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Assailant in Malcolm X's Death Released

Thomas HagenAs you might have heard, Thomas Hagan, one of the gunmen in the assassination of Malcolm X was released from prison recently after serving forty-five years. This link is to an article that includes an autopsy report (with an eerie photograph of Malcolm’s corpse) and grand jury testimony from his widow, the late Betty Shabazz:

The photograph clearly shows three (possibly four) wounds within inches of Malcolm’s heart and raises some questions: How could Hagan, discharging a .45 caliber handgun, and someone else firing a sawed-off shotgun filled with buckshots at a man behind a podium, have been so accurate? Were they trained marksmen? Could there have been other shooters?

We are also reminded by the photograph of how young and able-bodied Malcolm was at thirty-nine when his life was so suddenly taken away.

Malcolm X Autopsy photo

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