Author Topic: Two Black former DC Comics editors describe the career obstacles they faced  (Read 377 times)

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From the article

Harvey Richards and Lateef Ade "L.A." Williams, two Black former DC Comics editorial staffers, told Business Insider they felt their careers at the company were hindered because of their race.

Richards was fired in December 2019 after 22 years and was the only Black editorial staffer at DC when he left. He was only promoted once.

Williams exited in 2000 after six years without a promotion and after disputes with white members of DC leadership.

The careers of Richards and Williams cut across two decades, but the similarities in their experiences, from being told they'd never be promoted to a feeling that their achievements were not valued, show how little has changed for Black staffers.

DC's small editorial team shapes the comics that inspire lucrative movies, video games, and merchandise. Richards and Williams said that it's important for Black editors at DC to be in a position to champion diversity.

...and I believe every_single_word_of_their_testimony.

Witnessed dc comics unscrupulous business practices first-hand in the late 1980s; how the white editorial staff was mistreating talented people of color.

It sickened me to my stomach;  that's why I have absolute ZERO respect for dc comics.