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« on: May 11, 2010, 06:33:55 am »
OZONE magazine
Tahiry Sex Issue Interview
By Randy Roper ē May 5th, 2010 ē  Issue #83

Video model Tahiry became equally known for her ample assets and for dating rapper Joe Budden. Here, she opens up about marathon sex and toys in the bedroom.

You kind of became a sex symbol overnight. Now youíre in magazines and videos. How has the experience been overall?

I think itís awesome. I canít really complain about it. I think curves on a woman are sexy. I really do appreciate how people put me on that whole sex symbol status.

Did you ever think this would be happening to you?

No. Not at all. I did think when I was a little young that videos were really hot, and Iíd look at video vixens and think that I could definitely see myself doing that. Cause Iíve always been curvaceous and stuff. I never really pursued it cause Iím really shy, although a lot of people may not think so. So, when it did happen, it caught me by surprise that it was actually me on the cover [of King Magazine].

Youíve already said that you are curvaceous. But what do you consider to be your sexiest body part?

My cleavage and my stomach. My waist is really small. Iíve always said if you put my ass on a bigger chick it wouldnít look huge. I just think itís the way Iím proportioned. Overall, the way Iím proportioned is my sexiest part, or my stomach area.

Do you ever feel like your ass brings too much attention to you?

I love my booty. And I remember at the age of 18, I was a cadet in college, and I walked into the police academy and I had some slacks on, cause Iím supposed to be wearing business attire. And as I walk into this big gym where all the recruits were working out, they all stopped. That day, I wish I could have just found a little hole and hid. It was a whole gym full of men. It was about 10 women and about 200 men, and all the men stopped and saluted my booty. (laughs)

Okay. Iím going to name two celebrities and you tell us which one youíd rather sleep with. Kanye West or Common?

Damn, Iíd sleep with both of them. For different reasonsÖCommon is so smart. Not that Kanye isnít smart, but Common and the way he rhymes. And Kanye because of his swag. They both would probably get it. (laughs)

Reggie Bush or Dwight Howard?

Dwight Howard. I love Reggie Bush but Dwight is just chocolate. Dwight is tall and his body is amazing. I really like the tall guys. I remember going to a game and saying, ďWhoís that guy with the arms?Ē Iím attracted to tall guys.

Young Jeezy or Gucci Mane?

Young Jeezy, all day. Iím a fan of Gucci, but Young Jeezy, his voice is gangsta. I love a guy with ďstreet factor.Ē Street factor may not sound good, but street factor in terms of youíre street and you can kinda pull whatever you wanna pull off. Jeezy gives me that vibe.

Nas or Jay-Z?

That would be Jay. Jay stops a room when he walks in. He really paralyzes a room. And he has that ďitĒ factor. Not to say that Nas doesnít, but Iím attracted to powerful men.

Lil Wayne or Nicki Minaj?

Well Iím not into women. I donít think Iíd sleep with either one, but Iím a fan of Lil Wayne.

Trey Songz or Drake?

Iíd definitely sleep with Trey. I mean, did you see the ice cubes [in the ďInvented SexĒ video]? Ice would never be the same.

Obviously, everyone knows that you dated Joe Budden. Would you say that you have a better sex life with someone who is famous or a regular person?

It doesnít really matter if theyíre famous or not, itís all about the connection when it comes to me. I was on Twitter yesterday, and I was like, ďOne fact that people donít know about me is that Iím really shy.Ē And they were like, ďHow come, you do pictures and online stuff?Ē But online and pictures [isnít in] bed. Once I feel like weíve built a connection then Iím a beast. It has to be about a connection in bed.

Whatís the nastiest or freakiest thing a guy has ever said to try and spit game?

I havenít had any guys spit any nasty lines. Iíve had a guy recently that was intimidating, just by his way of approaching me. Everybody loves a confident man, but he really just came out, looked at me, and undressed me with his eyes. And I was like, ďOh sh*t!Ē I buckled. And that was recently. It wasnít a crazy line. I just knew that he wanted me by the look.

And what happened after that?

We partied. Nothing happened. I just knew I might get in trouble. (laughs)

Do you watch porn?

Yeah, Iíve watched porn. Iíll watch it if itís a time and place. If we both feel like watching porn, Iíll watch it. Iíll watch it during sex.

Do you have any favorite porn stars?

Not at all. I donít even know their names. I could be watching it and having sex at the same time. Iíll use it as a pleasure or a tool, but I donít really know any of them.

Do you recall the best sex youíve ever had?

Yeah, I do. Iím all about the connection. Iím not the girl that just goes from jump-off to jump-off. To me, thatís just a waste of my pussy juice. I like having a connection, and being manhandled. Pretty much a f*cking-marathon. I was like, ďOh, my God, weíre running through hurdles.Ē

How long did it go?

Until the sun came up. I would say it started about 2 [AM]. Iím hard to pleasure, so it was around 5:30 [AM] and we were still going at it. I mean, we took breaks and stuff, but we definitely kept going.

Do you remember the worst sex you ever had?

The worst sex I ever had was with a guy I hung out with, and I knew he had a crush on me, and I kinda liked him. And we hung out and hung out. And he pretty much gave up on getting the ass. So when I finally gave it to him, I rode him and he probably pumped twice and he came. He looked at me and was embarrassed. But I was happy, because I liked him and Iím kinda like the shy girl when I like somebody. I thought he would continue and try to redeem himself. And he was so shy he couldnít. So still to this day when I see him Iím like, ďYo, you owe me,Ē and he laughs.

