the raids and intelligence work uncovered weapons, ammunition, enemy lists, and a handwritten order list for Day X that included the body bags and quick lime.

I asked Mr. Gross about the body bags.

He told me they were “multipurpose vessels,” usable as cheap waterproof sleeping bag covers or for transporting large items.

The disclosure that the group had identified political enemies has rattled Mr. Böhringer, the local politician.

In 2015, two police officers came to sketch his house after he started receiving death threats.

“We want to know where you can get in, where you sleep, so that we can protect you,” they told him.

He said he wasn’t too concerned.

But in June 2018, Mr. Böhringer was called to the police station.

The homes of two Nordkreuz members had recently been raided, one of them a police officer based in his hometown:

Haik J., who had been at the truck stop meeting.

“They showed me a handmade sketch of my home,” Mr. Böhringer said.

“‘Do you recognize this?’ they had asked.”

“It was the exact same sketch that those officers had made in my home,” he said.

“I had to swallow pretty hard,” he recalled.

“The very people who said they wanted to protect me then passed this on to people who wanted to harm me.”

“They didn’t just want to survive Day X, they wanted to kill their enemies,” he said.

“It was concrete, what they were planning.”

Meeting With Marko

The first time I knocked on Mr. Gross’s door, in the village of Banzkow, about an hour’s drive from the shooting range, we ended up talking outside for two hours.

The second time, it started raining and he invited me into his red brick farmhouse on “Liberation Street,” named for Germany’s liberation from the Nazis at the end of World War II.

In the hallway his old military badge and uniform were on display.

A large map of Germany in 1937 dominated the wall.

Images of guns were ubiquitous.

On refrigerator magnets.

On mugs.

On a calendar.

It was the same home that the police had raided years earlier, in August 2017, and found more than two dozen weapons and 23,800 rounds of ammunition, some of it stolen from police and military stockpiles.

Another police raid in June 2019 uncovered another 31,500 rounds of ammunition and an Uzi submachine gun.

This time they arrested him.

In court, it took prosecutors almost 45 minutes to read the list of cartridges, guns, explosives and knives they had found.

He was only charged with illegal weapons possession.

In the ongoing terrorism investigation he is a witness, not a suspect.

“It’s pretty astounding,” said Lorenz Caffier, the state’s interior minister, who used to shake Mr. Gross’s hand at the annual special forces workshop in Güstrow.

“Someone who hoards that much ammunition at home, is close to far-right tendencies and also makes extremist comments in chats is no harmless prepper.”

“Marko G. has a key role,” he said.

Prosecutors have traced the illegal ammunition in Mr. Gross’s home to a dozen police and military depots across the country, indicating possible collaborators.

Several of the units shot in Güstrow.

“We don’t know how it got from there to him,” said Claudia Lange, a prosecutor.

Three other police officers are being investigated on suspicion of helping Mr. Gross.

Asked during the trial, Mr. Gross said he did not remember how he got the ammunition.

When I met him, he stuck to that line.

But otherwise he was not shy about sharing his views.

Chancellor Angela Merkel belongs “in the dock,” he said.

The multicultural cities in western Germany are “the caliphate.”

The best way to escape creeping migration was to move to the East German countryside, “where people are still called Schmidt, Schneider and Müller.”

A copy of Compact, a prominent far-right magazine, with Individual-1’s face on the cover, lay on a shelf.

A selection of Individual-1’s speeches had been translated into German in the issue.

“I like Individual-1,” Mr. Gross said.

As far back as 2009, some fellow police officers had voiced concerns about Mr. Gross’s far-right views, noting that he had brought books about the Nazis to work.

But no one intervened, and he was even groomed for promotion.

“There is no danger from the far right,” he insisted. “I don’t know a single neo-Nazi.”

Soldiers and police officers are “frustrated,” he told me the third time we met, ticking off complaints about migrants, crime and the mainstream media.

He likens the coverage of COVID-19 to the censored state broadcaster during Communism.

Instead, he says, he has a YouTube subscription to RT, the Russian state-controlled channel and other alternative media.

In that parallel universe of disinformation, he learns that the government is secretly flying in refugees after midnight.

That COVID-19 is a ploy to deprive citizens of their rights.

That Ms. Merkel works for what he calls the “deep state.”

“The deep state is global,” Mr. Gross said.

“It’s big capital, the big banks, Bill Gates.”

He still expects Day X, sooner or later.

Riots linked to an economic meltdown.

Or a blackout, because the German government is shuttering coal plants.

Nordkreuz members never told me, nor the authorities, the location of the disused vacation village that was their safe house for Day X.

The safe house is still active, said Mr. Gross, who at the height of Nordkreuz’s planning had boasted to a fellow member that his network contained 2,000 like-minded people in Germany and beyond.

“The network is still there,” he said.


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Re: Mueller Probe Examining Whether Donald Trump Obstructed Justice
« Reply #119 on: August 07, 2020, 05:36:13 pm »
Friday, 7th August 2o2o
US sent texts to Russians, Iranians offering reward for info on election interference
by Tal Axelrod

The State Department confirmed Friday that it was behind text messages sent to Russians and Iranians promoting a multimillion-dollar bounty for information on foreign efforts to meddle in this year's U.S. elections.

A spokesperson for the department said in an email said the messages were intended to foster international awareness of the issue and the reward.

"The U.S. Department of State's Rewards for Justice (RFJ) program is advertising a reward offer through SMS messages and a variety of other communications tools and techniques. Our SMS messages refer back to the verified official Rewards for Justice social media accounts, which are available in multiple languages," the spokesperson said.

"To defend our upcoming elections, the United States Government stands ready to respond to foreign threats with sharp consequences."

The comment comes after Russians and Iranians took to social media to discuss the unprompted text messages, leading to ridicule among some of the recipients.

The State Department first announced Thursday it would offer a $10 million reward to anyone with information on the work of foreign governments to interfere in U.S. elections through cyber operations.

The department is specifically asking for people to come forward with information regarding individuals trying to use hacking operations to meddle in federal, state or local elections in a way that violates the Computer Fraud and Abuse Act.

"The ability of persons, as well as foreign powers, to interfere in or undermine public confidence in United States elections, including through the unauthorized accessing of election and campaign infrastructure, constitutes an unusual and extraordinary threat to the national security and foreign policy of the United States," the State Department wrote in a "wanted" notice.

Concerns over election meddling have remained top of mind for lawmakers after Russia's complex effort to interfere in the 2016 election, which included a sophisticated social information disinformation campaign and hacks targeting election infrastructure in all 50 states, as well as the networks of the Democratic National Committee.

William Evanina, director of the National Counterintelligence and Security Center, said Friday the government is primarily concerned over efforts by China, Iran and Russia to meddle again in 2020.

He said that China prefers Individual-1 lose reelection because Beijing sees him as "unpredictable," Russia is working to hurt former Vice President Joe Biden's electoral chances because of "what it sees as an anti-Russia 'establishment,' " and Iran "seeks to undermine U.S. democratic institutions, Individual-1, and to divide the country in advance of the 2020 elections."

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