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Re: The Judge Who Replaced Brett Kavenaugh
« Reply #30 on: September 17, 2021, 06:20:17 am »
Friday, 17th  September   ~Two Thousand & Twenty One
Uncle clarence thomas warns against "destroying our institutions," & defends the Supreme Court
by Celine Castronuovo

Uncle clarence thomas on Thursday warned against "destroying our institutions because they don't give us what we want, when we want it," arguing that the high court must remain independent from political polarization.

Brian W.
Did individual-1 tell you to say that? or was it wifey?

Blue Red Split
Anti-choice Long (phallic toy) Silver clarence thomas is the last person who should warn about somebody else destroying our institutions.

Dennis Krust
Based on how crazed his wife is, it's hard to believe Thomas doesn't make his decisions based on personal political desires and beliefs.

Donald Barefoot
What a disgrace

Jane Dougherty
Sorry, I agree with him. You get a government you deserve.

Albert Calleros
(Associate) Justice clarence thomas ought not to pontificate about 'judicial independence' with respect to the Supreme-(ly Political) Court of the United States.

Your typical justice system. Will stay like this. Top law enforcement across the nation is more concerned with their political appointments and agendas instead of doing the job they are supposed to do; protecting the American citizens. Instead the election was stolen.

Donald Mauntel
Your institution is made up of political appointees. Every one of you were chosen by a president that believed you were the best in forwarding his or his party's political agenda. Therefor, that party made sure to get you through the confirmation process. Conservative and liberal are political views and not judge types. The law is not conservative or liberal and the U.S. Supreme Court is a travesty as is the rest of the justice system.

Dalton carofilis
Its an interesting stance. Problem is i dont really see him walk the walk. If that were the case you would not be able to predict literally every one of his decisions. Not that democrats are any better. Chief Justice seems to be the only one up there that actually listens to the case with no prejudice. That being said i agree with justice thomas just wish he would practice what he preaches

thomas is a politician with a robe.

Dude Really
"thomas has called on the court to overturn Roe v. Wade, and in a 1992 decision was among the four justices who ruled in favor of doing so."  And he's Catholic. So, what was that he was saying about personal preferences being dangerous?

thomas as called for the court to b independent from political polarization.  good

the problem is he is part of the political polarization. 

no hearing on the abortion law.  what a ruling for politics

Oh! Darling
Nobody tried to throw the courts under the bus more than individual-1.

That's really rich!  They should only be defending the laws of the Constitution not interfering with politics which is what they are now doing.  They have become very polarized & political.

Paul Gottehrer
thomas has been on the Supreme Court for 30 years and has voted with the conservative justices everytime. His wife is a right-wing activist. And, he makes news everytime he asks a question during on a case because most all the time he just sits on the bench and says nothing.

dominick monferrato
4 More Supreme Court Justices will Level The playing Field

'Red Dog
And this coming from a person who denials the rights and equal justice to those he feel is less deserving of the law.

clarence thomas is NO where near the intellect and honor of Thurgood Marshall.  I would not hire clarence to be a municipal court judge or even to clean my house.

Rod Moore
Uncle Tom speaks

Computer G0d Dos
thomas , You should be happy that your kind  isn't still picking cotton , working on the farm and living in a shack  on the farm

Armycombat Vet
thomas , your white wife blogged for individual-1 in the open while you were on the court.

Edythe Jones
Okay Stephen from Django

KEC 72
WTF, he's using his position to aid the destruction of our institutions.

Ephraim Calbert
Totally Koch-ed!  They whistle, he heels.

Denise Estrada
Wow.  Coming from a man who inserts his personal beliefs into our judicial review.  Anita Hill Justice Thomas.  Anita Hill.

anthony liberatore
These outliers are just paranoid about the Dems putting more justices on the court. I knew this guy in the seminary He tried to slide by the training regiment because he was black and we didn't  have many black priests - he couldn't cut it.

Paul Grech
This is too much.  This Justice has championed right wing causes. His decisions champion right wing causes ( Citizens United etc.)
He has publicly touted his friendship with rush limbaugh.  His wife has touted extreme right wing causes.  Here on the eve of the reversal of Roe v. Wade he decries the public perception that the Supreme Court is perceived as political.  Me thinks the lady doth protest too much!

UNCLE TOM!!!!!!!!!!!

William Wertz
LOL. Coming from the most partisan member of the court.

Stan Harrison
Well, I guess you should have heard the cases during the election instead of cowering out. Go cry in a corner.

Robert Ceman
sir, you are no thurman marshall!

