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SDCC2007 News
« on: August 06, 2007, 10:01:04 pm »
Lotsa news, gonna run down what I remember:

Boom! Studios landed the rights to publish "The Godfather" comics.  That's kinda cool.

Also, Mark Waid was named the Boom! Studios E-I-C.


DC landed the rights to publish "Heroes" comics.  Also pretty cool.  I wish it coulda been Marvel.

House Of Mystery is coming back to Vertigo.  I was never big on this book back in the day, but I may check it out.  Bill Willingham is writing it, and his Fables stuff is gold, so there's hope for this.  The Unknown Soldier is also coming back to Vertigo.  I won't get this one.

Grant Morrison was announced as the writer for "Final Crisis".  J G Jones will do the art chores on this one.  That's all good, but I still expect very little with this series.  Here is the teaser image for it:

DC is bringing back the Tangent Universe with "Tangent:  Global Degree".  I think it's a one-shot.  I liked the Tangent books, and the promo piece for it looks cool:

DC announced a "Titans East" one-shot that will lead into a new series -- not sure what the name of the series it's leading into will be.  Here's promo art.  Looks nice.  I like it that Hawk & Dove are on the team:



Marvel is going to be publishing a new "Captain Marvel" comic, this time with the "from-the-past and not-dead-yet" Mar-Vell, written by Brian Reed and art by Lee Weeks.

They also have a new maxi-series coming out called "The Twelve", by JMS and art by Chris Weston (not familiar with him).  It's about some of Marvel's older characters that got their starts under the Atlas brand name or the Timely name.  These are characters that are no longer around today, that they're bringing back.

Marvel has partnered with Maxum to produce "Demons Of Mercy" comics.  I'm not big into "game" comics, but this could be alright.

Marvel released this teaser image with no explanation of what it was for: 

Marvel signed Phil Jimenez to an exclusive contract.  Man, that leaves DC with, like, ............Ed Benes and that's all?  They also signed writer Marc Guggenheim to an exclusive contract.

Marvel's bringing back the Eternals in a regular series.  The Knaufs will be writing the series and an artist will be named later.  I love this!  The mini that recently wrapped up was amazing!

Terry Moore & Humberto Ramos will take over "The Runaways" after Whedon's 6-issue run.  I think this is great!  Ramos style will fit this book perfectly!  Ever read his "Out There" series? 

Warren Ellis & Simone Bianchi were announced as the new creative team on Astonishing X-Men!   Ellis is very 'hit & miss' for me, but I love Bianchi's work.  I'm hoping for the best with this one!

The Ultimate Universe will have a crossover called "Ultimatum".  It's written by Jeph Loeb and art by David Finch.  This one will rock!

If you wanna check out the Iron Man armor for the movie, click here.

Marvel announced their team of creators for Amazing Spider-Man once it goes to a three time a month schedule after Sensational & Friendly Neighborhood ends:

writers:  Dan Slott, Zeb Wells, Bob Gale (Back To the Future), & Marc Guggenheim.

artists:  Phil Jimenez, Steve McNiven, Salvador LaRocca & Chris Bachalo.

I'm pumped about the artists, but I still don't like the idea of a story continually continuing into a different creative team's hands.  For a crossover event, I'm ok with that, but I absolutely hated Superman when the titles all continued into each other.  This is the same thing here.  Maybe I'll like it...

Marvel's X-Men panel released this image.  It's entitled "thehuntison".  I'm assuming it's the hunt for the first new mutant that appears since M-Day.  It's totally gorgeous!

Oh, once again, Marvel wins.

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