Author Topic: C2E2 - 1st Annual Chicago Comic Entertainment Expo (Just Pics and POV)  (Read 2237 times)

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C2E2 is here to stay for the CHI.  Way better than Wizard and even if people said having this con in the city of CHI and the cost will be sky high is not the case.  There is not a difference compared to cost at NYCC and SDCC. 

Friend who I went with said this inaugural event reminded him how SDCC was years ago (back in the day) before SDCC blew up.  IMO, the future of C2E2 will grow each year and will put the midwest back on the map as 1 of the 3 important regions for comic cons (SDCC will be #1 but NYCC has been making noise each yr and the sponsors for NYCC are in charge for C2E2)

Mark Texiera sketch

Cap America

At the con

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awesome to hear-- wish I could've been there, zulu!
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