You never gave him another shot?

After never and a day Iíll give him another shot.

Does size matter to you?

I will say that Iím not afraid of a big cock. The bigger I see, the more Iím like, ďI can try this muthaf*cka.Ē But I have had sex with a small dick and he rocked my world. So, when I looked at it and said, ďOh, sh*t! Is this yours? What the f*ck was in me? What the f*ck is going on?Ē I am a fan of size, but you just have to know how to use it. Cause plenty of men have huge dicks, and they hear you huffing and puffing, and they think theyíre doing work, and theyíre just really hurting you. So, itís all about a manís stroke and the motion in the ocean.

Do you use toys in bed?

Yes. I love the Bullet and I love the Cock Rings.

Do you think sex is better when you use toys?

Sex is always good to me. I mean, it all depends. Iím pretty much a moody person. There are days when I wanna watch porn and be freaky, there are days when I wanna be shy, and there are days when I wanna run marathons, when all you wanna do is get rammed. The last time I did an interview like this I got in trouble. Everybody was like, ďYou f*cking whore!Ē (laughs) But hey, sex is a part of life.

Are you the type of person to send sexual text messages?

As of late I have been. I would say that Iím a late bloomer on a lot of things. I told you Iím shy unless I have a connection with a person. Like, Iíve never had a one-night stand; Iíve never had a threesome. Iím not saying I would never try them. But as I grow I see myself evolving into a woman and not being afraid to try certain things. So I would say that yes, I love sending sexual texts whenever me and that person have that connection. And itís awesome. I actually get a kick out of them.

Whatís the sexiest text message youíve received?

Iíma keep it real with you, the last person Iíve been going back and forth with texts, he was just plain blunt. ďI want you.Ē And ďI want to f*ck.Ē And I didnít get offended because he was honest. I appreciate an honest man.

Have you ever done phone sex?

No, I havenít crossed that chapter yet. But I will. (laughs)

You sound like youíre excited about that.

I am excited. Iíve been in a relationship for five years. Me and Joey were together almost all the time. So, we really didnít have to do much because we were always around each other. And if we wanted to have sex, weíd have sex anywhere. And in terms of me finally being single, and finding that person I can build a connection with, then yeah. If youíre busy, letís go for broke. And if we have to have Skype sex, Iím willing to have Skype sex. (laughs) But we have to have that connection, cause next thing you know, the world is looking at that recording.

Do you talk dirty during sex?

I do. I need some dirty talk. Anything he wants me to do to him. I just love to pleasure the opposite sex. The huffs and the puffs and the breathing and all that is necessary during sex.

Whatís the craziest thing a guy has said to you during sex?

I had someone scream really loud. I thought that was my job. (laughs) And when I was done I left him in a fetus position. I was like, ďWait, why are you crawled up?Ē And Iím walking around like, ďAre you ready for the next one?Ē

Do you play music during sex?

I love it. Maxwell, Trey Songz, Sade. That sh*tís gonna get me in trouble.

How is that gonna get you in trouble?

Cause thatís babymaking music and Iím not trying to have any babies.

So, is it better with music or without music?

I kinda like it with musicÖand candles.

So, you like it romantic?

Yeah, but I can still be rough.

Do you prefer getting head or intercourse?

I am a dick kind of girl, I love to feel penetration but I love giving head. I wonít suck any dick. But I just love to be in control and have the dick in my mouth. But right after that you have to give me some dick.

So, when itís all said and done, who sleeps in the wet spot?

Well, Iím nasty. I donít even care. I like to feel wet, sweat, cum. When youíre about to cum, take the condom off and just throw it wherever you want to throw it. And if thereís a wet spot in bed, whoís going to change the sheets? If Iím really f*cking with you, then I might not even shower, and Iíll just cuddle. Iím really nasty when it comes to sex. I like to feel spit, sweat, anything thatís wet Iím good with.

How long can you go without sex?

I can go without sex. Do I wanna go without sex? Hell no. I can go without sex, but the minute I find someone that I enjoy having sex with then why should I have to wait. Iím calling you like, ďWhere are you at?Ē

Do you have any sex advice for our readers?

Wrap it up. Donít do it if you donít wanna do it. And go all in with your mind, body and soul. Thatís what makes the best sex ever. Whenever you can have sex and be in tune with your body. But most importantly, always wrap it up. //

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Re: Tahiry
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If this chick is shy, I'm Batman.

I have GOT to get a subscription to Ozone!

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Re: Tahiry
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Tahiry, shhhh just turn around. Just turn around. Don't say anything just turn around. I love you though.

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Re: Tahiry
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To me, thatís just a waste of my pussy juice.

This broad makes A. Jolie sound like a nun.  :D

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Re: Tahiry
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Tahiry, shhhh just turn around. Just turn around. Don't say anything just turn around. I love you though.


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Re: Tahiry
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no pics?
guess i gotta google her myself.

glawd ham merrcy!!
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Re: Tahiry
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This is truly a thread that's useless without pics!!!  And without further ado, the HUDRats proudly present Tahiry....