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Beautiful Night

My friend James Bond (yes, his real name) had an event with David Beckham.  My man James owns Undefeated (of ENTOURAGE fame) and they are collaborating on a sneaker line for Adidas.  So this was the party.

I get there, there’s a line down the block.  Press and red carpet in full effect.  I hit my man on the text, he gives me the name to drop, and I get in. 

Inside, there’s a DJ spinning with a live trumpet player blowing.  I see Lupe Fiasco, actors from the cast of MODERN FAMILY and GREY’S ANATOMY, Quincy Jones and three of his daughters, Snoop Dogg, Eva Longoria, Ciara…I’m sure there were folks I’m forgetting and folks I didn’t recognize.  Plenty of pretty people and free drinks.

James introduces me to David Beckham and his wife Posh.  They seem very nice, especially David, who seems very relaxed and well mannered. I know he must be cool because there’s no way James would work with anyone who isn’t, no matter who they are.  It’s a nice look for everybody.

I sit down next to Quincy Jones.  He gives me a bear hug and kiss on the top of head.  I introduce James Bond and his wife Karen (a major artist herself) to Quincy.  Q and I then talk business for a while, then Eva Longoria stops to chat with Q so I give her my seat. 

I talk with one of the actresses I just worked with on a TV show.  After working with me for the week she wanted to know who I was so she googled me. 

Then I meet a young man who was an extra in HOUSE PARTY and he tells me about all the celebs he’s met and bedded since then.  He’s doing well and I’m happy for him.

I meet Kanye’s ex Alexis, the fashion designer.  She seems nice, a quiet young lady, very pretty. 

James’ wife Karen is a major artist herself, and I talk with her and a gallery dealer. 

I pass on the food because I’ve got a vegan meal at home.  For most the night has just begun but I head home; I got to take my daughter to school in the morning and prep for my directing gig next week after that.

My wife and I discuss Halloween costumes for our daughter and whether a trampoline in the backyard will wear out my son so that he sleeps through the night. 

For a lot of people in my business, that would be an unremarkable night. But I’m grateful that I still enjoy what a lot of people take for granted.  

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