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Re: Racial Wealth Gap
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Thursday, 5th May  Twenty One
republicans promote pandemic relief they voted against;
by Steve Peoples

(NEW YORK) — Representative Nicole Malliotakis, a republican from New York, said it pained her to vote against the $1.9 trillion American Rescue Plan.

Every Republican in Congress voted against the sweeping pandemic relief bill that President Joe Biden signed into law three months ago.

But since the early spring votes, Republicans from New York and Indiana to Texas and Washington state have promoted elements of the legislation they fought to defeat.

The republicans’ favorite provisions represent a tiny sliver of the massive law, which sent $1,400 checks to millions of Americans, extended unemployment benefits until September, increased the child tax credit, offered housing assistance for millions of low-income Americans and expanded health care coverage.

Republicans tried to negotiate a smaller package, arguing that Biden’s plan was too expensive and not focused enough on the nation’s health and economic crises.

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Re: Racial Wealth Gap
« Reply #16 on: July 16, 2021, 04:05:11 am »
Friday, 16th July  Twenty One
How The Billionaires Rule
by Margaret Kimberley

President Calvin Coolidge said, “The business of America is business.”

The expression is memorable because it always rang true.

But nearly 100 years later an old trite saying has taken on an ever more terrifying meaning.

The ruling class wield their power more blatantly than ever.

There is little effort to conceal their determination to rule over the people and to control the politicians who are now little more than their personal minions. 

When the people get a little help, as happened with additional stimulus funds for the unemployed, politicians across the country took up arms for the ruling class and turned down free money just to stay in the good graces of their bosses.

Currently 25 states out of 50 have rejected additional help for the unemployed.

The money came from the federal government and didn’t impact state budgets, but politicians know who calls the shots.

When called upon to help struggling people they chose to do just the opposite.

They helped their exploiters and in the process made a mockery of what passes for democracy.

There is no labor shortage in this country.

Instead, there is a shortage of jobs that pay a living wage and that is because of the power of capitalists.

They have grown richer precisely because they have forced workers to live in a constant state of precarity, and now it is quite literally better to stay home than to work for a pittance.

Of course, the richest man in the world, Amazon’s Jeff Bezos, is a master at coming up with new ways to subjugate workers.

Any reports of job growth should be viewed with a very jaundiced eye as predatory capitalism has driven down wages and created a dystopia for workers.

Bezos has mastered squeezing the most and giving the least.

Amazon warehouse workers suffer from injuries  at higher rates than other employees in similar jobs but the injuries are part of the cost of doing business.

It is expected that the grueling working conditions will create high turnover which is exactly what Amazon wants.

A revolving door of employees serves their needs quite nicely.

Bezos made a big deal about a $15 per hour starting salary but he could certainly afford to pay a lot more, a real living wage.

The tight-fisted billionaire who could potentially become a trillionaire got rich the old fashioned way.

He cheats workers.

Bezos also comes up with new and ingenious ways to spread the suffering.

Amazon Flex  delivery drivers are hired by apps and fired by algorithms.

They have no interaction with human resources or any humans at all and they must pay a $200 fee to contest terminations that are rarely decided in their favor.

Even when American workers lose their jobs they are still at the mercy of corporate giants.  contracts with states to provide public access to web sites such as those used for unemployment claims.

Their facial recognition  software doesn’t verify everyone properly and desperate people wait days and weeks for their unemployment payments to arrive.

As with Amazon there is no one to speak to for help.

But state governments turn over millions of dollars to in order to cheat people out of benefits they have earned.

Currently 30 states contract with to make sure that the most vulnerable are kicked while they are down.

The algorithm hiring and firings and the facial recognition technology problems are not bugs in the system.

They are features.

They are doing precisely what they are intended to do, keep workers poor, desperate, and at the mercy of capitalists.

Cruelty is the point.

One might ask who speaks for the people.

Workers in several states had their unemployment saved by court decisions but those are few and far between.

Politicians are as blatant as their corporate bosses and openly side with them against their constituents.

There is no way to reform this system.

Democrats and republicans are equally eager to act at the behest of corporate interests.

The people either vote in hopes of change that never comes or are apathetic because they see that the odds are against them.

The workers who refuse low pay under dangerous conditions are moving in the right direction.

Whether they know it or not they are potentially building a new movement.

A general strike is what the country needs.

Of course that is why the hammer fell in an attempt to nip any resistance in the bud and get the cogs back into the machine.

But the direction we must move in is clear.

There is no salvation from a Biden or a Harris or any other name being floated.

The people will have to move in a different direction if they are to save themselves.

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Re: Racial Wealth Gap
« Reply #17 on: September 10, 2021, 07:05:16 am »
Friday, 10th September  Two Thousand & Twenty One
Top 1 percent responsible for $163 billion in unpaid taxes

The U.S. loses roughly $163 billion each year in taxes owed and unpaid by the richest Americans, the Treasury Department estimated in a Wednesday blog post defending President Biden’s tax plan.

In a post calling for stronger enforcement of tax laws, the department calculated that the top 1 percent of Americans by annual income are responsible for roughly 28 percent of all lost tax revenue.