Michaelmas 46
clarence has already done enough of that along  with his wife) himself. He needs to just sit down and shut up.

Julie Gittens
Sorry, but after the reading article, it's clear Justice thomas vote on the current law in Texas regarding abortion was based on his personal and religious beliefs. Remember, Pres. Biden is also a Roman Catholic. Personally, he's against abortion; however, he thinks we should follow US law (Roe v. Wade) about it.

Russell Vezzali
So we have a perverted Supreme Court Justice who is been part of the most extreme radical right wing illegitimate activist court ever, but had nothing to say when mitch mcconnel changed the number of Justices while Democrats were in office then changed the number again later when his party took over the power to appoint again. clarence thomas is a embarrassment and part of there radical agenda. It would be nice to see the Democratic Party play the same game as mcconnell and change the number of Justices, but that's why we call them the spineless Democrats. They never play by the same rules

Daniel Lindner
Literally: Nah!

thomas talks a good game about not being influenced, but actions speak louder than words. He feigns personal angst that he couldn't impose the stay because of "complexities" in the law but because he goes on to say that doesn't mean there aren't still problems with the law, it is supposed to make denying the stay right because he wants you to believe the false hope he can still see a way that might overturn the Texas law, in the end. The problem is, a stay is meant to prevent harm while a case is being resolved. The only time a stay is not granted is when your mind is basically already made up to let the law stand. Had the stay been granted, nothing would have changed in the interim. Things would continue to go on the same as they had for decades. But the denial of the stay totally upends decades of accepted ground rules causing enormous damage by effectively shutting down legal abortion. Meanwhile, should precedence actually wind up prevailing and the Texas law is somehow eventually struck down and things go back to normal, nothing can undo the damage already done during the time the meritless case was being litigated without the stay. By denying the stay, a mechanism is created by which women's rights can be temporarily suspended arbitrarily, even if their rights are upheld

Bruce Yarwood
thomas's wife is a QAnon supporter.  I wonder if he is also.

Mark Williams
Seems odd  that the conservative judges are on the news defending there decisions.  Those that are the loudest may be hiding something.  Odd that they put out a majority opinion about the Texas law, but wouldn't put their names to it.

Valerie Mitchell
Right then why are you on SCOTUS? How did you avoid sexual assault charges? Still sitn there.

1.  You lies about Anita Hill.  Three witnesses were waiting in the wings to tell near identical stories of their encounters with you.  Biden folded the Senate confirmation hearing's tent the moment you dropped your "high tech lynching b*llSch!t bomb.
2. You failed to recuse from Bush v. Gore even though your wife was employed by the Bush Transition Team while the case was before you. 

You are a disgrace.

Valerie Mitchell
Anita Hill, ring any bells. Christine Blasely ford? Ring any bells

Tony Anderson
We need to find out the root causes of abortions and work on them instead of passing laws to forbid them. If a woman decides to terminate her pregnancy, she will find a way to do. She will go to another state, underground clinic, or even do it herself.

The Texas law and the SCOTUS ruling are just pure political partition. Not only they don't solve the problem, they also make it worse. Women in Texas will even go to Mexico to have it done now.

Julie Gittens
Am I allowed to ask judges (state and federal) to put the law before their personal and/or religious beliefs? The US was founded without a religious belief!!

Tony Anderson
No law can stop abortions. We have to find the root causes and work on them. The Catholic Church has over 2000 years since the first Pope, Saint Peter, to solve the problem, but they failed badly.

Prior to Roe v. Wade in 1973, women would just go to underground clinics, or do it themselves. SCOTUS and Texas just endanger the lives of the women who, for whatever reason, need to terminate their pregnancies.

j. barlow
A SCJ blaming the first amendment for the "polarization" of America and not the courts rulings or lack of. A typical right wing hack, blame the press for everything.

Steve Jenkins
The Roberts court has overturned the 65 Voting Rights law. deciding that racism wasn't an issue today.
 That's a lie...

randy coffman
You might like a law but it is a law. To want to overturn Roe shows he is no unbias judge, He wants to go in and undo a 50 year old ruling so home thomas you are unfit for your job

Vernon Engbino
What about the responsibilities of the men? The courts for too long have punished women but nothing regarding the man.

Melia D
People have finally caught on that the right wing SCOTUS, destroyed our institutions.

Michael O
His white wife is his worst example of his hypocrisy

Ben St. Hilaire
Says the guy who has been doing his utmost to destroy institutions for his entire adult life.

Michael Pocost

Heywood J
Uncle thomas has been a GOP shill since he was appointed.

frank Desantis
Thomas should worry about the support his wife gave to individual-1 insurrection party!

