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A remake of Enter the Dragon
« on: July 24, 2018, 04:13:33 am »
uh oh.. internet breaking time.

So who would they even get to play the Bruce Lee role?

If they do remake this, then I say go with the "original" plan to have Jim Kelly survive until the end.  (Have him be from Detroit and film his "backstory" segment here!!! "tryin' to set me up! booeeee!!!")

*****************************************************Director David Leitch, fresh off the success of Deadpool 2, might have found his next action vehicle. Leitch is reportedly in early talks to direct a remake of Enter the Dragon.

The original Enter the Dragon was released in 1973. It has since become one of the most important and influential kung-fu movies of all time. The film starred Bruce Lee as a Shaolin martial artist who takes part in a martial arts tournament, partly because he’s forced to help bring down a crime boss, but mostly to get revenge for the death of his sister.

Still, Leitch’s invlovement isn’t a done deal. According to Deadline, the director is still in early talks to join the project.

RELATED: Enter the Dragon Filmmakers Reflect on Bruce Lee’s Most Famous Role

Enter the Dragon was a massive success at release, becoming one of the first martial arts breakout hits globally. Tragically, Lee died just before the release of the film, at the height of his fame.

The prospect of remaking such an iconic film is a risky one, but Leitch has a solid history with the action movie genre, not just with his previous two films (Atomic Blonde, Deadpool 2), but also as the co-director of John Wick. He’s also a former stuntman and action unit director to boot.

Other directors like Spike Lee and Brett Ratner have previously been approached to direct an Enter the Dragon remake, but it sounds like Leitch might actually get the chance.
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