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« on: March 05, 2012, 09:57:39 pm »
rom a celebrated scholar on race, a book on ways of seeing, and seeing through, whiteness

Look, a White!

Philosophical Essays on Whiteness

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George Yancy, foreword by Naomi Zack

"You read these dangerous, often breathtaking essays at your own risk. A fearless analysis that makes visible how white, racial consciousness is constructed daily and then perpetuated by narcissism and naivety, Look, a White! does more than deepen and refine our centuries-old discourse on racial being. It delivers, as the best philosophy must, a clarification of what it means to be human in the casements of our differently colored skins."
—Dr. Charles Johnson, University of Washington

Look, a White! returns the problem of whiteness to white people. Prompted by Eric Holder's charge, that as Americans, we are cowards when it comes to discussing the issue of race, noted philosopher George Yancy's essays map out a structure of whiteness.

He considers whiteness within the context of racial embodiment, film, pedagogy, colonialism, its "danger," and its position within the work of specific writers. Identifying the embedded and opaque ways white power and privilege operate, Yancy argues that the Black countergaze can function as a "gift" to whites in terms of seeing their own whiteness more effectively.

Throughout Look, a White! Yancy pays special attention to the impact of whiteness on individuals, as well as on how the structures of whiteness limit the capacity of social actors to completely untangle the way whiteness operates, thus preventing the erasure of racism in social life.



"Many scholars explore the destructive tendencies of white supremacy, but few do so with the verbal alacrity, philosophical depth, and stylistic grace of George Yancy. In Look, a White! Yancy makes it clear: whiteness must be problematized and exposed for what it is—an intellectual and cultural straitjacket capable of strangling the life out of peoples of color and whites alike by way of its dehumanizing norms. Yancy not only names the sickness; he forces the infected to name it too. He has given white folks’ problem back to us. I, for one, am grateful."
—Tim Wise, author of White like Me: Reflections on Race from a Privileged Son and Dear White America: Letter to a New Minority

"Look, a White! is an insightful addition to the growing shelf of works interrogating whiteness and its ways. George Yancy provides useful tools for those seeking to do away with the effects."
—Noel Ignatiev, Massachusetts College of Art


About the Author(s)

George Yancy is Associate Professor of Philosophy at Duquesne University and Coordinator of the Critical Race Theory Speaker Series. He is the author of Black Bodies, White Gazes: The Continuing Significance of Race, which received an Honorable Mention from the Gustavus Myers Center for the Study of Bigotry and Human Rights. He has edited twelve influential books, three of which have received Choice Awards, and was recently nominated for the Duquesne University Presidential Award for Excellence in Scholarship.

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I know a few black folks that would be afraid to read this book.
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