Author Topic: Public Housing Tenants Lawsuit to Oppose New School in Harlem  (Read 1272 times)

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A group of tenants at a public housing development in Harlem said on Wednesday that they planned to sue the city and federal governments over the construction of a charter school on the grounds of the housing project.

The school would rise at the heart of the St. Nicholas Houses, on top of a 1.7-acre park that, for nearly 60 years, has served as a play space for children and as a communal living room for the development’s 3,000 residents and those who live nearby. In preliminary work at the site, trees and benches have been removed, and a community garden and playground have disappeared.

Ninety-two residents have joined the lawsuit, which the group said it would file on Thursday. Several said in interviews that they were not opposed to charter schools, but objected to one being built on the Houses’ largest green space.

“If it was a choice, we would have done without the school, but we were never given a chance to choose,” said one resident, Frances Hinton, 63, who has lived at St. Nicholas since 1971.

Not for anything, Im wondering what is REALLY behind the protests in this case. It is not like green space is giving anybody any jobs anytime soon. The posters on one of the Harlem blogs I frequent are straight up calling these guys morons.

I suspect this is about the older tenants not wanting teenagers anywhere near them. In thier minds teens=Guns and trouble.