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Biggest Losses 2011

The Biggest Losses Of 2011

1. Dwayne McDuffie

To say he was the best black comic book writer diminishes his accomplishments. He was that, but his work on JLA, FF and Superman was as good as the best.

2. Heavy D

If anyone embodied the spirit of Uptown Records and the happy R&B/hip hop the label produced, it was Heavy. Beloved by everyone who knew him. Here is his first video, which was my first video:

3. Rev. Fred Shuttlesworth

Never got his proper shine as a great American hero.

4. Amy Winehouse

Often imitated, never duplicated, she had a lot more to say.

5. Patrice O’Neal

Brilliant comic who I wish I had a chance to work with.

6. John Barry

One of the greatest film composers of all time.

7. Prof Derrick Bell

One of the greatest thinkers of our time. A man of conscience who walked the walk.

8. Joe Frazier

A great fighter and a great man. He had Ali’s back while being clowned. That’s a big man.

9. Steve Jobs

Our Edison.

10. Gil Scott-Heron

He evolved from a poet to a singer and musician to an artist who actually made political records that you danced to at a club. All the while maintaining a socially conscious stance. For all those poets that clogged the clubs in the 90s, none of them came close to pulling all that off.

Since I see Charles Stone in the wonderful video, I assume he made it. Great work.

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