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« on: July 27, 2018, 05:46:54 pm »
I checked this one out. While the film is good, don't believe the hype that it's the best of the Impossible films or that it's the best action film of all time. I saw a You Tube comment that the film reminded them of SPECTRE and I can see that. I mean the trailer-which I really liked and made Fallout the most anticipated movie this summer for me-did have a SPECTRE vibe, and similar to SPECTRE, Fallout did not live up to that trailer. That being said, I liked Fallout more than SPECTRE.

In this film, Hunt and his Impossible Missions Force team are trying to stop the sell of nuclear weapons to a shadowy group. The film is a sequel to Rogue Nation. It's not necessary to see Rogue Nation first, however if you have seen that movie it helps. Rebecca Ferguson and Alec Baldwin, both introduced in Rogue Nation return.
Spoiler (click to reveal)
So does that film's main villain, Solomon Lane.
New to the franchise are Angela Bassett's Sloan and Henry Cavill's Walker, who Sloan places on Hunt's team to help them get the weapons.

The action was solid, but there wasn't any major stunts or action sequences that could top what was seen in Ghost Protocol or Rogue Nation. Still, they were well made action scenes, but not anything much different than other action movies in terms of creativity, though likely better executed than many other action films. Cruise continues to be an iron man, breaking an ankle while filming, and that shot is in the film. There is some humor, and some character moments, though character development has never been a strong point for this franchise, and that remains so the character moments don't completely connect.

A big part of the promotion IMO is Cavill and I thought he did well as Walker. I'm not gushing about his performance. I still see that same stiffness there like in the DCEU films and in Man from UNCLE.

I thought the story was confusing, and the action wasn't wowing enough to make me ignore some of the issues I had with the story. The long run time didn't help either. If this had been a 90 minute or even two hour film it could've zipped by and perhaps I wouldn't have been thinking about what doesn't make sense even as much.

If you already like this franchise I think you'll like Fallout. If you are new to the franchise I would not start out with Fallout. I would start with Mission Impossible 3, which is my favorite, or Ghost Protocol because I feel Protocol, Rogue Nation, and Fallout look and feel more cohesive than the first three films, those had more distinctive styles and looks.

I didn't stay all the way to see if there was an end credits scene, but usually there aren't.

My rankings for this franchise:
Ghost Protocol
Rogue Nation

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« Reply #1 on: July 29, 2018, 08:15:09 am »
I am a big fan of the MISSION IMPOSSIBLE series.  I liked them all when they came out, and when I had to introduce my son to them, I started with IM3, which holds up perfectly.  Hard to believe a movie that accomplished is JJ Abrams first feature film. 

As much as I enjoyed every previous entry, I think FALLOUT is the series peak.  The action, script, fight choreography, and emotional payoffs are bigger than ever before.  It's fair to say the MI series is the top spy franchise today. 

A big advantage to the film is the amount of practical stuntwork.  it's hard to feels the danger in a CG world like you do with this film. 

The fight scenes are well choreographed, well done by all the actors and stuntmen, and well shot so you really see it.  No cheating with shaky cam.

The score is also stand out.  Well done all around.