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Some Health Care Thoughts
« on: October 24, 2010, 07:13:43 pm »
from my friend DAVID EVANS:


A few nights ago I put together the following brief thoughts about the divided opinions I have observed regarding the President’s Health Care Initiatives.  Reluctantly, I shared them with a half-dozen friends and was encouraged to circulate them.  I hope they aren't too "partisan." :-)

Best regards,



Dear Friends,

More and more the disconnect between the haves and the have-nots in our country seems to be hardening.  Nowhere is this more intense than in the disagreement over President Obama’s health care initiatives.

Too many of those with sufficient health insurance coverage or those who have never faced massive medical expenses see health care legislation as a waste of taxpayers’ money, intrusion into private enterprise and a stifling of individual initiative.  They have even given it the derisive moniker ,“Obamacare.”

Few would cite the legislation as perfect, but given 40 million or so uninsured Americans, SOMETHING is better than NOTHING!  Nowhere is this demonstrated better than in a family that suddenly finds itself caring for an aging parent with grossly inadequate health care coverage or none at all.  The economic and psychological tolls are often devastating and can propagate across multiple generations to wipe out savings for children’s college tuition.

When a former critic of the President’s initiatives was driven to his wit’s end by his mother’s medical expenses, he privately admitted to a friend:

“I guess it is better to have OBAMACARE than NO MAMA CARE.”


David L. Evans