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sam wilson and crew comics and tpb reviews for you, 3/19/08
« on: March 20, 2008, 03:41:03 pm »
Dawg’s Reviews
We’re not quite as mighty this week as our Cap’n is off on a much-needed vacation… Good for him. I need one too. We’re doing our best to fill the void this week and cover two books that we know Joe would cover. I am only reviewing one book this week… alas lack of sleep and sculpting deadlines has me unable to sneak any more in this week. Sammy’s carrying the load… but I will say that I did read Iron Fist and Spider-Man and can offer short bits…

It was definitely the best issue of Gale’s Spider-Man…  Still not sure about the arc as a whole though… too forced overall though…

Iron fist continues to be one of the most fun books that Marvel puts out.  Worlds are about to collide as Danny and his friends the heroes for hire are there to kick major ass on earth and K’un Lun.  Everyone acknowledges that four words leave them less than sure they will make it through though…

“Danny has a plan.”

Thor #7
Marvel Comics
Written by: J. Michael Stracynski
Drawn by: Marko Djurdjevic

It’s too bad Joe’s on a break. I would love to see what he had to say about this issue. I love it and it’s my pick of the week.

What happens when Thor uses his gifted Odinpower to resurrect the remaining Asgardians? Well Thor is weakened to the point where he needs to take measures more drastic than ever and enter the Odinsleep to heal.

What happens to Donald Blake if Thor does this?

Many people have been complaining that Thor has this immense power of Odin and has been resurrecting his fellow Asgardians, but he has made no attempts to bring his father Odin back.

All of these questions are what the premise of this issue is.

I love the normal art team but Marko was laying it down this issue as well…  a bit more gritty and darker the Oliver’s pencils… but in the context of the story I think it is a great time to have him fill in.  I would certainly think that the darkness of being in the Odinsleep would call for some darker art, so my point is that it works well.

So a weakened Thor calls upon his trusted council to help him enter the Odinsleep and he’s trying to keep it secretive as well as protect himself as part of the process. There’s a few telling sideways looks that are thrown in there by Loki as well that are just plain great…  You are just waiting for him to launch some new scheme…

He enters this time of healing and rest and he runs into Odin’s Ravens fairly quickly and they challenge him as to his intentions. Odin is not far behind this though as Thor encounters him battling Surtur still, almost as if it is an eternal punishment in hell or something of the like.

Odin temporarily pushes Surtur back enough for he and Thor to talk and discuss a bit of Odin’s history and origin I hadn’t really known all that much.

This issue deals with the aspect that you cannot be your own man until you rise from the shadow of who your father brought you up to be. A very interesting and somewhat deep take for the Thunder God. I love this series and Thor hasn’t been this fun for me since Simonson.

JMS is taking his time pacing things and while some are critical of this… I think it is working and I am looking forward to Thor for the long haul instead of the rotating three arcs that are currently driving me batty in Spider-Man…

Sam Wilson’s Reviews

Captain America #36
Marvel Comics
Written by: Ed Brubaker
Drawn by: Butch Guice and Steve Epting

Normally our resident comic guru/leader Joe (aka wktf) reviews Captain America, but since he is on vacation this week (probably not getting any needed rest) I figure I’d offer my two cents on a book I’ve been with since Marvel’s 25th anniversary (waaay back in 1986).  Back then Mark Gruewald was scripting (RIP Mark) and Cap wasn’t two happy with being Cap.  The government wanted him to stay closer to home and Steve believed Cap should be a symbol of freedom, not the government’s yes man.    He gave up the Shield and the Uniform and put on a different outfit and fought the good fight on his terms.  As I recall, Tony Stark sold him out back then too (he let his “Armor Wars” get in the way of their friendship).  Hmph.  The more things change the more they stay the same I guess.

