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Comic and tpb Reviews, 11/22/06
« on: November 30, 2006, 02:53:45 pm »
 21 picks for last week
21) Daredevil#91- Wow, 9 issues away from 100. In any event, it seems like Daredevil has lost it's momentum with the story being set in Europe , although this issue was a move in the right direction.
20) Heroes for Hire#4- Damn, I love Heroes for Hire even thought it is nothing more than Marvel's version of Birds of Prey. Hey, if nothing else, I think the chicks are better looking and this title is a little bit grittier.
19) Blue Beetle#9- I'm still hanging in there, and this issue we get to see yet another piece of the puzzle. Who is this guy riding shotgun along with the new blue beetle? Is he Peacemaker or something?
18) Punisher War Journal#1- So this title is back, and the Punisher reconnects to the mainstream Marvel U though Civil War. Well, at least I liked the way this issue tied into Civil War #5
17) Jack of Fables#5-Ok, Jack got away, but he didn't make as clean a getaway as he thought he would.
16) Wonder Woman#3- Why the hell is this issue so late?  It's only been 3 issues. This is bullsh*t.  Overall, the story was decent, but somebody at DC really dropped the ball on this one.
15) Civil War: Frontline#8- At one time this was the most prolific series in the whole civil war saga, but I think Marvel told Paul Jenkins to slow down his production in order to let everyone else catch up with him. Still you've hand it to him. The guy is writing at least three stories ever issue.
14) Hunter-killer#9- There was an interesting change in art this issue and I see that Mark Waid is getting a lot quicker about pumping scripts out for this title now. This series is getting to be a lot better than I thought it would be.
13) Angel: Auld Lang Syne#1- Man, yet another Angel comic hits the stands. IDW has been doing a good job of keeping Angel in the marketplace.  Too bad that Josh Whedon says that neither Angel nor Spike will appear in his upcoming Buffy Season 8 because different companies have the rights to the characters.
12) Fantastic Four: The End#2- This title may turn out to be alright considering we have 2 quality issues on the stand right now.  This issue, I really liked the part apart Ben Grimm living with his family along the Inhumans.
11) Conner Hawke: Dragon's Blood#1- What's Conner Hawke codename now? Who knows either way, the kid seems determined to prove he can be Green Arrow. This issue we see the mysterious Mr. Zhou (?) start to gather up various contestants for a world archery contest.
10) 52 Week 29- I can't complain. This week there was some nice interaction between the remnants of the JSA and Lex Luthor's Infinity Inc. We also got to see Will Magnus get screwed out of his sanity medication, and I was happy to see that Steel's condition wasn't permanent either.
9) John Woo's 7 Brothers#2- This is such a dope concept, and I'm really digging the way that Garth Ennis is putting the story together. Virgin comics continues to impress me with their Director's Cut line of comics
8) Snake Woman#5- Well, this issue was really interesting as we get to see more of the curse of the Snake Woman and the lives of the 68 interact with one another. You know this wouldn't make a half bad movie or TV mini-series
7) Supergirl and the Legion of Super-heroes#24- Wow, this comic has been around 2 years since Mark Waid and Barry Kitson revamped it. Overall, I have really enjoyed although there have been several points where I was tempted to drop it. However, this issue is not one of those points. I'm really digging the Supergirl return to Kandor/ Valor trying to get released from the Phantom Zone story.
6) Exiles#88- Sabertooth vs. Silver Surfer. No, let me rephrase that. Sabertooth as a herald of Galactus with Power Cosmic vs. Silver Surfer. Yes, nuff said.
5) The Amazing Spiderman#536- Well, to fully enjoy this story you need to read the last issue of Amazing Spiderman, along with Civil War, especially the last issue. Bottom line, Spidey realizes that Tony Stark is wrong (i.e. a dick) and he goes back on TV to make amends. Great attempt but good luck brother.
4) Action Comics#645- Ok, the ending of this comic was off the chain!  If you are Superman II fan then you need to buy this comic!
3) Wolverine#46-Guggenheim's run on Wolverine was a lot more miss than hit for me, maybe because I'm not a fan of Huberto Ramos artwork. However, there was one issue I really liked and thankfully this issue expands upon the events of that issue. Basically, we see what happens Wolverine dies (i.e. experiences a near death experience), and its' good.
2)X-factor#13- My undergraduate degree is in psychology so I love psychological stories and I think Peter David blew this issue out of the water with Doc Samson doing psych evaluations of the newest incarnation of X-factor. This is by far one of the most, interesting and nuanced marvel mutant books on the market. I'm so happy that every character got a chance to shine and share their story.
1) The Boys#5- I was not a die hard Preacher fan, but I simply love the Boys. Yes, there is a lot of gratuitous sex, profanity, and violence but it all seems like poetry to me.  This best part about this issue was that there wasn't even a fight. There was just the hint of what's the come next issue.