“Today’s tax code contains two sets of rules: one for regular wage and salary workers who report virtually all the income they earn; and another for wealthy taxpayers, who are often able to avoid a large share of the taxes they owe,” wrote Natasha Sarin, deputy assistant Treasury secretary for economic policy.

Biden has proposed spending hundreds of billions of dollars to boost tax enforcement and close the “tax gap,” the gulf between the amount of money owed to the federal government in taxes and how much of that the IRS is actually able to collect.

The Treasury Department estimated that the gap between paid and owed taxes was about $600 billion in 2019, and IRS Commissioner Charles Rettig has suggested that it could be as high as $1 trillion annually.

Like Biden, Democratic lawmakers have pushed for years to boost IRS funding, hire more revenue officers, and upgrade the agency’s technology.

But republicans, who slashed IRS funding during the Obama administration, have resisted those efforts over fears the agency would target political opponents.

“Giving the IRS the information and resources that it needs will generate substantial revenue. But even more importantly, these reforms will create a more equitable, efficient tax system,” Sarin wrote.

Along with boosting IRS enforcement efforts, Biden has also proposed raising income taxes for high-earning individuals and businesses, establishing minimum taxes for corporations, and boosting inheritance taxes.


ItsNotACloseCall • 2 days ago
And republicans fought hard to prevent funding the IRS to collect those unpaid taxes. Remember that on election day if you're not a billionaire.

Pats_Fan  ItsNotACloseCall • 2 days ago
IRS audits of millionaires plunged 72%
Would You Like To Like More?

Remember: NOVEMBER!  Pats_Fan • 2 days ago • edited
Corrupted by tax evaders GOP would rather defend wealthy tax cheats than the American people.

Long term results of GOP tax abuse have been terrible!
Blue-voting counties equal 70% of America’s economy.

The fat cats $163 billion in annual TAX LAW EVASION could fund another $10 to $100 TRILLION in US national debt, depending on the funding blend of short or long term T-bonds.

gop corruption is unsustainable and destroying our nation. It has to change. Sooner the better. Very simple

Jack Frost  ItsNotACloseCall • 2 days ago
They continually defund the IRS.

Remember: NOVEMBER!  Guest • 2 days ago • edited
There is NO true "capitalist" or "communist" society
anywhere on earth.

Nor should there be.

Historical results prove:
Successful Economics is more about justice and less about money.

In order to succeed - America needs to dramatically beef up and RE-fang the federal judiciary. Economic abusers of all flavors have got to start going to JAIL. Not just fined. Very simple.

liberalcollegegradclass15  Guest • 2 days ago
we truly will never be a non-capitalist country.

real estate, pro sports, big tech, and construction ain't going anywhere.

any time the word "communist" or "socialist" comes up, you can immediately disregard anything that person is saying.

David  liberalcollegegradclass15 • a day ago
We were designed to be a fascist country beginning with only white male landowners voting.

Chesty Rockwell  ItsNotACloseCall • 2 days ago

And remember 50% of people pay zero into the system.

Oh and we have a $3T deficit.

Kind of funny watching you run around trying to put out a high-rise fire with a garden hose.

Keep patting yourself on the back for making taxation obsolete. I am actually thanking you for that.

blackspeak • 2 days ago
Trickle Down Economics was the worst economic theory in American history...

steve • 2 days ago • edited
I heard some of these lowlife business people even pay off their employees in apartments and cars and private tuition for grandkids as 'perks' in order to avoid taxes

ulfur • 2 days ago
republicans think the 1% not paying taxes show how smart the 1% are. They should call them the criminals that they are.

GQP COVID-19 Death Panels • 2 days ago • edited
republicans believe that the reward for being a millionaire or billionaire should be not having to pay taxes. Eat the rich.

vap • 2 days ago
Democrats response: We should fund the IRS so these deadbeats pay.

republican response: We should cut the tax rate for the wealthy even more so. I'm sure they'll the lower rate!

BuzzK  vap • 2 days ago
What about some corporate welfare? Trickledown economics!!!

jjca • 2 days ago
This is what happens when you let billionaires engineer the tax code and this is what happens when political parties Weaponized the tax code to attack specific regions of the country so they can prop up other regions of the country.

no reply because ur blocked! • 2 days ago
The rich get richer, etc...

Meanwhile, republicans protect these deadbeat billionaires while crying about the price tag of benefits for the rest of us.

New Tech Investor • 2 days ago
If you hear McConnell and Republicans decry the infrastructure plan as too much spending, just look at the fact they oppose giving the IRS the money to collect what is owed from this huge tax avoidance. Then next time you hear Republicans say Democrats are against the working class ask yourself who is kidding who? Collecting these unpaid taxes from the rich benefits us all who make under $500,000 per year or pay our taxes fairly. And another big scam they could go after are all the phony non profits that are 100% political which are 90% on the rightwing. individual-1's crooked Kraken lawyers for instance have a phony non profit, and individual-1 was a complete fraud and money laundering tax evasion scheme which never gave a dime to any real charoty. How many more individual-1 type scams are getting a free ride from the rest of us who pay our taxes?

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