Author Topic: Robert Rodriguez's Word of Wisdom For New Filmmakers  (Read 1807 times)

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Robert Rodriguez's Word of Wisdom For New Filmmakers
« on: May 04, 2012, 09:38:58 am »

Robert Rodriguez's Word of Wisdom For New Filmmakers
17 APRIL 2012

Who best to give advice on breaking into Hollywood than Robert Rodriguez who got his start selling his body to research to fund his film El Mariachi. The Sin City, Machete, and Once Upon A Time in Mexico director spoke as the keynote speaker at a recent event for Latino filmmakers and actors, and offered some words of wisdom.

The National Association of Latino Producers Association held their annual networking event at Universal City's Sheraton Hotel (L.A.) last weekend and invited industry leaders to speak to thousands of aspiring directors, writers, and actors. While technology has made it easier for filmmakers like Rodriguez to create shorts and film, Rodriguez reinforces the idea that "content is king", he told CineMovie's David Gonzales.   He later added that while there are a lack of Latinos in the media, the main goal of a filmmaker is to focus on what's important to them.  The Texas-native also gave some sound advise to attendess by noting that there are no failures in this business.  He suggested you learn from the mistakes of others and yourself to improve your future work.

Robert Rodriguez is currently working on a sequel to Machete starring Danny Trejo.