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Dream on.
« on: December 20, 2010, 10:08:39 am »

Sunday, December 19, 2010
Dream on.

"The only thing that will stop you from fulfilling your dreams is you.”
~Tom Bradley~

You, as well as republi-clowns and wimpy dumb-ocratic poli-tricksters. They can kill your dreams as well. Especially if you are a child of immigrants.

How could someone block the path to citizenship for someone who has been in this country before they were 16 years old; lived in this country for at least five years; and served in the military or attended college? I thought these were exactly the types of immigrants we were looking for in this country.

The poor dumbocrats couldn't even hold their own together to get this done. Proving, once again, that some folks are dumbocrats in name only. I will give a pass to the republi-clowns, because I expect no better from them. They are who they are: Anti immigrant. Anti people. Anti progress. And, most important, short sighted.

"Americans love the underdog. Our culture is based upon coming from behind. We cheer the hero, who battles despite short odds, and defeats the bully. Republican Lindsey Graham was a bully in the Senate when he told students they were “wasting their time” because the most powerful country in the world had not sealed the border, so it was going to take it out on juvenile immigrants instead. He said they were playing a "Silly stupid game" aimed at turning Hispanics against Republicans, reported the

Clearly, after Republicans blocked hopes for comprehensive immigration reform for 2010, they could have saved the day by passing a token immigration bill called the Dream Act. Republicans refused, and launched a smear campaign against the Act, calling it Amnesty, something it clearly was not."

Lindsey, I hope that Hispanics remember how you republi-clowns reacted to this bill come election time.

"When it comes to immigration, our primary focus must remain on regaining the American people's trust by fully securing our borders that are threatened by emboldened and violent gangs, and fixing our broken immigration system," said Utah Republican Sen. Orrin Hatch, once a chief sponsor of the DREAM Act who now opposes the bill.

Senator, violent gang members are not in college or trying to serve in the military. But I am sure you don't care about that. You are too busy shoring up your ignorant bigoted base.