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Re: Shang-Chi Almost Starred in a Marvel Series from Milestone Media
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Holy crap! The late, great Maestro Dwayne McDuffie beat a sorta similar idea of mine by DECADES. His idea was far earlier and imo far better.

My inferior notions? Called for an individual and ensemble fanfic starring Shang Chi, Sam Wilson as Falcon and rockin his street ganxta connections HARD, Bobbi Morse aka Mockingbird whose ph.d in Biology would heavily feature in every facet of her story and character and without the Super Serum/Infinity Formula mix she had back in the day. Her genius in biology led to her direct and extensive involvement in the experiments that produced Man-Thing, which also plays heavily in the fanfic I write about her.  Add Echo, Dakota North, and Drake [ teacher of Elektra and the first woman in The Chaste...the reason that STICK thought that another woman...ELEKTRA...might work in The Chaste ], and guesting both a story from millennia ago focused on an earlier version of MOON KNIGHT...a bruhman from the Motherland, devotee of Hnsw of Waset [ miscalled "THEBES" by the Greeks ] aka Khonshu of Kemet called "mwedzi mudziviriri" Moon Protector; this ...and guesting of course MANTIS in her "Wushu Shifu" persona because these are just a few of the vastly overlooked but very deep in potential characters that imo don't get their shine.

This of course was way before the current GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY and MOON KNIGHT Disney+ series.

Because of the now popular movie versions of MANTIS and MOON KNIGHT? I'll have to scrap those two characters. This will change the drive and theme behind the stories. I wanted a mostly street level blend of buddy cop chop-socky, spy stuff, mystery, with shades of horror and romance. I'll prolly have to replace them with a pair of Magicians that has crazy potential but whom most of us don't DIVINITY DRAKE and AARON THE SORCEROR. If I included them? I had to put a even heavier hitter on the side of The Big Bads. Someone like Selene. Whose powers alone probably trumps DRAKE and AARON'S combined, and who furthermore could draw on heroic and antihero mutants to confound the heroes if needed. Which could lead to Drake and Aaron consulting with Doctor Voodoo, who is extremely proficient with magicks coming from The Motherland. Because Jericho Drumm is busy with other matters? Mkuu Vodun/ Baba Ifa/Doctor Voodoo would send them to the Iyalorixa Binti ya original character of mine who is madd knowledgeable and powerful in the magicks springing from The Motherland. It's made clear in this fanfic that the magicks of The Motherland were, are and will remain the first and most powerful forms of magicks on this planet, solar system and subquadrant of solar systems in this area of the galaxy.

During this 5 part installment, it becomes clear that Sam Wilson, Misty Knight, Dakota North, Bobbi and Drake aren't exactly "purely heroic". Each of them have done some pretty shady to very shady stuff in their not too distant past...and may again in the immediate present and future. Shang Chi...due to his unflinchingly high spiritual standards for himself...also torments himself for what he perceives to be his past failures. This idea I had in 2013 was nothing like what Yang had going, but I like Yang's ideas. So my original idea gets morphed by the excellent story that Gene Yang told in the current Shang-Chi series and Melinda May's the unintended ramifications of his recent takeover of his father's criminal empire which brings him into direct a battle every bit as philosophical in debate, spiritual in nature and extremely vicious in h2h...with Karnak. My vision of Karnak is much closer to Warren Ellis' version of Karnak:

My Karnak? Is justifiably taking Shang Chi to task for Shang's failures and imperfections. But? The Deadly Hands of The Master of Kung-Fu are unbeatable. Right? I mean...right?

But the first push Shang Chi gets comes in the form of Melinda May, Agent of SHIELD, played to perfection by the inimitable Ming Na Wen. Because Melinda May's cousin's cousins were murdered by subsidiary cartels formed by Shang-Chi's father's lower tier bosses. As you might imagine? Melinda was mightily miffed by that there occurrence. Melinda started taking down the lower tier bosses,and all would have been left alone and the bosses would have reaped their karma. But noooo. Shang's little sister...drawn from Gene Luen Yang's fantastic series in 2021, and which I added to the idea I had for my fanfic series which germinated around 2013-2014...happened to be in town [ okay, didn't "happen to be in town", she was doing stuff she wasn't supposed to do and looked to mix it up with whoever was killing the lower tier bosses because she was bored and found the action being stirred up to be at least diverting ] and squared off with May. To her surprise, the tough and resourceful May proved to be more of a challenge than Shang's sister gave her any remote possibility of being, and this ignited a rivalry of sorts between the two.

Which Shang-Chi has to somehow end. We all know that ending the conflict between these two ladies? Will NEVER happen at the behest of a guy. Not even if the guy is Shang-Chi. Have fun, Shang.

The array of people lined against the above sextet include mercenaries, "heroes" AND "villains" whom we don't really see throwdown vs each other. The throwdowns are surprising and fun. Like Kate Bishop vs Bobbi Morse and the much underrated Batroc The Leaper vs Drake.

The mysticism and horror part? Comes from the fact that Dakota North unearthed a special Ikenga and Teke statuettes and amulets from Alkebulan miscalled Africa which allowed one of the Big Bads in this story to track the utterly gorgeous Abada [ which are the original Unicorns, spawned from the legends of Kongo in Alkebulan ]. The Big Bads would have killed this Abada and used its blood for some nefarious purpose, but part of her personal fanfic wherein she's pursuing something else entirely... intervened and slew the agents sent to kill the Abada.  And...okay lemme stop here before I give too much away.

Sam Wilson? Broke the human trafficking ring run by 66 Bridges. Doing this? Stopped funding for more aggressions by the 66 Bridges Gang [ we last saw bedeviling Officer Kasper Cole during PRIEST'S run on BP back in the 90's and early 2000's ] used to cause impediments in Bobbi Morse's research lab [ which is a business she owns that funds her lifestyle and her independent investigations ] from being contracted to determine the authenticity of the special ngola amulet from West Africa that Dakota North uncovered. Stopping Bobbi from doing this adds extra cash to the 66 Bridges Gang action of leveraging justices on the 3rd Court of Appeals to allow their corporate shills permission to buy up land in Kongo that abuts sacred land legends assign to Sasabonsam of Togo and...

...lemme stop giving the story away. I said that already, and did it anyway. Lol.

Anywho? Yeah, I had similar ideas as the great Maestro. But like I said earlier? My ideas were madd later than his, and nowhere near as magnificent.
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