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Re: First Date?
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Names have been changed to protect.. whoever..

My first dating experiences were, well, kind of awkward:  Early on during my senior year of high school, there was this Jack & Jill type organization that was sponsoring a special function aimed at the minority young men of the area.  It was called a ‘Beautillion’; essentially along the lines of a cotillion (society ball), but for boys.   Weekly, I and maybe 11 other guys from different high schools in the city would meet together, and practice dance steps for a stage presentation.  It sounded like it was going to be pretty cool-  On the day of the event, we would be wearing white tuxedos, do a choreographed dance routine, gathered with our families, and they would present us with plaques acknowledging our academic achievement.  But then, about the third week of practice, we were told that we would have to have dates for the event.

 My eyes lit up with panic.  A date?!!  I’d have an easier time hitchhiking to Paris (France or Texas).  I seriously considered quitting.  I really didn’t have an inside track with any girls (certainly none that I was aware of); my family didn’t have a car, practice was held on Sundays, the local bus system had recently halted Sunday services.. it just didn’t seem feasible.  As it so happens, the folks program sponsoring the event had a parallel group of girls with similar functions going on; I ended up arranging a date with the daughter of one of the board members, ‘Stacy’.  

Early on, Stacy asked me if I knew a guy named ‘Tim Smith’ at my school- I said ‘yeah’.  Then she said, “I heard he was kind of nerdy/goofy”.  I said, “Nah, Tim’s cool, we’re in homeroom and a few classes together”.  

Fast forward another month or so, and the Beautillion took place; it was really fun (and I won a savings bond; cool), and the slow-dancing was less stressful than I imagined it would be.  Maybe the only bad part was later in the evening, My older brother drove all of us to a restaurant, and a waitress spilled several drinks on Stacy’s dress.  Incredulously, the manager balked at the idea of paying for the dry cleaning.  

It wasn’t until after the Beautillion, when ‘Stacy’ asked me to take her to her high school prom.  I sure wasn’t going to my own, so I figured, why not?  I agreed.  Then, a week or so later, I happened to be talking with the aforementioned Tim and another classmate, Jerry, before classes.  Tim asked me if I was going to our prom.  I said that I’d probably wasn’t going to our own, but I would be going to this other school’s prom.  

He asked me the name of the girl.  I told him.  
“What’s she look like?” I described her physically.  
He asked where she lived.  I told him.  
I also volunteered where she went to church.  
As we’re talking, his eyes start getting huge with disbelief, and Jerry, apparently in the know, started laughing.  Stacy was Tim’s girlfriend.  Not that I was sweating her- but it did put a cloud of awkwardness over me once I found out the truth.  Subsequently, Jerry (class clown) starts the rumor mill grinding that I stole Tim's girl on the sly..

Forward about six weeks later:  At Stacy’s prom, what I thought would be at least an enjoyful evening of dancing turned out to be a mild fiasco.  My mother rented a car; and we went to pick up Stacy.  I suppose it was about 6 p.m.  While we were meeting with her mother, inside her house, guess who shows up at the door- Tim:  Tall and lanky, and dressed in nothing but long white thermal undies (top & bottom) and a pair of slippers.  
Hype: “(Uh).. What’s up, Tim?”
Tim: “Hey, Hype, what’s up, man…”
Apparently Tim lives a few houses down and just stopped by to chat..

So, after some small talk, a few snapshots later (without Tim), and we were off.  But then she asked if we could pick up her best friend, ‘Susie’.  This was unexpected, but I really didn’t object.  We picked her up and went to the hall where the dance was held.  When we arrived, she and her pal burst into full hang-out mode almost immediately.  It was kind of an understatement to say that I felt left out.  From what I could glean from their conversation, it seems that they were both on the prom planning committee, making the arrangements, decorations, and so forth.  On top of that, I guess Stacy and Tim had hit rocky shores for a moment, so I ended up being the rebound man, if only as a non-essential escort.  I think I ended up talking to the other kids at our table more than with Stacy, who was frequently elsewhere with Susie.  

Later, after the dance was officially over, Mom picked us up, and we decided to head to out to find a restaurant; we drove around to various locations, but neither Stacy nor Susie could really settle on a place.  We ended up running into a distant cousin of mine at restaurant where his date and another couple from the prom were going in.  The line was rather long, and Stacy opted not to wait.  We drove around some more, trying to find something other than a rib joint or McDonald’s, but no such luck.  Eventually, we didn’t eat at all, and just drove back to take them both home.  Even after all of that, I promised Stacy that I’d call her.  Of course, I never did-  man, I thought I was above that ‘typical guy’ stuff, but I guess I still had loads to learn.  Fortunately, she and Tim got back together (for however long), so in a way, maybe I unknowingly brought them closer.   ::)
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Re: First Date?
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