Author Topic: Moses Avalon: The CNN and Robin Meade "Songwriter Contest" Scam  (Read 1491 times)

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CNN and Robin Meade Scam Songwriters Out of Thousands in Latest “Contest”

Want to help a billion dollar organization find an opening theme for one of their news shows and get paid nothing in exchange? Who wouldn’t!? CNN, the “first in news” brings Song-Sharking to a new low by calling a land-grab for copyrights a “contest.”

Moses Avalon

Want to make your new song the opening theme on a cable news show? Youbetcha! Imagine how much a song played every day on a major news network would earn each year. Think it’s thousands? How about for years on end? Tens-of-thousands? Well, how about $0, if you’re a lucky winner on CNN?

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