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The Mighty Reviews 6/19/08
Work kept me late last night so, even though I picked up and even read a few books, my reviews aren't written yet. Have not fear, as Dawg and Sam have delivered the goods!

Dawg’s reviews

Amazing Spider-Man #563
Marvel Comics
Written by: Bob Gale
Drawn by: Mike McKone

Last issue Spider-Man was looking for any info he could find pertaining to the Spider tracer killer that has been running around whacking people.

To top that all off every two-bit hood in the city wants to make names for themselves by calling out Spider-Man. In fact there is a bar in which all wanted villains can go to tip a few book and this bar is run by the “Bookie”.

It seems the Bookie owes his father (the previous Bookie) 12 grand and has staged a bet that will scam these super villains out of their money to pay back his father.

It goes terribly wrong obviously when the Villains find out about it and they spirit away the Bookie. Spidey wants to find out anything he can on the spider-tracer killer and learns that the Bookie may or may not know something about it but when he shows up at the bar… Well the Villains of course want a piece of him.

A few knocked heads later Spidey tracks down the Bookie with the Bookie’s father in tow.

Minus a few hilarious moments, that’s about the gist…

This review may seem pretty sparse in its details and in truth the plot is too, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t a good issue. In fact I really enjoyed reading it. I can’t believe I am gonna say this but Brand New Day has won me over enough to forgive a few things…

The story was fun, Mike McKone can draw the lights out and is a great fit on Spider-Man. There were a few panels where I was just “WOW” in both his storytelling and his ability.

Since it’s been decided that nothing really epic is gonna happen in Spidey for a while, I can at least now appreciate that the stories are meant to be light and entertaining on a different level. I think they are and until the day comes that Mary Jane and Pete possibly re-unite… At least it’s not taking too much of my brain power to enjoy myself reading a Spider-Man comic book.

Wolverine #66
Marvel Comics
Written by: Mark Millar
Drawn by: Steve McNiven

Be careful… there are spoilers in this review. Stop now if you don’t want to know!

It appears that we are jumping ahead 40 years for part one of “Old Man Logan”. No one knows what happened, but apparently all of the heroes in the Marvel Universe fell to the super villains.

What happened to Wolvie in particular is quite baffling and he has become a pacifist and a family man struggling for survival out on the prairie with his wife and 2 children.

He has become a farmer and he struggles to even be able to pay rent for his farm. He has actually grown to look like he is older and showing a bit more of his age.

He and his family live on Bruce Banner’s kid’s property. They are called the Hulk gang and they are about as unpleasant as it gets. Logan and his wife are a month behind on their rent and the Hulk gang comes looking to take it out of Logan’s hide.

They do…

Although the Hulk gang gives Logan a beating from Hell, his old healing factor hangs in there, despite not being quite what it used to be.

An old friend shows up to see Logan and offer him help. Clint Barton AKA Hawkeye recruits Logan to go on a 3000 mile odyssey across country and will pay him for it, if he helps Clint out.

Not seeing much other option to support his family, Logan agrees and the two set off..

I gotta say… I loved this issue. It doesn’t hurt that while there are obvious hang-ups to the plot, we have Steve McNiven cranking out work that is BEAUTIFUL. Holy Crap Marvel, you better keep this kid busy, because his work is getting ore and more gorgeous with ever page.

Millar has me hook line and sinker and I am dying to know what has happened and why things are the way they are in this “leap ahead” story.

I am a sucker for this stuff and I am glad that it is taking place in the core Wolverine book. I can’t wait for more and I hope following issues are as strong as this is. Wolverine has been a great book lately and I am glad to see some of the characterization coming back. Check it out if you like Wolvie… Could be fun. It’s my pick of the week.

