Author Topic: GRAPHIC NOVEL/Sci-Fi panel - LA Black Book Expo  (Read 1269 times)

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GRAPHIC NOVEL/Sci-Fi panel - LA Black Book Expo
« on: July 19, 2011, 12:58:04 pm »
Please help to spread the word to any people you know in Southern Cali or the surrounding areas that might wish to attend this FREE event and opportunity to network and uplift.


Room: TBA

If the summer of 2011 is any indication, intellectual properties based on graphic novels and science-fiction concepts are here to stay as they collectively generate billions of dollars in box office receipts and other ancillary markets. Over the last decade, Black writers have begun to make their presence felt in what traditionally was believed to be a "White man's genre." However, the road to publication has been made more complex by the emergence of digital distribution and Hollywood studios have changed the way they deal with new intellectual properties. How does new talent get their sci-fi and graphic novel projects out there in the 21st century? Join creator/writers Geoffrey Thorne (In the Heat of the Night, TNT's Leverage, Ben 10, Star Trek: Titan novel), Anthony Montgomery (Star Trek: Enterprise, VH1's Single Ladies) and Brandon M. Easton (WB's new ThunderCats series, Transformers: Armada, as they provide information and guidance for writers interested in sci-fi/fantasy, graphic novels and breaking into the Hollywood scene. -- Check the new series!