Author Topic: Jackson, LaBute team up for Showtime...from Daily Variety  (Read 1775 times)

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Jackson, LaBute team up for Showtime...from Daily Variety
« on: May 04, 2010, 05:23:58 pm »
Jackson, LaBute team up for Showtime
Actor renews deal with CBS Paramount

Samuel L. Jackson and Neil LaBute are shepherding a drama project for Showtime about a white supremacist family in the Pacific Northwest.
Jackson's Uppi TV production banner has also reupped a two-year production deal with CBS Television Studios.

Jackson will exec produce the Showtime project, which stems from his idea and will be written by LaBute ("The Wicker Man"). Jackson isn't planning on starring in the show, but he's not ruling it out, either.

"Sam has been very involved from outset on this creatively, with plenty of brainstorming," said Amanda Tracey, head of development at Uppi. "He's not just putting his name on this. He's been a huge part of it."

LaBute and Jackson tackled racism before in 2008's "Lakeview Terrace," in which LaBute helmed. Jackson played a cop who harasses his next-door neighbor.

In its previous two-year deal at CBS, Uppi saw medical drama "Hopkins Bridge" make it to the pilot stage at CBS, but never it reached the air; the same was true for a multicam comedy from producer Bob Kushell. On Spike, Uppi TV's animated skein "Afro-Samurai" ran one season, in 2007.

This promises to be a big week for Jackson. He co-stars as Nick Fury in Marvel-Paramount release "Iron Man 2," which opens Friday. He'll get plenty of mileage out of the comicbook character, playing him in other upcoming pics including "Captain America" and "The Avengers."