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Plowing Kaballah
« on: July 15, 2018, 12:56:46 am »
- Plowing Kaballah -

The self
wholly obliterated
in Absolute ONE
is the
Terror of Total Annihilation.
Eternal Death.
Bitul b'metziut - Existential Nullification.

The selfless
wholly absorbed
in Absolute LOVE
is the
Bliss of Absolute Unity.
Eternal Life.
Bitul hayesh - Nullification of Somethingness.

The Absolute ONE,
the Absolute LOVE,
are the Same.

Eternal Death
Eternal Life
are the Same.

Seen as Opposites

Only through the lenses of
Ego obliteration 😱💥
Selfless union 💫❤


(I refer to this as "plowing Kaballah" as one plows the earth, turning the soil over, turning the constructs upside down, suggesting that notions of "higher" and "lower" bitul (nullification) are meaningless when placed aside Infinite Oneness. All this is based on my own idiosyncratic experience, however, and others may and do describe similar experiences in different words using different constructs.)
The spirit of emptiness is immortal.
It is called the Great Mother
because it gives birth to Heaven and Earth.
It is like a vapor,
barely seen but always present.
Use it effortlessly.

Tao Te Ching, Ch. 6