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Re: Surviving R. Kelly
« Reply #73 on: June 17, 2019, 05:02:37 pm »

From the comments section:
Some of the comments are extremely inflammatory.

The Seattle Mayor had to resign recently after several men came forward to say they were molested by him when they were underage teenagers. Seattle has a pedo subculture that is quite large.

Deplorable_HeywoodinSoCal  Lou • 5 days ago • edited
All blue cities and states have crime problems, and feces problems, and drug problems, and gang problems...etc.
Blue people are soft on crime....and chase out the honest working people with confiscatory taxation to be wasted on 'pie in the sky' BS.
They can't fix a pothole with your hard earned tax dollars but they'll take away a drinking straw and tell you how much soda you can buy. (< 32 oz. In NY)
Los Angeles was once a beautiful it's a filthy crime ridden cesspool with a low quality of life for most.
So is New York, San Fransisco, Portland, Chicago, Seattle, Detroit, Philly....see a pattern?

Vince A.  Deplorable_HeywoodinSoCal • 5 days ago
Simple solution. Never vote democrat. If only people would listen.

Rayvet  Vince A. • 4 days ago
But people that vote democrat are followers (not leaders) so when a lefty tells them who to vote for, they do it. No questions asked. Because asking questions would require processing facts and formulating conclusions. That line of logic escapes the left. As a matter of fact, logic and left should probably never be used in the same sentence.


libtarded  Vince A. • 4 days ago
The problem is those fools who voted the Democrats in eventually flee the mess they created-- only to vote Democrap somewhere else. Liberalism is a mental illness.

Peter York  Deplorable_HeywoodinSoCal • 4 days ago
moved to the Valley in 57 and am pro-LA...but I've never thought of LA as a 'beautiful' city. like the lady said: there's no there there.

Deplorable_HeywoodinSoCal  Peter York • 4 days ago
In '57 it was. I've seen pictures. The Van Nuys are now looks like skid row. The West Valley looks like a third world craphole.
Are you saying there has been no degradation?

Slam1263  Lou • 5 days ago
The Mayor, and his husband, allegedly, raped their adopted son, and maybe 100 of the children, and young adults, that Social Services put into their care for counseling.
The son died after their attorney gave him $10k, that the Courts had directed to a trust account, because the kid was hooked on drugs.

Inconsequential • 5 days ago
Hollywood and DC are full of pedophiles and rapists.

Neil Ingalls  Inconsequential • 4 days ago
Which is why both have over 90 % support for the Democrat party.

victor_whisky  Neil Ingalls • 4 days ago
No right wing or republican pedophiles? It is like Iran saying homosexuality does exist there. Did you conduct a survey of the republican pedophiles?

Rayvet  victor_whisky • 4 days ago
It's a numbers game Victor. Way more lefties are pedophiles and rapists and the real take away message is the other lefties turn the other cheek and pretend it didn't happen. At least we on the right want the offenders punished, regardless of which side of the aisle their on. Hypocrisy. It's mandatory for a Democrat.

victor_whisky  Rayvet • 4 days ago
Yes you right wing guys sure punish your own? Only the poor get punished and go to jail, and it has nothing to do with party affiliation, it has to do with how much money your have. In the US justice system, money talks.

Rayvet  victor_whisky • 4 days ago
Like all lefties, you people see everything in colors and class distinction. It's horrible. You people don't see the collective as Americans. With you people it's either black Americans, poor Americans, hetero Americans. This is the reason you people qualify for a mentally defective condition.......called liberalism.

John Goode  victor_whisky • 4 days ago
Not "no" RW or Repub pedophiles. Just fewer. Lots fewer.

Peter York  victor_whisky • 4 days ago
easy, poopy pants. are you going to argue that prison populations are 50/50, too?
plus, the sin//crime is in the act, not the horrid thought/desire. among which ilk are perv/actors tolerated, appreciated, and exalted?
go easy on that urge to say 'everything's the same.' it's the pull of vanity raising yourself above the fray and taking you out of the fight of good (the individual) vs. evil (the collective).

victor_whisky  Peter York • 4 days ago
Jails are full of blacks, most for drug possession. I worked in an ad agency, all white people...the weed was delivered. I have seen raids in the ghetto, but never saw raids in rich suburbs and I know most of those high school kids were high a a kite, never had problems getting their drugs and did not have to worry about getting raided. The wall street traders are all geeked up on coke, you don't see the cops raiding them. It is known, the recording studios are pervasive with drugs, you don't see cops raiding them. I was told by a worker about the grand opening of an office building near ours, mostly offices for lawyers, accountants and realtors. Part of the party essentials besides booze and food was crack cocaine which was delivered, by the person who told me about it. How about your right wing too big to fail to big to jail crooked buddies on wall street who destroyed the economy? Why were they not jailed. Yes if the law was applied fairly to everyone, you probably would see more white people in jail than black ones. You are a racist, the worst ignorant one.

Miss Kathleen  victor_whisky • 4 days ago
humm deflect much means you are...uncomfortable. What's bothering you boo.

libtarded  victor_whisky • 4 days ago
False equivalency arguments are false.


Ed D  Inconsequential • 4 days ago
More to the point Hollywood and Democrats support, promote and celebrate abhorrent behavior.

victor_whisky  Ed D • 4 days ago
So you must have done an intense study of all professions, including the music industry, rock and country, the lawyers, accountants and the vultures on wall street, democrats and republicans, rich and poor and you have arrived at the conclusion that only Hollywood and democrats, solely that segment of society alone, support abhorrent behavior? I got news for you, there were pedophiles, straight and gay in the NAZY party. There are pedophiles in religions, in all of them, there are pedophiles in the upper crust and the aristocracy and there are Republican pedophiles. It is however, a behavior more prone to the wealthy and those in power as they always get away with it.


