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Magic & Bird HBO Special
« on: March 25, 2010, 06:10:59 pm »
I watched this documentary on Magic and Bird and this is a program I would highly reccommend you to watch and/or record.  Not only I watched the charisma, talent and background of Magic as one of the NBAs best, I was able to understand Bird (the person) while at the same time value his legacy as one of the NBAs best as well. 

I, like most Black people, did not want to see BOS beat LA and I did not like how the media played Bird as a better player than Magic (I know past threads discussed about this so I am not going to start again).

I came away with this conclusion about myself:  the media created the atmosphere to pit Bird vs. Magic to the people and our (my) ignorance did not let me (or most of us) see that Bird is one of the most fierce competitors in NBA history or in basketball period.  Bird's background is opposite from Magic and to watch and to learn about his childhood, the basic difference between Bird and HS standouts within our hood (beside color) is the zip code.  Bird's life before NBA was tough although he did not have the streets to deal with as our young brothers (and sisters) with b-ball careers.  His basic home values he learned which he had during his career made the masses of people look at him as a enigma w/ talent.  Bird kept it simple which the NBA did not understand....let me play basketball and the rest does not matter.  I'm a competitor in which I must beat u on the court and after the game I am to myself.  If Magic gets 30pts I must score 32pts.  Similar to MJ (competition was fierce) but Air Jordan was a entity.

Back in the day I would not have Bird on my team bcuz he played with BOS and I could not stand BOS.  Now, I would have him on my team without giving a second thought (MJ is still the man) Plus Magic will have a spot also. 

With that said for now.......check it out on HBO and chime in with your POV of special.  Magic's part of the special was great also.  Between the two, I learned a lot more bout Bird.