Author Topic: BET should partner w/ Paramount to release 'lost' black films on DVD--  (Read 2666 times)

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Everybody watches the "BET BLACKBUSTER" films, right?

With over 100+ years of cinema, there are various black-themed films that have come out, especially from the 70's and up.  Especially going back to the blaxploitation era, lots of these films were done for low-budgets, and for independent studios that are now defunct-- in some cases, the movie catalogs have been absorbed by a larger entity (for example, American International Pictures went under, then their film masters were bought by Orion, which in turn was bought out by MGM, and now merged with Sony/Columbia Entertainment).

Now that BET is spreading its brand name, I think one way they can continue to do that is preserving 'lost' black films-- those which may be in public domain or simply sitting in someone's vault; as well as those that have come out under Paramount studios (the Viacom-owned parent company).  A BET-branded series of dvd releases would be cool..

some examples of black-themed Paramount releases:

Leadbelly; Legend of N**** Charley; The Soul of N**** Charley; Hit!; Superfly TNT..
(yes, peeps, I did post this at the BET message boards first..  ;)  )
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Re: BET should partner w/ Paramount to release 'lost' black films on DVD--
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Kind of like when Ted Turner bought the MGM films.  That's brilliant.
NOTE TO RH:  Buy up all the old Black films, start your own network
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