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Re: The Punisher tv series
« Reply #15 on: December 19, 2017, 09:41:19 am »
I'm reading Punisher Max series from 2013 now. Hoping season two is like that.

is that ennis or Aaron, I can't remember

It is Ennis. I got the Complete Collection Vol. 1

Nice. Ennis's Punisher Max, was pretty good from what I read of it. It's better than a lot Aaron's, and had better artwork too. But I do recommend Aaron's PunisherMAX "Kingpin" arc. That one was up there with the Ennis stuff IMO.

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Re: The Punisher tv series
« Reply #16 on: January 01, 2018, 04:34:43 pm »
This was really, really, really, really good. And I say that a a Punisher lover (hes in my top 5 fav characters and Ennis stuff is some of the best comics ever IMO).

I know a lot of Punisher fanatics didn't love it because Frank was more human than Jason Vorhees but it worked because when that flip switched... he was classic Punisher. Humanizing him just a touch worked. Everything was in character for him IMO. some punisher fans also hate the fact he was almost Jason Bourne esque aka dealing with spooks and CIA and not gangsters but its happened in the comics before and I think 13 issues of frank mowing down mobsters would have been a bit... boring.

It avoided the "omg this is way too long" syndrome that a lot of other netflix shows had because, for once, all the supporting characters were interesting and well acted. Even Page, who I generally hated in Daredevil, was useful here. There was no "annoying sister from JJ" or "froggy stfu and die" or everyting about iron fist lol or others

The only time I was ever bored was when they focused on the crazy kid a touch too long sometimes. I think he was needed to compare and contrast that kid to Frank but, did feel a bit overlong at times. I think I would have rather sacrificed some of that and gotten more into Curtis background or more into Frank in the Marines or more into even just watching Frank murder all the cartels some more lol. But, nitpicking really.

Punisher just fits in this format. Beranthal was great. I still think Ray Stevenson in War Zone is the most comic accurate Punisher but Beranthal is a much better frank castle IMO.

Just finished S1.  It was equal parts brutal and brilliant!  When you flipped Castle's switch....damn!  Not Bourne like at all IMO.  He took damage and just plowed through to dish it back out like walking blunt force trauma.  The definition of a masher!  The fight with the CIA boss was absolutely savage!  And the fight with Jigsaw at the!

I thought the writers did a compelling job of providing subtle and not so subtle examples of actions/behaviors Frank may have exhibited through the actions/behaviors of other characters like Curtis, Billy, the Wilson kid, Madani, Micro and even Micro's boy.  This gave Frank ample opportunity through his interactions with theses characters to reflect on and evaluate his own actions, developing as a character.

Really well thought out and executed, IMO, with the exception of one fairly big flaw.  Castle would have never set up Billy/Jigsaw for a sniper kill in Curtis' apartment.  He would not have needlessly endangered Curtis and he definitely would have wanted to look Billy in the eye when he took him out!  The story also had a decidedly anti-gun control bent which I personally found a bit off-putting.

Nonetheless, very good take on the Punisher and Berenthal was amazing as Castle!