Author Topic: Big news in MMA, UFC buys Pride. So it begins...  (Read 1793 times)

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Big news in MMA, UFC buys Pride. So it begins...
« on: March 27, 2007, 10:54:49 am »
I want to see UFC vs. Pride Grand Prix tournaments once a year personally.  That would be mind blowin.  Anyway...


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Re: Big news in MMA, UFC buys Pride. So it begins...
« Reply #1 on: March 28, 2007, 09:09:01 pm »
This could go over very well...or be the worst thing to happen to MMA. I haven't decided which.

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Re: Big news in MMA, UFC buys Pride. So it begins...
« Reply #2 on: April 22, 2007, 01:04:27 pm »
I have deep misgivings about this.Ferttita and Dana are not into compensating the athletes properly,and I am certain that their miserliness will cut into the contracts of the Pride elite as well.Furthermore,I don't see Dana letting Black athletes come in and beat down the cash crop of badass White athletes in the UFC MMA stable.Can you imagine Sokodjous v Liddell? Or Mark Hunt v Cro-cop the rematch? Btw,I was thorooughly impressed with Matt Lindland's showing against Fedor,and I think that Fedor would have found himself in deep trouble had he not cheated by grabbing onto the ropes in his match with Matt.

Oh yeah,I predicted that Vanderlei would get hammered by a even pretty decent striker whom possesses professional skill in movement,striking,and defense because Vanderlei doesn't have any legit skillful defense.He had ferocious aggression,a granite chin,and jackhammer fists.His defense is largely nonexistent.That's how Dan got in that spinning backfist--the most powerful punch in the world--which turned the tide of their fight in Dan's favor...and I knew that Cro-Cop would take Vanderlei for the same reason (lack of defense of Vanderlei's part,superior sharpshooting striking on Cro-Cop's part,and excellent takedown defense/good subdefense on Cro-Cop's part).

I think that K-1's MICHAEL MCDONALD,CARTER WILLIAMS,ERNESTO HOOST and DEWEY COOPER should transition to MMA,and work really hard on their takedowns/takedown defense, sub and sub-defense game.Ernesto MAY be too old for a serious run at MMA,but then again...maybe not.If this quartet DID transition to MMA,then the MMA game would be run by Black fighters once again.DEWEY and maybe MICHAEL would campaign at the 205lb division and it would be these two at the top of LH division.Period.Depending on their subdefense and takedown defense,the other 3 would form the top triumvirate in the HW division.Each of these 5 need to work more on defense and head movement ( I think that DEWEY has the best head movement of the 5) but if they sharpen their striking skills even further and roll with any of the camps that give intensive ground and takedown instructions for a year straight before their first MMA fight? It's curtains.Curtains,I tell ya.

I noticed I haven't heard any more noise from Cung Le about MMA.What's going on?

And just to stay on topic with the  thread....

Do you think that the UFC would let CHUCK go into a PRIDE V UFC GRAND PRIX? I'm thinking not at all and HELL NO.Same for Tito.They'd let Rashad Evans do it,though...he doesn't have anywhere near the following of White fans.And I'd love to see a PRIDE V UFC GRAND PRIX super champion belt for a tournament,starting with the lightweights and welterweights...throwing GSP and SERRA and HUGHES and YVES EDWARDS and the other promising up and comers in the same mix.
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