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« on: February 01, 2011, 04:55:20 am »
from my friend DAVID EVANS:


Positive social change in our society is much like the setting sun.  If we simply gaze at a sunset, little seems to change until the sun vanishes below the horizon or we direct our attention otherwise.  If, however, time-lapse photographs are taken of that sunset, we might then realize that much changed--subtly and sometimes even profoundly--while we gazed.

The sun has not set on socioeconomic inequity in our country, by any means, but there are "time-lapse photographs" of our remarkable journey from where we were, letís say, fifty years ago, and where we are today.  The subtlety is right there before us when we thumb through a major college freshman facebook from a half-century ago and realize that there are missing images.  More graphic are the pictures of segregated bathrooms, snarling dogs and water hoses.  However, the most profound change one would find amongst those "time-lapse photographs" was the election of Barack Obama as President of the United States in the lifetime of those of us who remember Birmingham, Alabama 1963 and Selma, Alabama 1965!

Persons who value our social "distance" from Birmingham and Selma might do well to scrutinize the progressive policies and personalities portrayed in those "photographs."  They were legislative and human change-agents worthy of emulation because they energized a sea change in our society--sometimes at great sacrifice. 

It seems that the opportunities bequeathed to us have made too many of us RESOURCES-FULL but not always RESOURCEFUL.  And to think, the Civil Rights Movement and the movement to end the Vietnam War succeeded without the Internet, personal computers, cell phones and nowhere near the number of college graduates we have today.

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