Author Topic: Reginald Hudlin on Father's Day  (Read 2578 times)

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Reginald Hudlin on Father's Day
« on: June 21, 2009, 07:36:29 am »

Today I feel lucky to be born of and raised by Warrington Hudlin Sr., a man of great physical strength, of uncommon intellectual curiosity, and of unbendable moral fiber.  There was never a second I didn’t feel loved by him. I am grateful he had the intelligence to pursue and marry my mother, who was perfect match for his qualities and values.  They had an imperfect union, but they never lost sight of the greater mission and stayed together until they felt their children were well on their way in life.  My father’s last gift to me was his passing, which inspired me to become a father. 

I am grateful for my children, who make this day special.  They are beautiful, extremely intelligent and good people.  I feel lucky two have two healthy children, let alone kids as impressive as they are. 

My children inspire me to be my best self. They also introduced me to reservoirs of love I didn’t know I was capable of.  How could my heart contain the Atlantic AND the Pacific Oceans?  But they do. 

I also love my Godson Hendrix, and appreciate my children’s’ godfathers Craig and Byron.  These are good men who will enrich my kid’s lives. 

I also deeply appreciate my father-in-law, a great man in his own right. He’s a true intellectual who has spent his life in the real world.   I learn from him all the time. 

Thanks to my wife, who gave me the gift of fatherhood and the ongoing gift of being a great parent to our children.  You are on the front line, and you handle it with grace and perfect execution. 

I’m a lucky, lucky man.

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Re: Reginald Hudlin on Father's Day
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Happy Father's Day!

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Re: Reginald Hudlin on Father's Day
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