Author Topic: MAGA-Geddon: The aftermath  (Read 98 times)

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MAGA-Geddon: The aftermath
« on: January 11, 2021, 02:35:37 pm »
I really hope all the people who stormed the Capitol get indicted.
I hope that anyone who was involved in the poor security response gets indicted.
I hope that all the congresspeople and senators who officially voted to repeal the Electoral Count and who encouraged the "stop the steal" rally get called out and hopefully kicked out of Congress.

The Democrats can't play softball anymore, regardless of how reactionary all the white conservatives are going to get, especially in the pundit class; feel free to ignore any self-described "independents" who may insist on the notion of "Trump's gone on the 20th, leave it at that"...

The attorneys general in various states also need to find a way to hit Trump hard with as many applicable charges as possible, and aside from criminal penalties they need to VOID his Presidential pension and secret service detail.  NO MORE perks on the public dime.  And the "Son of Sam" law should apply where he can't profit by writing a book, etc., based on his crimes.
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