Author Topic: Doom is better than T'challa Period  (Read 1796 times)

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Doom is better than T'challa Period
« on: May 17, 2010, 04:13:31 am »
Ok so let me put it this way. Doom is better than Tíchalla period.
Doom is a better leader. As was pointed out in previous post. This is not the first time that Doom has conquered Wakanda.  He did it back in the 70ís, he did it every time he took over world, and he will do it in the future (See Panther 2099).
Doom is a better warrior. Doom put TíChalla in the hospital with one blast. Gave him nightmares and had him fighting for his life. Every time TíChalla faced Doom he had to be saved by a woman.  In order to try to compete with Doom TíChalla had to up his Game.  TíChalla had to take a six week crash course in mystical training and it still wasnít enough he still had to get help.
Doom is a stronger person. TíChalla came from a royal family. Doom came from nothing. Wakanda had a long-standing scientific tradition. There was no scientific tradition in Latveria before Doom. Tíchalla had the experience and knowledge of his people to draw on. All Doom ever had was himself. He literally had to pull himself up by his bootstraps.
Doom is smarter than Tíchalla. In fact, apparently, he is smarter than all of Wakanda. He figured out the mystical properties of Vibranium in his spare time. Wakanda claims to be the most technologically advanced nation on earth yet we see little evidence of this. There technology is not as advanced as Americaís or Latveriaís and they have been at it longer. If  TíChalla is so smart why didnít he figure out how to use the mystical  properties of Vibranium and use it to defeat Doom.
You my not want Doom for panther, I doubt Doom would want the job.  Apparently he is over qualified.
The fix is in; we already know the outcome of the story the heroes will win. But we also know which warrior king is better, if you donít just ask the panther god.
And for all the haters every good forum needs a villain. If you scared say you scared.

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Re: Doom is better than T'challa Period
« Reply #1 on: May 17, 2010, 05:12:08 am »
In every sharp object needs someone to run into it. Start jogging m/f.

Although the points in your post are ridiculous, they do have  argumentative merit. However you desire to be a troll has me leaning towards locking the thread. We have plenty of tchalla v/s doom threads.