Sam Wilson’s Reviews

Justice League of America #22
DC Comics
Written by: Dwayne McDuffie
Drawn by: Ed Benes

The relaunch of DC’s #1 team book “JLA” is well into its second year, and I gotta say, there is a whole lot of goodness going on. First, the roster is now set; you got Black Canary (my comic book girlfriend) in charge followed up by the big three and Red Tornado, Red Arrow (formerly Arsenal, formerly Speedy), Vixen, Hawkgirl and Green Lantern (John Stewart as of issue #13), Black Lightning, Firestorm and Zatanna. You got Dwayne McDuffie doing the scripting, yes, the same cat behind Milestone comics and the best superhero cartoon ever made, JLA and JLU. I mean, seriously, what better guy to write the book than someone who has already intimately involved with the characters and has brought them to prosperity and critical acclaim in a genre that usually doesn’t get much critical respect. Word, and let’s not forget about Ed Benes. The master of foxy and a man who isn’t afraid to go to Maxim Magazine for reference material, you may remember his fondness for ass and fishnets back in “Birds of Prey”, and he brings that love back to us, though much cleaner and more refined (is great when an artist matures). Anyway, what’s the league up to now?

As you may remember Red Tornado has been having some issues lately. For a minute he was human, but Solomon Grundy took care of that and with the help of Zatanna (foxy as always) he was put back into his android body (which was also grafted with Amazo’s programming at one point). At the end of the recent “Injustice Gang” storyline Red Tornado’s body was badly damaged and his consciousness was uploaded into the Justice Leagues computer mainframe. Since then he has been sitting there, trying to fight his recent change in personality (he has become colder and more machine like since being put back in his android body). In issue 22 he discloses to his wife he hasn’t been taking his league duties very seriously and has been peeping in on his teammates, seeing how they “feel” and hoping he can maybe experience the same things. Before he can move forward with that he needs to have a corporeal body of some sort, and Batman has assembled a team of big brains (John Henry Irons among them) to do just that. Zatanna is around as well to make sure Tornado’s “soul” makes it back to his android body okay. Meanwhile, Vixen has a chat with Bronze Tiger about her recent change in powers, Red Arrow and Hawkgirl work out some problems and Vixen finally lets the rest of the league know what has been happening to her. Yeah, and things with Tornado don’t go as planned and as you probably guessed it, there is an “amazo”-ing cliffhanger at the end of this issue…

Dwayne McDuffie and the JLA is like peanut butter and chocolate. Ed Benes is just icing on the cake, and hell yeah, there is a full page Zatanna pin-up in this issue, ahhh, the fishnets. So seriously, buy this book. My pick of the week…

DMZ #32
DC/Vertigo Comics
Written by: Brian Wood
Drawn by: Riccardo Burchelli

To catch up those who haven’t checked out this book yet: our story opens five years into the second American Civil War. The conflict is between the United States of America and the “Free States”. According to the White House, these “Free States” Soldiers are “thugs and murderers”, and they are indiscriminate and uncivilized when it comes to warfare in civilian areas. As far as New York City goes, the “Free States” control New Jersey and the inland, and they are amassing at the banks of the Hudson River. The United States of America has Brooklyn, Queens and Long Island and is well dug in on the coastline, with Manhattan Island caught in-between in the “DMZ”. The thing is, there are still people living on Manhattan Island, and even though there has been a formal ceasefire in effect from the last three days (when the story opens) the reality of life there consists of looters, gangs, local militias, insurgents and contract killers. All a day in the life in the DMZ.

Enter rich white-kid Matthew Rose, he entered the DMZ an intern to a world famous journalist and ended up the voice of the people. Since Matthew has set foot in the DMZ he has been used by both sides, made some friends (Zee, the former Med Student among them) and has established himself as a “name” person in the DMZ. He reports the truth, no matter how ugly, so most of the time he gets free reign, and has even become a celebrity of sorts. So much so that in the current story arc, “Blood in the Game”, Matthew finds himself in the middle of an election. The current arc opens with a ceasefire declared in the DMZ so a new leader can be elected, of course both candidates are nothing more than stooges for their political parties (nothing new there). Enter Parco Delgado, a New York gangbanger (who kinda looks like Sen Dog from Cypress Hill) who declares his candidacy in a most unusual manner. In the last few issues Matthew finds himself at odds with the news agency he works for, Delgado, and his parents. Each side wants to use him for their end, all the while ignoring Matthews journalistic integrity. It doesn’t matter though because from the onset Matthew’s integrity was already in question and he choose a side. Parco Delgado’s side. In issue 31 Matthew’s mother shows up, a former socialite/political consultant who left the country when the civil war started and is now back on behest of Parco. After Parco get’s shot Matthew’s mother kicks things (current issue) into high gear, spinning the event to work out the best for the Delgado nation. Meanwhile, the news service Matthew works for contacted his father, and appear to be in on some greater conspiracy involving the war, anyway they demand that his father hand Matthew over or things could go bad for him. So the plot thickens, and believe you me, the ending of this issue isn’t what you would expect…

DMZ’s current storyline is cliché ridden but that’s okay, its done in a way where there is still tension and the reader actually cares about what is going on and what is going to happen next (at least I did). This modern cautionary tale relates very well to current world (or at least national) events and if that sort of thing interests you, than I would say you need to give DMZ a shot.

