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IMPEACH: The Case Against Donald Trump by Neal Katyal
« on: November 24, 2019, 08:33:03 pm »
Sunday, 24th November 2019
IMPEACH: The Case Against Donald Trump
by Neal Katyal

A veteran Supreme Court lawyer presents the case for impeachment in a manner that adheres to the facts and the law without engaging in political spin.

Writing with Koppelman, Katyal, the former acting solicitor general of the U.S., calls himself “an extreme centrist” and insists,

“I am not a partisan.”

He has “argued more United States Supreme Court cases than just about anyone (39 and counting).”

He has also taught frequent seminars on impeachment that demonstrate the seriousness of the procedure and why it has been taken so infrequently.

Nonetheless, he insists that “we have no choice but to impeach and remove President Trump” based on the charges resulting from a whistleblower’s alert to a phone conversation with Ukrainian officials.

Others—particularly Republicans—believe otherwise, that this was a minor matter blown way out of proportion.

This book proceeds methodically to build a step-by-step case for the jury of the American reading public.

Katyal maintains that “this is as simple a case as you will find” and that “the facts are clear.”

Those facts are that Trump asked the president of Ukraine to investigate Hunter Biden, the son of a political rival and candidate for the presidency, before the U.S. would resume aid to that country, that this constituted both bribery and solicitation of foreign interference, and that he then attempted a coverup and obstruction of justice.

Each of these elements, argues the author convincingly, qualifies under the “high crimes and misdemeanors” that impeachment requires.

Furthermore, Katyal contends that such intervention before the 2020 presidential election is necessary because the charges show the president’s willingness to subvert that process.

He hopes that “impeachment could bring out the best of America” as the public weighs the facts of the case and forces its elected representatives to do the same.

Not all will agree that the case is as cut and dried as the author makes it, but he provides both a framework and foundation for discussion—and plenty of facts to support his powerful case.

Essential reading for a key moment in our (currently) democratic nation.

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