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Random Thoughts
« on: August 28, 2011, 08:35:45 pm »
This was copied and pasted from a note I posted on Facebook. I'll add more to the list, but I figured it might be a good exercise to post it here to see what others have to add to it.


1.) I grew up in a town where - at the time - there were few Black families. I live in that same town, now, and there is much more diversity now than there used to be.

2.) In the past 8 years, I have dealt with the police (negatively) more than I have EVER done in the other 21 years I have lived in this area.

3.) I have no criminal record. I've never even had a traffic ticket. I've had the police called on me specifically three times. I've been threatened by policemen twice: The first time, they were Black. The second time, he was Hispanic but thinks he was passing for White. Both times, they were assholes trying to compensate for their inferiority by carrying a gun.

4.) In my experience, Black people tend to use "Black" more in ethno-cultural terms, much like "White" people refer to themselves as Scotch-Irish, Polish, German, etc.

5.) Recognizing the minority/adverse class is not synonymous with excluding the majority... particularly when the majority is the "default." That is the reason there is a "Black History Month" and not a "White History Month." That is why there is a "Women's History Month" and not a "Men's History Month."

6.) The notion that there are somehow socio-economic advantages to being a Black is a myth. If there are, I sure as hell haven't seen them. I've been on this Earth for over 34 years now and I have yet to see this mysterious magical Affirmative Action open up all these wondrous opportunities for me. The only advantage I have is that society now recognizes that it makes you look like a douche to publicly address me with a racial slur.

7.) I heard the "n" word thrown at me more as a child than I have now. I don't know whether it has more to do with me being 6' tall and fat or the number of (White) people proudly pushing around their non-adopted Black/Hispanic children and grandchildren in their strollers.

8.) My mother did not enter public school until she was in 6th grade in 1954.

9.) My father was not allowed to vote when he reached adulthood in Virginia. He also had friends who were lynched.

10.) My mother attended the original Selma-Montgomery March. She was also in D.C. during the riots that unfolded after Dr. MLK's assassination.

11.) Chances are that there are people walking among us now who have gotten away with lynching, torching homes, rapes, and all sorts of crimes against minorities where the perpetrators were not prosecuted.

12.) I once had a job interview where the Principal asked me if I knew how to read music mere seconds after I discussed having a Masters degree in Music Theory.

More thoughts coming later.