Author Topic: The HEF creates... "The Black Avengers"  (Read 55698 times)

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Re: The HEF creates... "The Black Avengers"
« Reply #120 on: June 06, 2019, 01:49:39 pm »
I think those are good ideas, honestly, though I would say come should be focusing on giving us the best mcu Tchalla we can get with Coogler. Redjack doing the solo (or animation series) and Hudlin or narcisse or any of the other writer's listed would be fine. They would have the consistency and comic book mindset to do great especially with marvel full support. Narcisse just needs a consultant that actually knows how Comics work. Having a neophyte consulting other neophytes is a bad idea and sets up failure. I think narcisse would do well if paired up with Hudlin or Priest even since Priest is likely done with BP, having him as a consultant instead would probably be the next best thing.

But what I would say is keep any and all other heroes out of the first part of BP for a creative team overhaul. Throwing those heroes in there (and let's be frank, none of them have any where near the star power Tchalla has) would actually likely hurt the book because 1. It shows a lack of confidence in Tchallas selling ability and comes off as though he needs guest to help sell, and 2. Those other heroes would take away precious panel time from his actual supporting cast, and BP himself. They can all make Cameo appearances later (really I would only be okay with Blade Cage, and Monica appearing and that's more so for a throwback to Hudlins black steel) but they don't need to be in the very first story

Yessir! Well said. I like that idea, too. Very much.  I don't see a problem with either approach. T'Challa has already proven to be a major franchise period, so even a best of both world approach like  3 ish arc solo with a 3 ish arc with teams ups would be very potent and very true to T'Challa and Wakanda. Especially if the 3 ish team up arc is more like a Wakandan villain has a nefarious plan that imperils other heroes on their turf, and T'Challa shows to save the day. Or...more likely...some Hatut Zeraze or Dora Milaje show with a timely assist, and let Whoever The team up hero Is know that T;Challa is aware of the threat and summons said hero to [ wherever T'Challa is ] to help said hero do [ whatever the hero needs to do ] and vanquish [ I almost stopped using that term..."vanquish"... after seeing CHARMED ].

For instance, Baba Wa Mipufa "Father of Bones"...a Lieutenant of Bwana Wa Mafu, "Lord of the Dead" aka Baron robbing sites all over the world of strange unknown items. One of which is in The Sea Islands of The Gullah, another in the long forgotten graveyard of Seneca Village. Seneca Village is the long forgotten affluent Afrikan American village that White people destroyed...because they hated the sight and knowledge of successful Afrikan American landowners, the first such of its kind in NYC history...existing at all. So they not only destroyed it, they tried to erase historical reference of it and built Central Park over it. It's one of the maaaany de facto Black Wall Streets that White folks destroyed.

^^^This up here? Could attract Luke Cage, Blade or Dr. Voodoo for a team up. I'm leaning toward Cage, because Dr. Voodoo and Blade wouldn't need any help to handle this. Cage could handle this too, but it's a bit out of his regular path. Like the "4 The Hard Way/Bad Mutha" arc from R to the H was.

Miss those days so much...

...and we could have Baba Wa Mipufa act up in other locales with other heroes with each team up being pretty much a 1 ish and done thing, until T'Challa lays the smack down on Baba  Wa Mipufa and his master at the end of issue 3 or the end of issue 4. We could see T'Challa getting his King on by showing his strike teams engaging the forces of Baba Wa Mipufa around the world. T'Challa himself shouldn't really show up until more than half way through the team up. That way the Hatut and Dora could get serious shine as serious forces themselves, fully capable of taking down villainous threats without the presence or oversight of The Black Panther. It also emphasizes the "Man of Mystery, Man With The Plan" bedrock character of T'Challa.

But whatever sells the most while both hewing to the primary characteristic of and refining the mythos of The Black Panther? I'm down with that.

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