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Re: Lincoln Rhyme: Hunt for the Bone Collector
« Reply #1 on: February 14, 2020, 02:06:53 pm »
Just checked out the first two episodes. This isn't bad, in a network television kind of way. I vaguely remember the Denzel-Angelina movie. I do remember really liking the concept but finding the movie underwhelming. The television so far comes off as entertaining enough on a comfort food level. Russell Hornsby is good as Rhyme.
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He's not as paralyzed as Denzel's take, from what I remember, and he even can move his toe a little by the end of the first episode, though he loses that ability in the second episode.
Arielle Kebbel takes on the Angelina role and there are times she favors her even.

What surprised me was about this series is
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that it is featuring the Bone Collector more than I expected. We get a look at who he is-seeing his face in the first five or ten minutes even- as well as his spouse and I was assuming that the big mystery would be who the Bone Collector is rather than just the pursuit of him.
While that's going on, it seems like this will be a serial killer of the week kind of series.

I do think this series might work better on HBO or a streaming service so they can really go hard on the violence. It's pretty tame so far. I was thinking about Netflix's Mindhunters, and while that series is very slowly paced (the first season; haven't seen the second), it had that weight to it, and part of that was how gory and bloody they could go with it. Lincoln Rhyme is a series I find more accessible than Mindhunters to be honest, with the Netflix show feeling more like intentional prestige television. I think the intention there was for it to be a show that everyone would talk about, whereas Lincoln Rhyme has smaller ambitions.