Author Topic: Sony/Columbia developing "Jackpot" movie based on Spider-Comics  (Read 58 times)

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Following this week's previous report that Sony is developing a female-led superhero team film potentially focused on Madame Web, another expansion to Sony's Universe of Marvel Characters has been reported - this time a solo movie for Jackpot, a minor Spider-Man villain/ally who debuted during the "Brand New Day" era.

According to Deadline, Arrow executive producer Marc Guggenheim, who previously wrote the character in comic books, will pen the script.

Jackpot is actually the name of two different heroes in Marvel Comics. The first Jackpot was Sara Ehren, a scientist who was imbued with super strength in a lab accident, while the second, Alana Jobson, inherited the identity from Ehren and gets her powers from ingesting Mutant Growth Hormone.

My suggestion would be to make Zendaya's Michelle Jones into Jackpot somehow, if the studio is intent on some crossovers with the core Spider-Man characters.  She already has a following that can only increase the profile of that character.
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