Author Topic: The Co-Opting of the Black struggle  (Read 10770 times)

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Re: The Co-Opting of the Black struggle
« Reply #30 on: August 20, 2010, 10:08:01 am »
interesting.. back in April of this year, locally, there was a public forum addressing these and similar issues, with an all-black panel..

to summarize, all panelists concurred in their own way that the g*y/black parallel is imperfect, and the priorities of Caucasian LGBT activists (college-educated, relatively affluent) folk don't automatically connect with the priorities of LGBT folks of color (i.e., 'marriage'); also mentioned were that 'mainstream' (defacto white-run) LGBT nonprofit organizations (such as Triangle, who typically have little issues with fundraising) offer little in the way of outreach of services to urban/minority communities, and typically have little if any minority leadership, and generally don't collaborate with minority-run LGBT support groups (who, in comparison, typically have threadbare budgets).. other topics that came up included reaching out to churches/faith community for dialogue workshops, information sessions and more..
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