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Here is a selection of Black comics you can get in trade paperback format.
My books are listed over here.
Now here are some other fine books to check out:


By Eric Jerome Dickey

EJD is a best selling author who wrote a cool story that explains the early relationship of Storm and T’Challa, the Black Panther.

Static Shock: Trial By Fire

by Dwayne McDuffie et al

Here’s the comic book that inspired the hit cartoon series.

Static Shock DVD: The New Kid

Here are some actual episodes of the hit cartoon series.

Icon: A Hero’s Welcome

by Dwayne McDuffie et al

Here are the first issues of Icon, the “Superman” of the Milestone Comics line, collected with a damn fine introduction.

The Truth: Red, White and Black

by Robert Morales and Kyle Baker

A must read about the black soldiers used as lab rats that led to the creation of Captain America.

The Essential Luke Cage

by Roy Thomas, John Romita, Archie Goodwin, and Steve Englehart

In the same way NICK FURY, AGENT OF SHIELD was Marvel’s take on James Bond, this is Marvel’s response to the blaxsploitation film era.


by Brian Azzerello et al

Luke Cage updated for the NWA/Biggie Smalls era.

The Black Panther

by Jack Kirby

The first issues of the Panther series by his co-creator, the brilliant Jack Kirby.

The Black Panther: The Client

by Priest, et al

The first issues of the Panther series by acclaimed writer Christopher Priest

The Black Panther: Enemy of the State

by Priest, et al

One of the most popular story arcs from Priest’s run on the book.

Nat Turner

By Kyle Baker

I would strongly recommend that you buy every book by Kyle Baker.  Whether he’s doing comedy, superhero adventure, war stories, Bible tales or historical documents like this one, his storytelling skills are superb. As a writer and artist, his versatility, craftsmanship and originality are spectacular.

But if you could only get one…and thank Goodness that’s not the case…then you must read NAT TURNER. Not that it’s typical of his work, because it’s not. NAT TURNER is an unflinching look at a horrifying period in history, told with brutal honesty. There’s not much to say, just pick it up, read it, encourage others to do the same, then let’s meet back here and talk about it.


By Mat Johnson

Novelist Mat Johnson has quickly mastered the comic book and superhero medium. INCOGNEGRO is a period piece, no capes or powers, but it’s a gripping yarn about a heroic investigator.  A black writer for a Harlem newspaper who can pass for white goes down south to cover lynchings.  That is a scenario fraught with jeopardy and Mat pays it all off wonderfully.

Satchel Paige: Striking Out Jim Crow

by James Sturm and Rich Tommaso

I didn’t know what to expect when I picked this book up, but the storytelling and art was so fresh I didn’t put it down. Great book about a great subject.