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Jerry Heller Reveals Eazy-E’s Plot to Murder Suge Knight: ‘I Should Have Let Him’
August 24, 2015 11:21 AM
by E. Parker

Jerry Heller, the lawyer for N.W.A  portrayed in Straight Outta Compton by Paul Giamatti, recently revealed that Eazy-E had plotted to murder Suge Knight. In a recent interview, Heller says he talked Eazy out of the crime, but in retrospect, he should have let Eazy do the job.

Heller explains that he walked into a room where Eazy-E and another man were talking. There, Eazy explained his intentions to Heller.

“Eazy said, ‘You know this guy Suge Knight?… I’m gonna kill him,” Heller told Prez and Mac Jay on the Murder Master Music Show. “‘This guys going to be a problem and I think I should kill him.'”

“I said, ‘Let me think this thing through. First of all, we’re doing $10 million a month with six employees. We don’t even have a typewriter in the office. We are the most successful start-up record company in the history of the music business and you wanna kill this guy? That doesn’t make any sense to me.'”

Heller said he regrets that decision these days, and suggested that Suge had Eazy killed, pointing to a quasi-confession on the Jimmy Kimmel Live in which Knight made mention of an AIDS needle. (It has been long rumored that Knight punctured Eazy with a needle containing the AIDS virus which led to the rapper’s death.)

“And you know something, I should have let him kill him,” Heller said. “I would have done the world a favor. He would have done it for sure. By himself. He always rolled by himself and he was fearless. I think he was going to go do it. I took him seriously.”
But according to Heller, he convinced Eazy to avoid the risk.

“I talked sense to him,” he said. “Because he did listen to me and I was always very logical. Logicalways worked with Eazy. He was very emotional but very logical. He talked about what would happen if they ever held him hostage or threatened to kill him. Nothing was out of the the question.”

When asked about his relationship with Dr. Dre, he said it is cordial.

“I always blamed him leaving to me [on] not being really aware enough to think a guy like Suge Knight, who was really a $70-a-day bodyguard at Ruthless could come between Eazy and Dre. I never thought that could happen and I blame myself for that.”

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Thursday, 20th September 2018

Suge Knight could serve up to 28 years after pleading no contest in 2015 hit-and-run death
by Marisa Gerber and James Queally

Fallen rap impresario Marion “Suge” Knight pleaded no contest to voluntary manslaughter Thursday, marking the end of a years-long legal saga for a bruising giant in the West Coast rap scene who was once described as the “most feared man in hip-hop.”

Knight reached a plea agreement Thursday in connection with the 2015 hit-and-run death of Terry Carter outside a Compton restaurant after a dispute related to the film “Straight Outta Compton.”

Knight will be sentenced Oct. 4, and prosecutors agreed to dismiss his other pending criminal matters as part of the deal.

Knight had been separately accused of threatening “Straight Outta Compton” director F. Gary Gray and robbing a photographer in Beverly Hills.

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