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Reviews from WOBH
« on: November 14, 2010, 01:48:49 pm »
Hey guys I'm new, not sure if I introduced myself  :)
anyway here are a few reviews Ive thrown together, if you like Ill post more  ;)

Thunderbolts #144 Review

Luke cage has been appointed the head of the new thunderbolts program by Steve Rogers and he’s now here at the raft, maximum security prisons for super villains to recruit his team; Songbird, Moonstone, Juggernaut, Crossbones, Mach V and Ghost. Each team member showcases there unique personalities. Some in particular don’t sit well with Luke. After all the introductions are made Luke is taken down by Baron Zemo while giving his team a pep talk.


The Good

While I can’t say the art by Kev Walker is my favorite, he does strive to give each individual character a unique look and “interpretation”. Even if there was no color all the important characters of the team have specific dimensions and mannerisms in just this one issue that I must tip my hat to Walker.

The story was all set up, but I found myself liking the various ties that the series has in terms of throwback members such as Moonstone, Songbird, Mach V and Fixer who were part of the 90′s team. New members such as Juggernaut who’s shifts over the last few years from hero to villain multiple times is explained away as “maybe” being influenced by the God Cytorak which is a tongue in cheek way of saying writers don’t know what to do with him :P His interactions with Luke worked well from both their pasts and especially since Juggy loves to show other strong guys he’s the best. Him and Luke will most certainly have problems. Also of note Juggy  has a problem with authority figures so good luck to Luke on that one.

His teammate Moonstone is a strange pick since she’s pretty much always been a villain. She’s tried the straight and narrow but she is all about herself. She was even one of Osborn’s “dark avengers” so why i she given a spot besides drama? Here she comes off lofty and cocky,  Luke will have to deal with her  throwing herself at him at some point since she shagged two of her last teammates just for the hell of it :) and Hawkeye when he lead her T=bolt team.

Songbird gets a redesign which at first I didn’t like but it’s in keeping with an individual look so lets see if this is a reflection of a darker “songbird”.

Everyone else is relatively new to me, Never was fond of Fixer and I know Jack about Ghost except he may be schizophrenic allot like Scarface from batman where him out of the costume is different than the person in the suit.

Luke’s new look also bears mentioning. It’s a throwback to his original costume except this time he’s in normal clothes with two Big gauntlets and boots. From the flow of the story this is not just aesthetic but serves another purpose. Since the team will be operating from the raft his new ‘accessories’ will enable him to gain access to and pass through the various shields and force fields keeping the prisoners in place. The art and story do a great job of showing this.

This issue also had a fair share of humor especially when the very attractive Luke made his way into the female prison. He was beefcake on a stick :P

The Bad

No action at all, if you read comics for the fight scenes and great big ole explosions stay clear this issue was about establishing why these people were on a team and their first mission.

The Ugly

3/5 a good jumping on point for new readers with good character work
for the cover and a few pages you can see the original review on my blog

Azrael: Death’s Dark Knight #1 Review

Our story opens with an undercover cop on the verge of being beheaded by a man in what appears to be the suit of sorrows. After the cop tries to convince him not to kill him since he was undercover he beheads him anyway. Next day members of the brotherhood of purity a splinter group of the order of Dumas read the papers and lament that the killer is lost to them. In a church confessional Michael Washington lane (MWL for short) confessed to kill the batman.

The order meets to discuss MWL and how his unique background as one of three made ‘batmen” and the only survivor. His lack of family or friends also makes him a worth while candidate (Wife and child dead, also his siblings). MWL is at his family’s graves when a woman approaches him lamenting that she misses him as do his Niece and Nephew, he walks away from her without answering.

The league of assassins are called before Talia al Ghul and told to retrieve the suit of sorrows and kill the man who stole it from the batcave. In the batcave Nightwing and Oracle discuss what’s happening in Gotham and the supposed return of Azrael. MWL is in a bar when the Batman RIP sign hits the Gotham skies. A member of the order approaches him as the next in line for the batman mantle. He carries him back to the church in which he had confessed and here learns the history of the order and is offered the suit of sorrows. He accepts but he wants them to remove the bat symbol.

Outside the League of Assassins attacks, some of the order members are injured and he dons the suit outs the lights and takes the fight to them. Just as he has the upper hand Talia runs him through with the sword of salvation.

The Good

Art- courtesy of Frazer Irving hits all the right notes, a dark and foreboding style which is too bright to be noir yet dark enough to be gritty.

Cover- A very dynamic shot of our new Azrael in the “suit of sorrows”, easily a poster worthy shot.

Accessibility- This issue gave enough back story on MWL for new readers to understand his mental state and ties to Batman that would warrant him taking over the role of Azrael.

Canon- This story also fits nicely into the time frame of “battle for the cowl” in which Batman was dead and Gotham descended into madness.

Story- great opening issue by Fabian Nicieza -I was intrigued by the new Azrael for a number of reasons….well for one he was the antichrist in the future and since most who wear the suit of sorrows eventually go insane….this may be the straw that broke the camels back. Another thing was because he was the first black batman I ever saw. His personality seems very different than he was portrayed back in the Batman series by Grant Morrison…there he was psychotic.. .or at least unhinged while here he seems so restrained. Only time will tell how messed up his mind is or will become by being “Azrael”. I also liked Talia and the league being used as adversaries since she was the one who brought the suit of sorrows to Batman in the first place. Also of note was the Azrael who killed the cop is different from MWL so that is a future conflict already in the making.

The Bad

Just a nitpick….as great as the cover was it suffered from anatomical absurdity. Man in skintight suit with no bulge in the crotch? very leifield of ya ;)

The Ugly