Author Topic: The WAITING FOR SUPERMAN Curse  (Read 1387 times)

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« on: November 10, 2010, 11:14:17 am »
Ever since the over-hyped piece of propagandistic trash known as WAITING FOR SUPERMAN was released, those featured in the film have experienced some interesting changes in their lives.

Michelle Rhee- Quits before she was fired as Chancellor of the D.C. Public school system.

Joel Klein- Quits as Chancellor of the NYC public school system. More than likely a real investigation of the testing fraud that took place under his watch will begin next year.

Geoffrey Canada- Superman has been exposed as Lex Luthor. From cancelling an entire middle school class since they couldn't make the grade, to evidence of cherry picking students in both of his charter schools. Every day the "Harlem miracle" is looking more like a Wall Street mirage.

Guggenheim- The creator of propaganda film X has been revealed to be nothing short of a liar and a shill for corporate interests who seek to privatize public education. Oscar hopes are officially DOA as the public becomes aware of the corporate backing of Bill Gates and Eli Broad in the promotion of the film.

If there is actually a curse it couldnt've happened to a more deserving group of people.