Its 2008 and Steve Rogers is dead.  Well, we (and most of the Marvel Universe) think he is dead.  So does Sharon Carter, who in fact we find out was the one who shot him while she was under mind control by Dr. Faustus (who works for that Red Skull a-hole).   Meanwhile Cap’s #1 pal and former KGB assassin Unknown Soldier, aka Bucky Barnes is alive and kicking and wearing a new Captain America uniform (but Carrying the old Shield).  Stark made him an offer he wanted to refuse, well not so much refuse but rather shove Cap’s shield down Tony’s throat, but he accepted it anyway.  Now, working with the Black Widow (they have a history, hubba hubba) Bucky (Cap) is after Faustus and the Skull.  Recently, some mind controlled SHIELD agents opened fire on a crowd of protestors.  Bucky discovers that the protestors themselves are being mind controlled (oy).  This all goes down in front of the Senate offices in Washing DC, after mixing it up a little with the protestors Bucky makes his way inside to investigate only to run into Sin (the Skull’s daughter) and her Serpent Squad.  This leads to a pretty kick ass fight, cumulating with Bucky and Crossbones going mano-a-mano.  Meanwhile Tony Stark denies reports of a new Cap surfacing, Faustus and Skull scheme some more, and Sharon Carter decides she is going to do something good for her unborn child (unborn child?  Ruh-oh…).   Also, more of the Black Widow (hubba hubba) and no Falcon (boo.)

So yeah, if you’re not reading Cap you are missing out on one of the key current events in the Marvel Universe right now (waaaaay cooler than any X-men malarkey).  This is the best Cap has been since 1985, so get to it already…

War Is Hell: The First Flight of the Phantom Eagle #1
Marvel MAX
Written by: Garth Ennis
Drawn by: Howard Chaykin

Anyone who reads my reviews knows my world relating to comics changed forever when I picked up the first issue of Garth Ennis’s “Preacher” way back in 1995.  Who’dve thought a little Irish cat could describe exactly the way I felt about so many things with such humor and vulgarity (sigh).  Anyway, what most people don’t know is Garth’s obsession and skill with writing about war.  There is the hilariously mean “Rifle Brigade” adventures (gawd dammit), his “War Stories” books, 303, Fury: Peacemaker and my personal favorite, his take on the “Unknown Soldier” for DC/Vertigo (track it down if you can).  The man never read a WW2 pulp novel he didn’t like.  Putting him on a war book with Howard Chaykin is genius to say the least (the Blackhawks, the Shadow and his update of “Challengers of the Unknown”).   It was a no brainer picking up their new mature readers Marvel MAX book.  So is it good?  Well…

“War is Hell” is the story of Karl Kaufmann.  Karl is a wannabee US pilot who makes his way to Europe to fly in an all American unit of the RAF (commanded by British officers).  Of course there is a catch, being a WWI pilot decreases your life expectancy.  By a lot.  A whole lot.  Back in 1917 planes were made of wood and canvas and held together by glue.  There was no radar or missiles or ejection seats or even oxygen.  A pilot could get killed by the cold or lack of oxygen or even a random bird gumming up the works just as likely as he could get killed by an enemy pilot.  To make matters worse Kar Kaufmann isn’t who he says he is, which is okay because the only guy who knew was a drunk who walked into a propeller.  Thus our story begins…

With the first opening monologue, Ennis paints the picture that war is indeed hell, and so the tone is set for the rest of the story.  Not laugh out loud funny (though there is a few “Ennis” moments) and not brimming with action, but a good set up to what could be a good old fashioned bare knuckled brawl with a hero who may not be all he seems, but whatever he is he is probably a good guy.  I’ll be sticking around for this one, I’m not saying it’s the best Ennis work I’ve ever read, but it is not bad.

