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HEF at 85!!?
« on: February 14, 2012, 05:52:36 pm »
From the "Letters to the Editor" page of Morning News
Tuesday, February 14, 2012

'HEF at 85'!!? What's that got to do with the Pee Dee?

I've often wondered how this paper chooses what items are important enough to make the front pages of various sections.
I'm sure there are times that require quick decisions/choices to be made, and there may not be a lot of 'news' items readily available to choose from. But, some days' front pages make me not even want to pick the paper up and read it, if the articles printed there are the most important "news" you could find to report on!

Section C of Sunday's (Jan. 29) paper really took the cake for Pee Dee Living front pages. I'd think you must have more time to collect items for a Sunday paper, and maybe I'm wrong in thinking the section "Pee Dee Living" should be about people or happenings in the Pee Dee??
But, I'd like to ask what the heck "HEF At 85" has to do with Pee Dee Living.? Come on! ....How deep did you have to dig? Yes, I'm sure some readers were delighted to see the famous 'man in his bathrobe' and read of his Playboy Empire; obviously, his unscrupulous lifestyle and magazine have a huge following.
But, why did you think this article deserved a front seat for the bulk of readers in the 'Pee Dee'? Why not, instead, the article that was put on page 2C about the 'Pee Dee' grad?....or even the Pee Dee area brides!?

There are many stories out there about Pee Dee folks/families, past and present. You don't have to look far to find one. (I tried to get an article published in a Saturday "Faith & Values" section about a minister, born and raised in the Pee Dee, who had recieved a prestigious award. I was told it couldn't be printed unless I paid an unreasonable sum of money!)It's not my place to judge those who live in or long for "HEF's" world. But, my opinion is that he and his empire started a web of immorality and degradation that continues to spiral out of control. It's ruined individuals and families not grounded and strong enough to fight the effects.

It's also my opinion that this article should not have been allowed to represent "Pee Dee Living" or appear to be of such great interest to those who live here. Of course, there's much obsession these days with celebrities and thier lifestyles..... How many times have we heard about Lindsey Lohan going back to jail before other reports on the national news?! Priorities are messed up everywhere. But this paper could do better for its readers.
Pictures of "HEF" in his bathrobe tend to make me nauseated. God help us, if that's the best Sunday reading you can find to offer folks faithfully sending too many of thier hard-earned dollars to subscribe to your paper.

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