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Re: sam wilson and crew comics and tpb reviews for you, 6/18/08
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Wktf’s Reviews

Okay, I’ve been slammed at work.  Didn’t get home Wed until late at night and these reviews are being written in my last hour at the office.  They might be a little truncated and disjointed as a result.  Anyway…

The Incredible Hercules #118
Marvel Comics
Written by: Greg Pak & Fred Van Lente
Drawn by: Rafa Sandoval

Hercules and the god squad have been dispatched by Athena to attack and destroy the Skrull gods.  If the gods fall, they believe, the Skrulls will fall.  Especially as the Skrull mission seems to be so religiously based.  At the end of last issue the question was raised as to whether Hercules’ fair sister’s eyes have always been as green as they are now.  Skrull alert!  That teaser was left unexplored this issue though Herc’s boy genius side kick, Amadeus Cho, posits one of the shape shifting gods to be a resident skrull.  Lordy, lordy, if he could only see what we see at the end of this issue.  And I’m not talking about the evolution of Hercules’ relationship with Snowbird, either.

In order to short-cut-it to the Skrull gods’ territory they must cross paths and, get this, ask directions from Dr. Strange’s foe, Nightmare.  But help from Marvel’s lord of dreams comes at a price.  What is it that gives even gods nightmares?  Nightmare wants to know.  And so the god squad and Cho all are trapped in a Nightmare-induced dream state and forced to suffer the horrible anguish of their past for Nightmare’s pleasure.  Of course, Hercules must save his crew from their entrapment which leads to much serious Olypian butt stomping.  But it’s how he’s saved, in conjunction with the reveal on the last page, that’s most interesting.  Do the Skrull gods want Herc and crew to make it to them?

What a great read.  Just continuously every month, even with the change in artistic responsibilities.  I was nervous that this title would lose its fun factor by getting integrated into the whole Secret Invasion story.  No worries, here.  Hercules is at home on his quest, and we’re treated to more of Herc’s past and his former quests, and the dialogue between our hero and Cho just gets more interesting and comical with every issue.  During WWHulk, I couldn’t stand Amadeus Cho.  Partnered with Hercules, this kid has hit his stride.  Seriously, go get the back issues and pick this book up, too.  My pick of the week.

Secret Invasion: Fantastic Four #2
Marvel Comics
Written by: Roberto Aguiree-Sacasa
Drawn by: Barry Kitson

Reed and Sue have been captured.  Their kids, Ben and Johnny are trapped along with part of the Baxter Building in the Negative Zone.  And, while Ben faces off against a hoard of Negative Zone nasties and Franklin and Val beat a strategic retreat, Johnny must go to battle against…Lyja, his former love and ex-wife!  Normally I can’t stand title extensions or off shoots of comic events, but this book has broken the mold for me, especially with the focus on Johnny and Lyja.

These two have a serious love/hate relationship.  They know it and they act on it.  Both the love and the hate.  Well, first the hate and then the love.  Lyja has her mission but, still, one has to wonder why the Skrull Empress sent her in particular after the FF.  Was it because the Empress figured Lyja had the biggest grudge to bear against the FF?  Maybe, but the interaction between The Torch and his former flame is simply priceless.  As well, after Johnny and Ben assess the situation, who is it that comes up with the next steps, that’s the man with the plan?  It sure surprised me but, hell, folks, I believe what we’re seeing right here in this issue is the next phase in the evolution of a character who’s been an FF staple for a couple of decades now.

I’m truly not familiar with either this writer or artist but both do an outstanding job delivering a first rate story.  I’m enjoying this side story at least as much as the main Secret Invasion title.  Recommended.  Go pick this up or get it in what probably will be a collected trade of similar side stories, as Marvel did with Civil War.