Scott S
When folks get real representation for their taxation, then maybe they'll put down their torches, and pitchforks!

Robert Prentice
He needs to take his own advice.

Clifton Emison
That is interesting coming from one of the most partisan judges ever to sit on the bench.  I guess he thinks judges are partisan when they do not agree with his own conservative republican beliefs.

Phoenix Strong
Uncle Tom should not open his mouth to speak. He always voted one way without any deliberations or thinking ~ the gop way. Thurgood Marshall will be rolling in his grave!

phyllis banks
Another man that was accused of sexual abuse that was appointed to the court.

Linda Carlucci
Try as I might, I never got past this so called Catholic with evidence involving a Coke can with a pubic hair on it.  I don't think he deserved the position of Supreme Court Justice.  Anyone else recall Anita Hill?

bronk Farao
just a typical repulsican appointed justice.  say anything that your masters tell you to.  the court is most definitely partisan and they know it  that is why they keep trying to convince  everybody that they aren't  if they were honest there would be no need to say anything

Valerie Mitchell
Anita Hill.

Wesley Adams
Ahhhh, too late dude.
Your job is about to be rendered USELESS.

Mark Williams
Seems odd  that the conservative judges are on the news defending there decisions.  Those that are the loudest may be hiding something.  Odd that they put out a majority opinion about the Texas law, but wouldn't put their names to it.

Michael Rae
so your warning about destroying institutions, if your voting record on the court is any indication sir you should be looking in the mirror and you will see the root cause of that destruction and you have the unmitigated audacity to make a statement like that. in a democracy, you don't always get what you want but you expect to vote and hope your elected officials represent the will of the majority of the people who voted for them but what your party does now justice thomas is when they don't like the outcome or lose elections they cry foul while putting the interest of the few ahead of the majority and then folks like you Mr. thomas expect us to like it by saying were destroying institutions. you already have a job for life so just do your job and save your commentating about institutions and save your oral arguments for you law clerks because I sure don't want to hear anything you have to say justice, thomas

Steve Wood
Rapist and Sexual abusers are sitting on the Supreme Court. What is he talking about ruining our institutions?

Ray B
Should not even hold that position ask Anita Hill.

Troy Turton
when is the last time he didn't vote 100% conservative on anything? He's a lying Dog as always. Just like that new woman is 95% of the time. she shocked me she voted with Dems once or twice. roberts is known for that. Not the rest of the republican judges though. they vote 90 to 95% of the time republican. So talk is cheap when your votes don't back your words. When his lips move, you know he's Lying if he says he isn't 99% partial republican.

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Re: The Judge Who Replaced Brett Kavenaugh
« Reply #31 on: September 17, 2021, 06:21:18 am »
samuel mcCray
the supreme court have already been destroyed. with it n ow being a political instutition only concerned with the wealthy and not .  I  no wisdom for this body it needs to be abolished, or  it was flawed when the constutitions was first amended.

Ricky Duncan
Yeh from the guy who said Corporation were people, while his wife was being paid 700 grand on the Board of Citizens United. Best thing you can do , is  zip it, you are the part of the problem not any solution.

billy langford
simply put: this guy sucks just like the other religious zealots on the court

Cesar Avila
Anyone else feel a little weirded out that Supreme Court Justices get a literal lifetime guaranteed high position of power?

Robert Bowman
"The court was thought to be the least dangerous branch and we may have become the most dangerous," Yes, you did clarence.

Karl fees
thomas is a hypocrite  and is a prime example of what is wrong with the court.

Brenda Ford
This is just another tim scott this one just haven't been around individual-1 but another Mitch look alike but both are "UNCLE TOMS", and he can't wait to over turn Roe vs wade, and anything else that come before him he can't wait to vote, and yes I believed Anita then and I believe her now.

Stuart East Van Diest
Anita Hill's stalker is serious about what?

Steve Jenkins
Any other Court would of issued a stay, State laws do not overrule Federal laws, Roe v Wade was a Federal decision.

thomas is part and parcel in the political polarization of the supreme court.

Robert Ceman
sir, you are no thurgood marshall

ooo ooo
The high court should remain independent from political polarization, hunh? Uh huh. The Supreme Court IS polarized. Always has been.

James Carroll
Then forget the States Rights ideology.

george boyle
What a disgusting man this guy is.  He's spent decades on the court, rubber stamping his religious  beliefs...  He is a disgrace to the rule of law.

J Lewis
He has alot in common with kavanaugh, that's why they don't care about womens.