Justice League of America #18
DC Comics
Written by: Alan Burnett
Drawn by: Ed Benes and Sandra Hope

The relaunch of DC’s #1 team book “JLA” is well into its second year, and I gotta say, there is a whole lot of goodness going on. First, the roster is now set; you got Black Canary (my comic book girlfriend) in charge followed up by the big three and Red Tornado, Red Arrow (formerly Arsenal, formerly Speedy), Vixen, Hawkgirl and Green Lantern (John Stewart as of issue #13).  Dwayne McDuffie appears to be taking a break, with Alan Burnett filling in this issue (not Dwayne McDuffie, but he’s okay) and of course there is my guy Ed Benes.  No one loves a good T and A shot more than Ed (sigh).  Anyway, the team, as usual has gotten themselves into a bit of a pickle…

Two fill-in issues removed from their encounter with the “Injustice Gang” the JLA find themselves embroiled in a mystery. It seems someone is rounding up all of the at-large super villains and doing who knows what with them. Turns out that someone is Amanda Waller and her Suicide Squad. Hmmm. In issue 18 we find out the super villains have all been sent to a prison planet, even though there is no actual prison on the planet.  The planet itself is a prison.  It’s all good though, master schemer Batman has sent Martian Manhunter in undercover disguised as a villain.  Well, actually it doesn’t turn out that good because once the team gets to the planet to investigate the villains aren’t there, and someone else is and he isn’t very nice.

What Can I say about this book that I haven’t said already? Ed Benes, a kick ass new team and Dwayne McDuffie manning the captain’s chair (not this issue, but hopefully he will be back). Word. Pick this book up.

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Re: sam wilson and crew comics and tpb reviews for you, 3/19/08
« Reply #1 on: April 03, 2008, 07:10:05 pm »
15 picks for the week of March 19
15. Tangent: Superman's Reign#1- I'm ranking this at the bottom because I don't know anything about the Tangent Universe.
14. Thor#7-I'm still not feeling this title, but I like this issue because it goes into the backstory of Thor and Odin without necessarily bringing Odin back either.
13. Angel#5- I like the ending because Wesley and Ilyria finally ran into each other for the first since the series finale. However I think that was kinda janky to end the story midstream, but I guess that how you sell comics.
12.Snake Woman: Curse of the 68#1- I have to admit Snake Woman has become my favorite Virgin comic because they have found a lot of ways to make it interesting. In this issue, we see a previous incarnation of the Snake Woman in the wild wild west killing members of the 68.
11. The Order#9- I dug this issue of the Order which sadly I heard was coming to an end. I really dig the way that  each issue focused on a member of the team and how they got to the point where they were picked for powers. I heard that's how Alpha Flight used to be.
10. World War Hulk: Aftersmash Warbound#4- This was probably the best issue of this series I ever read. The story was good and I actually cared about what was happening to the characters. Hell, the back-up story about the Brood was good as well.
9. Countdown to Final Crisis #6- The great disaster is upon us is what the cover says and that pretty much sums up this issue. Basically things went really, really bad, and it only looks like things are about to get worse.
8. Iron Man#27- Tony Stark is still holding it down in one of the few books that still present him as a hero. However, it looks like the Mandarin has finally gotten the upper hand.
7. Captain America#36- You know what the thing is I'm too the point where I don't even miss Steve Rogers as Captain America right. Bucky seems like a natural fit for the role even though he obviously has a lot to learn. Still it trips me out whenever he pulls out a gun on someone.
6. Justice League of America#19- First I love the dope cover, and I thought the story was ok, but I get the feeling that JLA is spinning its wheels holding its place waiting for the other boot to drop for Final Crisis.
5. The Immortal Iron Fist-13- Still a dope martial arts title, but its a good slow build for the big battle for the fate of the 7 Capital Cities of Heaven.
4.Fables#71- Ok, this has to be one of the sexiest covers I've seen in comics this year, and best of all we actually got a fairly decent Cinderella story as well. Man, she is definitley a bad bitch.
3. Batman and the Outsiders#5- I dig this title because despite the obvious problems Batman wields them like a weapon that goes in with surgical precision.
2.Checkmate#24- I dig Checkmate because it seems so real to me. I believe that Rucka  really has a good handle on black ops and I like how Checkmate deputizes Super heroes to get the job but it just isn't good enough to stop Kobra.
1. Captain Marvel#4- Like I said before I don't really remember Captain Marvel back in the day, but in this issue he comes across as a real bad ass motherf*cking warrior in this title. Too bad he got betrayed by Ms. Marvel in the end.