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Ada's Rules

New Orleans has spectacular food.  I’ve had some of the best meals of my life here.  So much I’ve stopped dining out so I won’t turn into a round ball with glasses on.

Fortunately, my dear friend and One Of The Smartest People I Know Alice Randall, who wrote the New York Times best-seller THE WIND DONE GONE has a new book.  It’s about weight loss and love.  It’s getting great reviews everywhere and it’s both an entertaining and practical read. 

This is the story:  Ada Howard, the wife of the preacher at Nashville’s Full Love Baptist Tabernacle, has a whole lot of people to take care of. There’s her husband, of course, and the flock that comes with him, plus the kids at the day care where she works, two grown daughters, and two ailing parents. It’s no wonder she can’t find time to take care of herself. And her husband’s been so busy lately, she’s suspicious some other woman may be taking care of him . . .

Then it comes: the announcement of her twenty-five-year college reunion in twelve months’ time, signed with a wink by her old flame. Ada gets to thinking about the thrills of young love lost, and the hundred or so pounds gained since her college days, and she decides it’s high time for a health and beauty revival. So she starts laying down some rules. The first rule is: Don’t Keep Doing What You’ve Always Been Doing. And so begins a long journey toward a new look and a new perspective — on what Ada wants, and on what she’s always had.

Here’s the trailer:

And the critics say:

"For sweet, sexy, and strong moms…intoxicating…deliciously satisfying…"

— Essence

"It is impossible not to fall in love with the plucky plus-size heroine of bestselling author Randall’s fourth outing… A heartwarming and engaging read, Ada’s story is more than that—readers following Randall’s rules will drop the pounds along with Ada, and perhaps discover something about themselves."

— Publishers Weekly, starred review

"Ada’s Rules might be a diet book disguised as a novel, and it might be a novel disguised as a diet book, but I guarantee it will make you laugh and make you think, while it nudges you oh-so-gently in the direction of a brand new way to think about and celebrate your body."

— Pearl Cleage, author of What Looks Like Crazy on an Ordinary Day

I encourage you to order a copy now on Amazon.

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