Author Topic: Rumour: Marvel Are Considering Chad Boseman For The Role Of Black Panther  (Read 784 times)

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Last month, a few tweets from Morris Chestnut made it pretty clear that Marvel were busy hunting a Black Panther. That particularly trail seems to have gone cold, however, with Chestnut’s loose lips fingers probably hurting his chances of winning the role.

We don’t know if the studio are looking to make a standalone film with the character just yet, or if he’ll be back-up in another feature, but it’s pretty clear that the casting process is underway.

And so, with no small amount of inevitability, the rumours have started multiplying.

Tonight’s tattle is that Marvel have 42‘s Chad Boseman in pole position. It’s true, as Latino Review note, that Boseman is very much an up and comer and 42 is still smashing it at the US box-office. I imagine Boseman is suddenly on a lot of want lists. Good for him.

We don’t know how many actors Marvel are interested in for the role of T’Challa, the Black Panther, or if they’ve met any of these actors. Nor do we know if Boseman would actually want this part if they offered it to him – as varied and typically talented the cast in Marvels movies has been, I’m sure they’re not an irresistible proposition for everybody, and Boseman is also a playwright and director with wider interests.

My best guess is that Black Panther will be featured in the next Avengers movie. That’s scheduled to get rolling just about ten months from now, so it could be a good while before we hear any casting… unless… well…

Somebody did tell me a crazy rumour the other day… something that sounded a bit pie-in-the-sky. I’m following it up, and I’ll let you know if I get anything solid on it.

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I won't believe they are making a BP movie until I'm actually sitting in the theatre watching it. Maybe he'll appear in Avengers 2, though.

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From first Black player in Major League baseball to first Black'd be a nice transition.

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From first Black player in Major League baseball to first Black'd be a nice transition.



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It would be an artistic shame not to use a real African with a good reputation. 

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I like Chad. I plan to marry Chad. But Black Panther, he ain't.
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