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"Look who's talkin"
Wednesday, 28th October 2o2o
Racist confrontation led to an Arizona Asian man's arrest and firing
by David Williams

Andre Abram and his roommate were getting ready to shoot a video for his YouTube channel last week in Scottsdale, Arizona, when they were confronted by a man who used racial slurs after asking them what they were doing.

He told CNN the man, who has been identified as Paul Ng, was taking their pictures on Friday morning before he approached them and said that they were in "a no nigger zone" during a conversation.

"We were on a public road. We weren't being loud. We weren't being belligerent. We weren't being disorderly," Abram, who is Black, told CNN on Tuesday.

Abram and his roommate each took video of the incident, which have gone viral on social media -- leading to Ng being arrested and fired from his real estate job.

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