Zorro #4
Dynamite Comics
Written by: Matt Wagner
Drawn by: Fancesco Fancavilla

I loved the first issue of this new launch.  Then I felt the second and third issue fell completely flat.  My issues were that there simply was not enough of Zorro and too much real estate was being devoted to his origin story which, frankly, is feeling like a version of Batman’s story but stretched out over several issues and losing its punch in so doing.  This issue reverses this problem and gives us a more evenly balanced issue of present day Zorro action and yesteryear origin story of the young Don Diego.

Not much to say about this one other than it’s a lot more fun than the prior issues and is beginning to deliver the swashbuckling action we should be expecting of Dynamite’s Zorro.  The continued telling of the young Deigo’s path to becoming a hero takes an interesting turn as he experiences his second major tragedy in his short life and also discovers that his fencing teacher is more than just a fencing teacher.  Philosopher and also member of an order committed to delivering justice to the oppressed.  And, so the pieces start falling into place that helps steer the young Diego down the path of the Fox.

Back in the present, however, Zorro is determined to make life hell for the cruel Sergeant Gonzales.  With flashing sword, cracking whip, flowing cape, smiling face, we’re seeing the daredevil Zorro should be.  With a strong sense of justice, overpowering force and skill, clever tactics (he is the fox, right?), but also a smile that comes with confidence and knowing he’s sticking it to the people who deserve it, finally we’re seeing the hero this title should deliver.  I was going to drop this book if this issue didn’t change my mind.  It did, and I’m back on board.

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Re: sam wilson and crew comics and tpb reviews for you, 6/18/08
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14 books/13 picks for  June 18

13. Trinity#3- Ah I like the covers but it ain't good storywise. I like how Superman got knocked on his ass in the end of the first story but that's about it.

12.Checkmate#27- I don't think I like Bruce Jones on Checkmate and while the Chimera concept is interesting to me I don't really care enough about the poor guy.

11. Secret Invasion Fantastic Four#2- Not bad just ok, although I'm happy to see Johnny Storm reunited with Lyja his old Skrull wife. I like the focus on Johnny and all his women too because that was kind of funny to me.

10. Batman and the Outsiders#8- What can I say other than this is a fun book that might need a little direction because I feel as much in the dark about what everything is leading too as much team does taking Batman's orders. Still you have Batgirl and Green Arrow on the team so you really can't go wrong there.

9. Incredible Hercules#118-I'm still not completely on the Incredible Hercules bandwagon but I dug this issue especially the part in the end where Hercules and Snowbird from Alpha Flight hook up. I gotta say I never saw that one coming and I was pleasantly surprised.

8. Angel:After the Fall#9- I have to admit I'm impressed that another issue of Angel was released a week after the last one. My main complaint is the art...this book needs a better artist. Other than that it was just like the TV show to me plenty of good moments.

7. Iron Man#30- Ok, what I like about this issue is the ideas. Seriously we're talking about serious applications of nuclear technology such as miniaturized bombs and lets not even address that crazy Overkill techno villain.

6. Anna Mercury#2- Speaking of crazy ideas Warren Ellis has spun a dozy with this title. Basically from what I can understand Anna Mercury is an astronaught/spy to a parallel world where her equipments gives her super agility.

5. Tangent: Superman's Reign#4-I have to admit I like this book. This is probably my favorite so far because we get to see the background/origin of the Tangent aka Black Superman. Dan Jurgens has some good stuff on his hands here.

4. Wolverine#66- Old Man Logan begins here. This is Mark Millar's Unforgiven tale about Wolverine with a Wanted twist to it. Nothing really happens this issue but I have to admit that it is promising, and I'm down for whatever because I loved Millar's last run on Wolverine.

3. Justice League of America#22- This is solid storytelling from Dwayne McDuffie but I know it's gonna look a lot better when I can sit down and read it in one sitting. Also it seems to tie with Brad Meltzer's original run on this series.

2. Cyborg#1-2- Ok at first I wasn't going to read this series because I thought they were going to make Vic Stone look bad or just pitiful, but I have to admit I was pleasantly surprised by how much I enjoyed this story.

1.X-factor#32- I finally feel like this title turned a corner since the last x-crossover. Seriously they finally finish up with the whole Arcade thing and X-factor seems to get their act together. I'm excited about the future for this book.