Garry Todd
He is one of the problems in America and while the ultra rich have led us to the mess were in.

Nasser Ossareh
Dear Justice thomas... I have a hard time recalling your honor expressing any concerns about keeping supreme court out of politics during your "dear leader" presidency... Are you sure you yourself your honor, are not politicizing the institution?

Glenn Koll
That is a funny statement coming from a right wing justice.

I'll have a party when he ends...

Bonnie Mitchum
How about the Supreme Court consider upholding Our Constitution instead of destroying our Nation? Voting Rights, BROTHER. VOTING RIGHTS. UPHOLD VOTING RIGHTS. VOTING RIGHTS!

T Lynn
Term limits of 10 years is plenty for these Judges. Also 9 people representing 331.4 million people? Really? Needs more seats. Also a 2/3rds majority vote to override most prior laws and precedents already set in place by prior Supreme courts = in other words, make these conservs and libs work for it, and stop re interpreting old laws based on the current moral make up of the Court itself, and not necessarily the majority opinion of the public at large. Additionally, just a simple majority vote can be instituted for brand new laws brought on by evolving resources needs and tech needs of a growing population. Yes, it's time to evolve past POTUS picks and court packing. Gotta to be a way to balance these people.

Phoenix Strong
This man is useless to our Justice system. His vote is always predictable. It's whatever the gop says.

Janell B
This man didn't say word one when individual-1 shredded our institutions daily.

individual-1 lied and 0ver 600K died
The same clarence thomas who sexually harassed Anita Hill? That guy?

Beto Montemayor
thomas has called on the court to overturn Roe v. Wade, and in a 1992 decision was among the four justices who ruled in favor of doing so. That's all you need to know about clarence thomas.

Lisa Welcher
His statement is rich "independent from political polarization" coming from a man who has always voted as a strong republican conservative. I don't know one Black person who is proud to have him as a Supreme Court Justice, he is an embarrassment.  I for one will be glad when he is gone.

Kim Longley
Where to begin.... Time to even up the COURT

Kenneth Argo
Precious coming from a justice who openly suggest overturning a ruling with 50 years of precident.

Justice clarence thomas your court decisions led to this moment in history, come on man!

Uncle Tom.... dude should resign...

Richard Sears
I don't understand thomas's statement everybody with a brain knows he is a partisan through his voting record.

Yvonne Mitchum
I just really wish he meant any of what he said. He has already said what his agenda is on various laws. Already said that once the Court was stacked the same as he rules that he would change the laws' meaning or overturn them ahead of time. He just waits for the cases so he can do so.

Diann E Glenn
That's rich coming from a justice whose wife cheered on the insurrectionist enthusiastically.

John Hughes
Justice thomas should worry about the destruction of Democracy by the gop

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Re: The Judge Who Replaced Brett Kavenaugh
« Reply #32 on: September 24, 2021, 03:18:08 pm »
Friday, 24th September  ~Two Thousand & Twenty One
Biden pick Florence Pan confirmed as first Asian American woman on D.C. federal court
by Reuters

The U.S. Senate on Thursday confirmed Florence Pan as the first Asian American woman to serve as a federal district court judge in Washington, D.C., filling a seat vacated by now-U.S. Circuit Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson, who was promoted to the D.C. Circuit.

The 68-30 vote came shortly after the U.S. Senate Judiciary voted to advance five of President Joe Bidenís other judicial picks, including Toby Heytens, the Virginia state solicitor general nominated to the 4th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals.

Pan, a former federal prosecutor who has served judge on the D.C. Superior Court since 2009, was first nominated to the federal court in 2016 by Democratic President Barack Obama.

But despite a favorable vote from the then-republican controlled Judiciary Committee, she was never confirmed, and when individual-1 took office, he nominated Dabney Freidrich to fill the seat she had been up for.

Biden in March announced he would renominate Pan to fill the seat that would be vacated once Jackson won Senate approval to replace Attorney General Merrick Garland on the U.S. Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia, which she did in June.

Jackson, who is Black, has been seen as a potential nominee to the U.S. Supreme Court should a vacancy emerge.

The nomination of Pan furthered Bidenís overall promise to bring greater diversity to the federal judiciary.

ďThe historic nature of Judge Panís nomination will help build a federal bench that reflects full diversity,Ē U.S. Senator Dick Durbin of Illinois, who chairs the Judiciary Committee, said on the Senate floor on Wednesday.

She is the 14th of Bidenís 43 judicial nominees to win approval, amid a rush by Democrats to shape the judiciary and counter the influence of individual-1ís near-record 234 appointments while they maintain their narrow control of the chamber.