Author Topic: Will Smith and Antoine Fuqua Team on Runaway Slave Thriller ‘Emancipation’  (Read 90 times)

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Looks like Will is finally getting his Django Unchained. And interesting that Fuqua, who seemed to take on a more colorblind director stance, based on a Deadline interview I read years ago, is now delving into into this subject matter. Certainly, with films like Training Day, Brooklyn's Finest, and to a lesser extent The Equalizer sequel (with Denzel's 'pull your pants' up rant to the young black male character), Tears of the Sun and The Magnificent Seven, race was there but it wasn't the focus. If anything I was disturbed by how Fuqua used the black brute stereotype in Brooklyn's Finest while promoting the white savior concept with Ethan Hawke's character. When Hawke rescued a white woman from black thugs. Guess being black is in vogue again so why not cash in on it.