1/1024 Peruvian Matching Power • 5 days ago
When is Corey Feldman going to name names???

canuckamuk  1/1024 Peruvian Matching Power • 5 days ago
Not enough money paid for him to talk. I'm sure there is enough to keep him quiet.

Cori27  canuckamuk • 5 days ago
or...he's getting more money to stay quiet, than he's getting to spill the beans.

Mare  1/1024 Peruvian Matching Power • 5 days ago
Apparently he didn’t get the crowd funding he wanted.

neyney • 5 days ago
Hollywood is crawling with these lizards. Makes you wonder how many of today’s male movie stars have had relations with these powerful gay execs. I’d bet the majority of them.

K dawg  neyney • 4 days ago • edited
Lol you are embarking on a journey of discovery indeed!
Welcome behind the curtain.
How do you think a young, blonde boy Trump got to be closer personal best buddies with old pederast Roy Cohn? LOL!

davad11  K dawg • 4 days ago


Libs Suck • 5 days ago • edited
Less than 1% of the population and in the news every day. I give you the 70% gay media.

MeMyselfandI • 5 days ago
If no contact... why settle?? I call B.S.

hargen  MeMyselfandI • 5 days ago
Because lawsuits can cost $100,000+. You may stand on principle but you might go broke doing it. In today's world sometimes it is cheaper to pay and move on.

MeMyselfandI  hargen • 4 days ago
I understand that however if I'm innocent especially of something like that I will not lay down.

Vince A.  MeMyselfandI • 5 days ago
To get the accuser off his back. Bad publicity.

Kevin Turner • 5 days ago
This guy Singer is NOT a good person. There have been accusations of orchestrated abuse of minors for years. The movie, An Open Secret detailed how Singer and his buddies abused homeless minors.

Charles Evans  Kevin Turner • 4 days ago
And during the production of Apt Pupil...

Q Messenger • 5 days ago
The pedophile got off easy.

We2  Q Messenger • 5 days ago
This time, but there is more coming. Stay turned!

Gas_Passer • 5 days ago
Cut the lowlifes pecker off.

Jack.Foobar • 5 days ago
Kevin Spacey gets hung out to dry, but the guy sending him the boys to molest gets a parking ticket. Stay Classy, Left Coasts.
From what I can tell, every Democrat is either mentally ill, a pedophile, thief, rapist, or murderer. I have yet to meet otherwise.

K dawg  Jack.Foobar • 4 days ago
Lol ask Larry Craig you blithering imbecile


Deplorable_HeywoodinSoCal • 5 days ago • edited
So the cost of rape is 150,000?
Can the next director pre-pay?
A director with 1.5 million in expendable cash should be able to buy 10 rapes, right?

Union Lacktivist  Deplorable_HeywoodinSoCal • 5 days ago
A real victim would want justice, not a 150k payout.

SmartDoctor  Union Lacktivist • 4 days ago
Ah, but a $150,000 payout, AND no rape in the first case. Good money if you can get it.

The Rising • 5 days ago
It was an open secret he was raping young boys.

Lori  The Rising • 4 days ago
He did what @JamesGunn used to tweet about all the time.

Slather America With Trump • 5 days ago
That's like $150 for each penetration.

Nicholas Huntington  Slather America With Trump • 4 days ago


1kygent2 • 5 days ago • edited
Corey Haim, River Phoenix, Brad Renfro, Nick Stahl, God knows how many Thousands more ..

Pava Kava  1kygent2 • 5 days ago
River was raped by Forrest...gump

K dawg  1kygent2 • 4 days ago
Roy Cohn put plenty of D to a young, boyish Don Trump back in the 80s LOL 🤣🤣🤣


Freempg • 5 days ago
Chump change for an "A-list" Hollywood director. He's worth millions. What's his reputation worth? If innocent he would have paid whatever it took to clear his name. Singer got off cheap. He avoided being deposed.

Obamaroid_Ointment • 5 days ago
Hollyweirds is as Hollyweirds does.

Union Lacktivist • 5 days ago
So somebody under a mountain of debt decides to sue someone with money... isnt that special!
The only way to avoid a bottom feeding scumbag lawyer to sue you is to be broke.

We2  Union Lacktivist • 5 days ago
LOL...dude, Singer is a major pedo! Go watch An Open Secret! Everything you need to know about these degenerate Devils!

Just sayin • 5 days ago • edited
Didn’t know Singer was gay, didn’t really pay any attention to him before. Now I can see why he was taken off Bohemian Rhapsody. The producers didn’t want the movie to go in the direction of Elton Johns flop ‘Rocket Man.”

Brian Purcell  Just sayin • 5 days ago
Singer isn't just "Gay", he's a predatory rapist of young boys. Elton probably was as well, but I just want to be sure we're clear on Singer.

Madeline Osborne  Just sayin • 4 days ago
Now that Singer has "paid to have his dirty laundry dry cleaned," will it put him back in Hollywood's good graces?
Now that it's been settled, will it go back to "business as usual???"


All City Groyper • 5 days ago
These f-ggots are a cancer. We need a secession and a degeneracy police. And if voting is going to used to choose our leaders then at a minimum only property owners of somewhat significant acreage should be allowed to vote.

schlaumeier56 • 4 days ago • edited
It was inevitable that Hollywood would find a way to grant passes selectively while simultaneously maintaining a facade of uncompromising moral fervor vis-ΰ-vis #MeToo.

Morgan O'Rourke • 4 days ago
Sounds like the homosexual pedophile Singer got off easy. But being part of the Hollywood Velvet Mafia, he never was going to have to do any jail time. These sick people protect themselves.
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